Trust That It’s Happening, We’re Doing It!

As I tune into Sandra Walter’s meditation this morning I noticed many more colors and stronger colors on the planet and I noticed new beings around us, assisting us. This particular being steps forth and he looks almost like a lion head and a humanoid body almost like wizard of Oz. And he tells me that they recognize each and every human as a unique being and they have been assisting us for quite some time in our reality. I asked if I’ve had an Incarnation on that planet and he says yes at once. You have as you have our source code in you but not every human on your planet has a spark of our source code within, which is what he labels DNA. He says not every being has incarnated as every being so they’re only some that carry that genetic makeup into their Earth lives. He also said that his collective were in 3D also at one point and now they are between 5 and 6, that it depends on the unique individuality of each being on his planet. That is one of the reasons they are assisting because they have gone through the great leap from 3D to 5D.

I then asked no one in particular what’s going on where are we at now? And I find myself with the Solar Elohim. They tell me, do not concern yourself with the past several months of your time for you have participated grandly, perhaps only in your sleep, perhaps with every positive action in your waking moments. You must believe that you have participated fully for we have seen your participation. We have seen your growth, your expansion.
That’s yet another reassurance that we are all assisting in (re)Ascension even if we feel we aren’t doing our part. We always are, remember that!
I then asked, what is next, how can I assist further and they tell me continue as you are for you are assisting. It does not have to be with your human conscious mind, that Focus, that awareness, that measures your assistance. Know in your soul that you are always assisting. Know that on your planet to expand to your next level of dimensional awareness you very much must clear out anything that is holding you back. And we define anyting as what you call cellular trauma as any beliefs or memories or even desires. Understand that everything that is not in the flow is resistance, is holding you back.
So I show them a picture of a very unpleasant interaction with a potentially violent, quite unstable person that I experienced recently and they say, yes that played out beautifully, you two participated beautifully. If you could see the bigger picture, if you tune in with your multi-dimensional awareness you will see how necessary it was for him to see his effect on you and others, for him to experience that revelation that prompted him towards more growth, more expansion. And as for you, you cleared out a very great chunk of trauma you were carrying around with you that influenced your relationships with men. We see your expansion, we note the higher level of assistance you are providing to others on the path of Ascension after your clearing.
That reminds me that Earth incarnation is not meant to be all roses and chocolates. We are here to experience what we do not choose to participate in within higher dimensions. Where we “grow” is within the ease and grace of processing the experience and releasing trauma, beliefs, etc. We will still experience but how we flow through those experiences is how joyful and abundant our lives will be.
I change directions again and ask so what is next, how can I assist,  how can I be of greatest service now. And they laugh again and say continue what you’re doing, you are doing it. With your own clearing you’re doing it, with the clearing you’re assisting others with, you are doing it. With Humanity you are doing it, for what you do with one you do with all. Yes we have more eclipses coming up and there will be points, if you will, of very intense energy. There are others in your Humanity at different stages of Revelation that have requested these mighty reminders of their reAscension. So remember when you see an earthquake or a car accident or an argument or a marriage or a birth, they are all those humans; methods of moving past what prevents them from returning to their True Multi-Dimensional Selves. Those are all trigger points of frequency, expansion, and know that they requested them all, they scheduled them all so welcome them whether you deem them good or bad, welcome them in your life in others; lives knowing that is what you have asked for to move forward, to move beyond.
I take my leave of the solar Elohim  with much gratitude and a Golden Glow in my aura.
I move on to my Pleiadian Self and I’m holding my  Pleiadian  soulstones which are a pink and an aqua Andaran Crystal.
As I call my Pleiadian couple and they appear, explaining that there are far more of my Humanity that have reconnected with their  Pleiadian Selves in the past two months. therefore I’m going to meet many other  Pleiadian souls that I know on this Earth to be humans. I welcome that and I asked them what’s next, how can I assist the most and they say, oh beloved you are doing that. You are assisting every day, believe it. So I asked about some potentials I had recently seen and they replied,all in Divine timing. Understand that you have pre-scheduled your clearing and you are shifting in your expansion just as others are. There comes a time on your planet where you are destined to experience a particular event. And they’re showing me the greatest gift I can give myself, which I also give to Humanity, is patience and positivity. Remain positive that every action and interaction is a step forward, is an expansion. Therefore every reaction should be considered for its expansion capabilities.
They’re inferring when you are feeling off track or threatened or hampered or angry or sad or so many other emotions in the vast human scale, before you react, before you take action, consider that this entire incident was orchestrated by your Soul Self for your own growth. Remember you asked for this because it is necessary or chosen for your growth and look at it as such. Do not look at the cloud, look at the silver lining and thank Source for it. And react with that gratitude and kope and faith and love in your heart and in your entire Self.
When you choose every action and reaction based on love and gratitude, faith and trust and hope, you will quickly shift your timeline projectory. Meaning you will reach your goals faster which assists Humanity in reaching their goals faster. And there is only one goal, return to Love. Return to Love, return to One. Each and every human will always retain their individuality, like your Arcturian Collective, they are 11th dimensional and while they function as one, you have clearly interacted with individual energies within the one. So know that Humanity can never lose their uniqueness, their individuality. But moving through dimensions and expanding each as frequency returns you to the One, to the Multi-Dimensional Mind, to pure Source energy. Remember you are the One and you are the All.
The Divine Feminine energy of Gaia and my Soul Self steps in and continues: Every step you take has a reason. Utilize your faith and trust to know you are where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be and when it is time to release that experience, to complete it, you shall. With love and grace and compassion and faith and trust. Always remember you are where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there. If you wish to be somewhere else then display the love and gratitude and compassion and hope and faith and trust where you are now and envision that path leading to where you want to be for all of your desires are simply another reality another timeline. One that you can access. As you access other timelines you release your experiential desires in the current timeline, therefore as your focus shifts your hold on the current timeline also shifts. In a sense you complete that experience more quickly for it is a direct correlation, the completion to the focus the awareness and the positivity in any one timeline reality. So continue to shine positivity on current situations, your current reality as you spend time and energy and primary focus and awareness in the timelines of your deepest desires.
Understand the 2019 is the year of creation, the year of manifestation. Yes there are areas that you have cleared out and resolved very well and there are others that you have yet to complete. There are many on your planet that have areas yet to complete but we will tell you the completion is much easier in this energy than it was in your previous year. And we will tell you you are doing it, we see you do it. We are watching, we are assisting, and it is happening for you. So return to that positivity return to that firm belief that it is happening for you in every step you take is a step forward whether you’re human ego mind perceives that or not. When you can’t see the forward initiative in that step then simply believe in it with full faith and trust. Know it to be true whether you can visually see it with your human mind or not. You cannot see air and you know it is true that you breathe it and you are alive because of it. Think of expansion like air, it is always happening and it is true so always believe that every action and shift is a step forward in your reAscension. And also believe that every moment that is a step forward for you is also step forward for your Humanity for the all learn from the one in the all experience for the one. You may believe you are on all individuals on Earth but we see you as a collective and we see the ripple effect from anyone action. Trust us you are affecting the All and in a beautiful and positive way, so we implore you to continue. Know that you have our love and our support and our awareness in every moment of your journey, your return to True Self. For you have begun reAscension and there is no stopping it, it is unfolding beautifully every moment in your time.

