Archangel & Angelic Readings

Do you feel Angels around you, supporting you? Do you wish to?

Do you have a deep desire to connect to & communicate with Archangels and Ascended Masters?

Do you wish to cut cords with Archangel Michael, transmute old patterns and programs using the Violet Flame and St. Germain, feel the all encompassing love and support of Mother Mary? All Divine Beings in higher realms are with us ALWAYS, sending us infinite light & love, ready to work with us on any and all issues… if we only ASK! Humanity’s free will is always respected, which means that any Divine Being must be invited in. How? Through channels…

I am a clear channel who travels easily through dimensions and realities to connect & work with most any Divine Being of Unconditional Love & Light. In my channeling sessions you may inquire to any Archangel or Ascended Master or you can ask questions and the most “appropriate” Divine Being will come in to speak with us and answer you.

Once I am connected with a Being we – the Being, myself and you – align our energy so that you learn to sense the Being. Once you can maintain the harmonizing frequency in which you communicate with the Being you will evermore be able to connect with them directly!

My channeling sessions can be equated to Divine life coaching. As energy patterns shift, lessons are learned, growth is experienced and new outcomes are created in the NOW.

Archangel Channeling  / Angelic Readings

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Your reading is already taking me places, thanks again! 🙂

BF, Tucson AZ