(Re)Ascension Clarity Consult

Are you experiencing physical, emotional, mental or spiritual changes & you don’t understand how or why?

Do you feel your life is in transition but you’re not sure where it’s going?

In a (Re)Ascension Clarity Consult I access your Soul Self through your Energy Signature, which allows me to connect with your Soul, Higher Versions of Self, Guides, Angels and other Divine Beings  to receive clarity, insight, revelations and healing. Reconnecting with your own Multi-Dimensional Awareness and the Unity Consciousness is often a catalyst for transformation across all facets of your life. Therefore you can reach a state of inner calm and knowing, embody a higher frequency, remember your own Multi-Dimensional wisdom, to more easily walk your path of more joy, love, abundance, etc in every area of your life!

I invite you to discover your True Self with a Soul Awakening Clarity Consult! Start living your highest joy!

(Re)Ascension Clarity Consult with Multi-Dimensional Guide & Soul CoachTracy Kumbera

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Sessions are $222 for 60 Minutes

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I wanted to thank you again so very much for the sensational reading tonight!  I can assure you that what I gained from it far exceeded my expectations. And I’m stunned at what you saw about my love partner – both in terms of us having known each before (and what a heart-wrenching story you shared) and in terms of how long we may have been waiting to find each other.  I found the reading to be motivating, encouraging, insightful and so very in-line with so much of my thinking.  It definitely resonated with me! Sara W. Washington DC

You unlocked some doors tonight and freely gave me access to the keys to my inner kingdom that weren’t clearly accessible before. THANK YOU very much!!! For that, I am eternally grateful…….What a hoot!! I hung up having a renewed and expanded sense of bouncy,light and clarity for seeing what is and what can and shall be, when I so choose. Anne K., Orange County CA

Thanks for talking to me today, I’ve been pretty deep in thought about the things you said….all day! I appreciate the time and care you took to explain things to me. A lot of those things were issues that I was aware of somewhere in my mind (many of which I had buried far back in my mind), and it was great to verbalize, organize, and clarify them. Some issues that came up were new to me, but they do resonate on some level or provide explanations for things, which also provides clarity and direction. Maria B., New York, NY