Split Screen TV

Yes this is another grand influx of photonic frequency on your planet. Remember again you program this, you set this up, you asked for this. Know that everything is going according to your Incarnational plan. And it is going beautifully! We asked you to look at the sad and scary events on your planet as growth and cleansing and clearing as you to asked for these.

If it excites your heart it is an experience and if it burns your heart it is an experience. Remember only in 3rd Dimension do you label experiences and emotions as good or bad. This polarity and duality does not exist in more expansive dimensions. therefore everything is simply an experience. We are just as thrilled for each and every human that has experience they contracted whether they categorize it good or bad.

Let us stick with 5D for now, your New Earth. You believe you have not visited New Earth or Inner Earth for quite some time as you were away on a trip. But that simply is not true. In your human sleeping time your multi-dimensional awareness is still quite active. So you have been doing the “work” and fulfilling your mission each and every day of your human existence. You simply don’t sense that connection for it is not work, it is a state of being. It is not actions, it is not doing, it as being. The truth is you simply don’t sense it while your human consciousness is focused on human things, on action, doing, reacting.

That is key for Humanity, to maintain human conscious focus on multi-dimensional awareness and state of being. And yes it is possible! It is actually quite easy with practice. Humans allow themselves to fall into victim perpetrator roles, to fall in to act and react, to fall into polarity and duality. It is your known existence, it is comfortable, so there you remain. But that is not the path to New Earth or to returning to your True multi-Dimensional Self.

(Re) Ascension requires you to maintain human focus on your multi-dimensional awareness. How can that be done? Repetition. How does one create a new habit for this is just another habit. You have heard of those that keep a rubber band on their wrist and snap it every time they realize they have lost their new habit. That is but one way. You could set a timer on your cell phone or watch, set for once an hour to take a few minutes to shift your human focus into your multi-dimensional awareness and visit New Earth and have an experience there. That experience will float within your human consciousness for quite a time period (lasting effects).

Continue to do this every hour for a few days perhaps and then change it to every half an hour and then to every 15 minutes. And by the end of two weeks you would be every 5 minutes and you would no longer need that alarm, you would continue to shift back and forth quite easily. This is but one method, there are many many more.

Whatever method you choose we asked you to continue with it until you are able to shift your human consciousness focus quickly and easily into your multi-dimensional awareness. This can easily enact your split screen awareness that you have experienced this year. Whether it is top and bottom or left and right you can see your human existence in one screen and your multi-dimensional beingness in the other and you can coexist side by side. That is an inkling of what true multidimensional existence is. Seeing, being, doing everything at once and understanding it all is the root of multi-dimensionality so split screen exercises move you in that direction. And it’s quite fun!

You asked what is going to happen this weekend with your grand holiday of gratefulness today going into mass consumerism, mixed with photonic blasts of expansive frequencies that feel new to you. Yes it could feel intense, overwhelming, or it could feel like a nice warm bath or walk in nature. It is all how you flow with a frequency. Resistance can hurt, it can certainly be uncomfortable. Flow takes that uncomfortableness and turns it into excitement. Contentment. So we suggest when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the frequencies let them all hit you, wash over you, knowing with glee that you are absorbing all of them, you are doing this, and you are expanding your human self, Re Ascending! Remind yourself that these blasts are not only called for by your Soul Self, they are the tool you are using to return to your Multi-Dimensional Self, your True Self. So be grateful for these blasts and know that you are integrating them no matter how they may feel at any given moment. You are succeeding in immersing yourself in them and expanding your own personal frequency bandwidth.

So on this day of your holiday we ask you to be grateful to yourself that you have expanded in this beautiful (Re) Ascension process and continue to do so. And remember always that you are loved and we are always with you and within you.

The Ancients Speak

I’m in the redwood forest in Northern California and basking in the feeling of Ancient Ones, very ancient civilizations and energy, the likes of which we have not seen in current times. Makes me wonder if the Native Americans centuries ago vibrated this highly. The way the Hopi talk in Northern Arizona about Star people I think there was a great difference in frequency before white man took over USA. I asked the trees if they have a message for me, Humanity & for (Re) Ascension.

“Yes little one, our message is to persevere, to expand yourself into the nothingness that is the everything. As we stand here in our simplicity and our existence, we are the epitome of nothingness which is the all. You can find that within yourself and touch that spot deep inside where the spark of your soul lives, where that very expansive ancient energy of what you speak resides. The more often you visit that space deep within yourself the more you run the expansive frequencies throughout your bodily systems so the higher, more expansive you will vibrate on a normal basis.”

“And yes your ancient human Native Americans did live a much more expansive frequency, living closer to Gaia and far closer to Star People than you would ever imagine. Your channeling of Arcturians and Pleiadians is nothing new, for the Star People were the very guides to Native Americans centuries ago.”

“Your Industrial Revolution began a frequency descent of which you Humanity are now beginning to dig yourself out of. You are now re=centered in your Souls and finding your Fifth Dimension.”

“We wish for all of Humanity to connect deep in the forest or on the lakes and oceans,  to return to a truer vibration. You will find in your 5th Dimensional New Earth much more nature much more easily accessible. And in 5th Dimension you return to total communication with nature, meaning you can hear the trees talk, you communicate with the animals, you understand the wind. You’re wood sprites and elemental are your friends in higher dimensions as you simply don’t realize their existence in your current Transitional Earth state.”

“With the energy of (Re) Ascension you can return to this forest over and over. Bi-locating is quite possible, simply focus your energy on these trees and put yourself back here anytime you’d like to re-align and expand your frequency.”

I asked the trees what they know of the upcoming photon blasts and portal openings and all that stuff. Their response was, “we know nothing of all of ,that we are here simply to caretake the expansive frequencies in order for Humanity to partake for we experience all frequencies always.”

“Open your heart Little One, always believe that everything is possible. it is all here, love, career, health, home. It is all here now in a frequency band, a reality, a timeline. Choose that one, live in that one and you will see all things possible come true.”

I sat for a long time in those trees and dissolved into the nothingness that is everything…

Playing in the Frequency Waves

Arcturians are showing me the new frequencies on the planet. All different shades of teal moving into blue and they’re telling me these are the new frequencies for me to bring down. I see that they feel like home, like Arcturus. And I hear, yes they are imbued with our terrain energy to help many on Earth feel and remember their Arcturian roots. I asked if everyone is getting these frequencies and they say it’s different for each member of Humanity. There are many humans that are already bringing about certain frequencies on this planet while others have never felt their touch in this incarnation. So it is different frequencies for different people so that all frequencies may surround, and be absorbed by, Humanity and Gaia to facilitate the remembering / (Re) Ascension.

So I spent some time playing in the frequencies, experiencing them almost as horizontal bands of color and light in varying shades. My usual, the Pleiadian shades of turquoise and magenta and burgundy, healing frequencies shift into cool blue ones that wash over me and I get that calmness, detachedness, the the scientific Objective Observer aspect of my Arcturian Collective.

And they tell me there is more. “There are more frequencies you can pull down at any NOW moment In your existence. For they are all swirling around, waiting to be acknowledged and utilized. Remember we are all here to assist Humanity in their remembering, their return to True Self. Anytime you have a free moment, close your eyes and picture the frequencies as colors in the sky, the energetic colors zipping through the cosmos and through your atmosphere. Find yourself pulling them in with your desire and attention, pulling them to Humanity so that they’re swirling above your heads, between people, within and without rather than far above.”

“Feel the colors absorb into yourself, into Gaia, and notice the feelings you feel with each one of these frequencies, these color bursts. How do you feel with these colors? Now choose another color to bring through and within. How does that color feel within your human self? You can spread the color throughout the planet in a grand way or you can harness the frequency of that color and zap particular people with it. ”

“Imagine strangers on the street in other cities and lovingly zap them with the color. Take your friends and surround them in a bubble of this beautiful color, tone and frequency. It matters not how you do it so have fun with it. It is already being blasted, delivered through your atmosphere into Humanity, always and ever. Your participation simply solidifies it in its’ mission to assist Humanity in (Re) Ascension.”

“Use your imagination, your inner sight, your multi-dimensional vision, to see these frequencies as color waves or rays or even bursts and watch them swirl around people watch them be absorbed within people and watch people wake up, notice, and realize the difference. Watch as a Human expands, becoming more aware and watch that person connect with New Earth for the first time, with 5D Humans. Understand that their opening was due in part to you emanating these new frequencies within and without their being.”

“Then come back to your own Self, see the frequencies, the different colors hear the different tones circulating within and without yourself. Watch those frequencies blow away cellular memories, patterns, programs that are no longer needed in your Earth experience. Watch them dissolve and transmute, be filled with Divine Light and feel yourself lighter and brighter and more expansive.”

“Then focus your attention in the distance, seeing your 5D Earth as you know it, whether it’s a village or a city or field. Whether there is one human or a whole group coming to meet you, watch them approach, giving you hugs or emanating love and walk with them to your new favorite New Earth spot. Spend a few moments noting what you see and hear and feel in New Earth. What is New Earth to you? Do you notice more people there? Are there any people there that you recognize? Immerse yourself in those frequencies, those emanations, memories, actions, for a few minutes, noting all that you participate in. When you are ready return your multi-dimensional awareness, your primary focus, back to your human body. ”

“How do you feel now? Bring that expansion, that love, with you as you go about your day. Emanate towards everyone and everything you encounter and even send it to that which you don’t encounter..”

Continue this experience as often as you wish and you will find yourself in your multi-dimensional state more often and for longer periods of time, for it is simply a shift in primary focus.

Falling Out Of Frequency

We see these past few days have been quite difficult for your human self. You see now that changing your vibration suddenly or drastically does have its consequences on all your bodies. It is a wonderful situation to experience so that you may know firsthand that by choosing a lower vibration you will feel physical, emotional, mental and energetic effects. And yes we say choosing because you chose that vibration. You chose to participate in that way of thinking, believing and doing.

Can you participate in any situation and maintain your 5D self? Of course, every human can. Remember when you reach a new up-level you have effectively raised your lowest vibration.

Every being has a native frequency, a vibrational bandwidth, a natural lowest and highest vibratory level. During any experience you have the opportunity to up level, raise the ceiling if you may, thus creating a new high point of multidimensionality.

The easiest way to up level to a new highest frequency or even return to your current one, after a “fallout / trauma” is to center yourself, go deep within and find the light, your Soul Divinity.

You cannot make too great of a leap, meaning you cannot simply call on your peeps from a very low vibration and expect to bounce right back up. It is much like your walkie talkies, you are not within range. instead you will find it more effective to sit in contemplation and go within, finding the light, using gratitude, allowing your true self to emerge from within until the higher vibrations emanate throughout your human Self and Consciousness. It is then that you can securely take a meditative journey to your higher versions of self, thus raising your frequency more.

After lowering your frequency through any experience whether it be physical, emotional, mental or energetic step 1 is becoming aware that you have constricted your vibratory level. Step 2 is to go within and find your light, your True Self. Step 3 is, after anchoring in that light, to Journey yourself to a higher dimensional plane or experience, whether it be talking to your peeps or traveling to one of your favorite Starships or planets, so that you may re-anchor in your highest frequencies.

Anchoring in those frequencies in your human conscious mind will naturally invoke a frequency bandwidth up leveling. Which dictates you will not naturally lower your frequency to the point that you had in the past, just as this recent experience did not lower your vibratory level to the point you had in the past. It may feel similar but it’s simply is not. Those lowest frequencies have dissolved and no longer exist for you to jump into.

Please remember if you choose to lower your vibratory level through anger or fear or “trauma”, you pull down your entire frequency bandwidth. And up and down is a human term. frequency is simply about expansion. It is more correct to say you turn the lights on so you see more then it is to say higher and lower. You feel better or worse rather than higher or lower.

So when you choose fear rather than curiosity or non-attachment in any situation you are choosing to restrict your personal vibratory level so you will not feel those expansive frequencies you had previously reached.

Are they still there? Of course! All frequencies exist, it’s a matter of whether you can entrain with them. It is always your choice of which frequency band you inhabit.

If you spike fear or anger or trauma and your awareness dictates you have constricted your vibration then you have a choice to re-centered yourself, to go deep within and reach for your highest known vibration. Whether you use dance or art or meditation, you can always return to your highest frequency.

Consider this… Your Soul Self may have chosen the experience that elicited a burst of fear in order to lower yourself so that when you go deep to return to your last known highest frequency you will overshoot per se and up level to a new known. It is much like your human way of getting a running start.

And that fear burst that led to a new highest frequency up level could also have released cellular trauma hidden within your human structure that allowed those fears to take hold.

The more cellular memory that is transmuted the more your human self returns to your True Self, Soul self, your Original Blueprint of Divine Beingness.

you ask, why not take these up levels with ease and grace? Why have a fear or anger burst in order to erase the lodged trauma within in order to up level?

It is simply your choice, your method. If your Soul Self has co-created with Source to release that which is deeply held within your human self then it is simply time for a different experience, this the burst. It is effective therefore it is utilized.

It would be truly wonderful if all of Humanity could simply sit in quiet contemplation and release all that is held within cellular memory, thus having no impediment to reAscension.

Unfortunately the human Incarnation cycle does not operate that way. Why make the game too easy? What is the fun in that? We understand much of Humanity complains that this game is not fun but we will tell you that your higher versions of Self find your experiences and reactions to them to be very enlightening indeed. Remember we all learn from you, with you.

The real question is, now that you’ve had a fear / anger burst which lowered your vibratory level and cleared out much cellular memory, can you quickly return to a higher frequency or even up level to a new high?

Always. Use your multi-dimensional awareness to realize where you are, what you’re feeling, what you’re doing and make a conscious choice to realign those thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Take a moment to re-center yourself, go within and choose a higher vibration. You say it’s not possible, you say it’s too difficult. We tell you it is not.

You are a Divine Being, always in control of your personal vibratory level. Always. You choose to constrict your frequency and you can choose to expand it.

Could you choose to expand so fully that you remember your entire Divine Blueprint? Yes it is possible although not likely. Simply because it would be skipping too much of your chosen program.

Before incarnating you wrote this program, wishing to experience particular emotions or actions, etc. All of your higher versions of Self, Guides, Angels and Galactic bretheren etc are here to assist you in fulfilling your Incarnational program. And no one wishes to skip the good parts!

So we ask Beloved that you re-center yourself, return to your multi-dimensional awareness, return to your highest known vibratory level and operate from there.

And next time something “bad” happens and you ask why, answer yourself that it was to clear cellular trauma and to up level your frequency bandwidth.

Find the excitement in that and show gratitude to your Soul Self and Source itself for assisting you in that burst and subsequent return to a higher frequency.

Then go deep within, allowing that new higher frequency to flood your human self and anchor it within. The quicker you are about this little process the easier it will become, until clearing cellular memory is but a blip on your screen, a pebble on your path.

We are always here for you, with you, as you and we love you.

Victimhood vs Self-Empowerment

There are many on your planet that believe they are self empowered, powerful, when in truth their judgment, indignation, anger and other emotions simply mask fear, which shows them to be disempowered, more in victimhood. Manipulation and control are other masks of victimhood.

Someone that is truly self-empowered can walk the path of neutrality and non-attachment, laying no blame nor having any reaction other than contentment, bliss or joy to any situation that arises around them.

An exercise for you:
choose a situation that has recently arisen and replay it in your mind’s eye. Putting any picture or video up on your mind screen also assists in remembering your intuitive abilities. So taking a stance of total non-attachment and neutrality, play the video of the situation, looking at it from several different angles. Then play on the Mind screened your reaction in this situation.

Was your reaction neutral or positive? Were you truly self-empowered and non attached, easily surrendering to the situation and accepting the outcome with positivity and flowing through it? Or did you feel any fear, anger, blame, judgement, indignation, concern, unease, confusion or more?

Did you notice yourself using words or taking actions to sway the other person? Those forms of manipulation and control mask the insecurity, the fear of unworthiness, that you will not get what you deserve or desire unless you force it into being.

Which simply is not true. All Beings are aspects of Source, Universe, All-That-Is,, God. No matter the word you use for the spark of Divinity within your heart, that Soul Spark is your notice that you are Divine and you deserve all of the love and abundance enjoy that this Universe and more has to offer.

Exercise Part 2:
Having watched the situation on your mind screen several times and noticing all of the emotions and actions taken by you and others, now sit back for a moment and contemplate how you could rewrite this situation with non-attachment or even love and joy.

Take a few deep breaths, centering yourself, then simply rewrite the movie on your mind screen. Bring the situation into play and as you step forward with your reaction we ask you to change it to one of neutrality and even one of positive feelings towards the other person.

Even in a situation where you don’t get your heart’s desire, the other person perhaps received theirs. Therefore you can feel the joy within you for the other person achieving their hearts desire. And it is never too lost to you, for your desires are still existent and still attracting abundance to you.

Acceptance, faith and trust dictate that this simply wasn’t the arena for your desires to manifest, it was the other person’s. Which means, excitedly, your arena is on its way, it shall appear.

Faith and trust is the deep inner knowing that you deserve all and you are all, it is all there for you and you will have all. And as your human law of attraction is so often discussed, like attracts like. So the joy you’re feeling watching the other receive their hearts desire, that joy is a magnet to the manifestation of your heart’s desire.

Co-creating is a very positive, joyful experience, there is no room for negative feelings or victimhood or disempowerment in any way. There is only room for surrender and acceptance, faith and trust, joy and flow.

If you cannot find joy in any given situation then simply be in neutral space. Center yourself and know that walking the middle path, staying neutral and non attached, keeps you out of negativity, which is resistance. And you know that resistance halts your flow.

From that neutral space of non-attachment you will bathe yourself in the higher, more expansive frequencies of positive belief, emotion and action. And that will propel your co creations into your current reality. Or more aptly it will propel YOU into the currently potential higher timelines where your co creations exist, waiting for you.

Spend time every day in this exercise, putting situations on your mind screen to note where your reactions delved into victimhood, pause, then replay those situations, changing them into self-empowerment, into neutrality or better yet into positivity.

For you exist in a grand sweep of re-ascension and your emotions and actions dictate the reality in which you reside in every Now moment.

You have released yourself from the inhibiting realities of Third Dimension, 3D, and in this Transitional Earth phase in which you are currently, jumping timelines, up shifting into higher realities of co-creation and manifestation is actually quite feasible. Simply use your awareness, rewriting any situation past or present, and shift yourself into the higher frequency band, the higher timeline and reality of your desires.

(Shifting those past situations into a positive outcome that is different from what happened in that timeline will transmute the trauma in your cellular memory as those reactions are stored, inhibiting your re-ascension.)

Remember the key is neutrality and non-attachment, surrender and acceptance, faith and trust and belief that you can up-level.

Accepting dictates that you understand there is a Divine reason for any outcome other than the one you desired, in any given moment. Which is not a reason to disrupt your co-creating or lay down your faith and trust or move into victimhood with blame or indignation or regret.

It is an opportunity to experience joy and contentment for any other in that situation that did benefit, knowing full well that your co-creation is still in full force although this Now moment was not your Souls choice to up-level into a higher reality. Know that moment is soon upon you.

Divine timing, trust in it rather than question it. Faith and trust that it is coming and you shall step into it. And it will arrive far faster than you could ever imagine when you are staying in hope and faith, in joy and trust and love.

That is already in your heart, now keep it in your human mind. Be the Multi-Dimensional Being you truly are. Act the part and you will find that you truly are that.

Choose Higher Realities

As realities drop off quickly and “new” higher-dimensional timelines appear before you, you have some very grand choices to make. If you continue to choose lower frequencies, lower realities, ones that played out in 3D, you will mire yourself in that lower vibration and it will show in your current human self’s world.

What you are truly seeing are echoes, those realities don’t really exist and you can’t be pulled back in. You have Anchorage yourself in higher frequencies and your Baseline is simply too expensive to return to those timelines. That is why they dissolved.

So you ask, can you walk into that reality echo and boost it up? Walk into what exists now because it is not the same reality you dissolved and Infuse this reality, the echo of a former, with higher dimensional frequencies and move it into a current Transitional Earth timeline, which is higher dimensional for all?

Yes that possibility exists. It always does. Entrainment – remember. Anything can happen.

Ask yourself, do you wish to have that experience? Or do you wish to look forward, jump into higher timelines, experience the new frequencies and all they bring?

Do you wish to experience hardship or bliss? Because hardship is the 3D way and 3D is gone. Bliss is the 5D way.

It is always your choice, we have no judgment as we are experiencing all through you. It is fascinating to to us to watch you suffer and to watch you delight.

We would certainly choose delight every time as that is simply because from our higher dimensional vision we see no reason for suffering and we always gravitate towards joy and bliss.

So again we ask you what you wish to experience. Are you ready to let go of that which truly has passed? Are you ready to step forward into the instant manifestation and instant co-creation and instant joy and bliss and happiness of multi-dimensionality? Of 5D New Earth?

Because for the rest of your 2018 the echoes of your old realities, dissolved timelines, will continue to show up, pulling at your ego self, asking for attention.

Do you have the non-attachment, the faith and trust, to turn away from them and turn to the unknown with surrender and acceptance and excitement for what you could experience?

Or she’ll you choose to continue the 3D Earth experience of victimhood and suffering and lack and fear?

Realize that it is not the physical it is the mental, emotional, energetic. If you can walk into a war zone or Hospital or your old job and maintain joy and bliss and contentment and allow co-creation to flow through you, you will most certainly boost that physical situation and you will find yourself in a multi-dimensional timeline, having propelled the entire physical situation into a higher frequency. It is of course possible, probable even.

Or you can choose to walk into the unknown with excitement, enter a new situation that is already vibrating at a higher frequency and relish that experience, continuing to expand your vibratiry level, your personal frequency.

You see it is all a choice of where to focus your energy, what vision to see through, what emotions, thoughts, desires you focus on.

Take several deep breaths and center yourself. In your mind’s eye see your favorite place, one that brings you joy. Sit within that joyful energy for a minute or three and then replace that picture with the picture of the job or relationship or situation you’re considering reentering.

Does the pictures stay bright and lively and filled with joy? Or does the light dim and your emotions start to turn? For that is an indicator of how you will eventually interact with that timeline.

To put it simply, if you think you can do it and you want to try, go for it. If not, turn your back on it wish it well, let it dissolve fully, ignore the echoes, continue to take one step forward into the unknown, basking in those higher frequencies and using them to stabilize your vibratory level until you’re ready to take another step forward into the unknown. For that is the joyful path of (Re) Ascension.

It is always your choice and we are always supporting you for we are you, we are One.

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Next Frequency Influx

We have come together today in advance of your next Frequency Influx. For you have programmed yet another solar blast starting this upcoming week after your new moon. Yes Humanity has programmed (Re) Ascension in stages, following your solar lunar calendar.

This next frequency influx is a great release from your Galactic Sun. With the very positive and successful assimilation of the expansive frequencies released during your Equinox full moon weekend, you have given yourselves time to Anchor into you’re higher-dimensional, multi-dimensional state and now find yourselves ready for the next blast.

After that last influx period you will continue to step up like this. You will continue to orchestrate influxes, bringing forgotten frequencies, expanded multi-dimensional energy, to Earth & Humanity.

After each influence period you take a period of your time to absorb and assimilate them, anchoring the energy of these frequencies, which you claim are new to you but are simply you returning yourself to your multi-dimensional state step-by-step. Each time you assimilate these “new” frequency bands you upshift and thus are ready as a collective for the next wave. Your soul self, in their expanded vision, can sense your human readiness, and ask for another influx to be released.

These expanded energies shower down on Humanity allowing those that have remembered and reconnected to absorb and assimilate, to ride the wave. Those that haven’t will remain somewhat unaffected but yes each human is becoming more and more affected by each wave as all of Humanity is reconnecting and remembering. Remember your entrainment. Those that are the unknowingist of all are waking up side-by-side with those of you that have reconnected years ago. In this game everyone helps the other and you all return to your True Self.

This next frequency influx that your multi-dimensional selves have programmed commences just after your new moon and those that have made themselves aware, those that have reconnected or have simply opened to the flow with gratitude and faith and trust, will feel these energy influxes beginning the 9th.

All week you may absorb & assimilate these energies, allow them to harmonize with your DNA, clearing out your cellular trauma, returning your Transitional 5D body to the original Divine Blueprint of your Multi-Dimensional Self.

How can you make these future influxes easier to assimilate?

Faith and Trust, Surrender and Flow.

Accept what you do not understand, know that you have indeed requested it and you absolutely have the ability to ride that wave, to assimilate those frequencies.

Let yourselves go, free fall into the experience with complete faith and trust that you are being protected and provided for, you are being accompanied and supported, you will not, cannot fail.

There is no failure as you truly are a Multi-Dimensional being and you truly do remember this process as many of you have done it before. This is yet another experience on your way Home.

The more you visit 5D New Earth the more you remember what Home is. Do your Visualisations, do your Journeys. Put your ego self to rest and allow your imaginative self to roam. It will find New Earth, it will find love and support, and anchor in those frequencies that truly exist.

The more you let go and play, the more you remember.

We are always here with you, as you, accompanying you. This wave and the many others to follow are orchestrated by you, for you, in your highest good, to return to your True Self. So embrace them. Ride them. Stay in Acceptance and Flow and you will find this process to be awe inspiring and quite enjoyable.

Again choose acceptance rather than questioning, choose flow rather than resistance. And yes questioning what you do not understand is resistance. Accepting what you do not understand keeps you in flow which keeps the answers that you seek available for your finding.

Treating these influxes as trips to the amusement park, find your child like enthusiasm, choose excitement and tell your ego self how excited you are to ride this ride & that ride and how wonderful this is going to be. Then while in it relish in that excitement and awe of everything you see, feel, hear and sense.

And you can. When you accept and open to the flow you turn on your multidimensional senses, you flip the switch. it is no talent, ability, gift. It is your birthright. It is inherent within.

See with your multi-dimensional vision. See the colors, watch the movement. Turn your multidimensional hearing on and hear the tones, whether they be beautiful melodic notes or simply static. Feel, sense the energies, the waves, the flow and sense your angels and guides near you, hovering, assisting always. As well as your Galactic brethren. For you are always taken care of.

We enjoy these frequency influxes alongside you, we are fascinated with your progress, your experience. We are so very excited for you that you are returning to True Self step-by-step, wave by wave. Rejoice in that, welcome it, reunite with all in love and joy.

Acceptance & Self-Love

You are where life has taken you or rather where you have taken life. This is not the time for regrets doubts or questioning. This is the time to trust your very being your very divinity your very consciousness in all that it has imbued and continues to imbue to you. Human knowledge can be confusing conflicting and convulsive at this time. To trust in what lacks clarity in 3 dimensional existence is not the some as trusting what lacks clarity in multi dimensional existence. It’s like as you say comparing apples to oranges. Three dimensional beliefs serves its purpose for the wheel of humanity to turn day to day. However, it does not allow for the full reality of cosmic living to guide and grow your divinity. You are fearing your body once again and once again you are being given the gift to understand or rather feel and “be” with cosmic living. Don’t allow the tatters of old beliefs to weigh you down in a paradigm that doesn’t serve your highest good. Your ideas of health happiness beauty freedom are so contorted by the messages on earth that you are failing to see its larger meaning.

Channeled by Maria

Transitional Earth

We are here and today is a special day. It is the day of remembering, the day of seeing your (Re)Ascension path and knowing what lies before you so that you may have the peace of mind and the freedom to move forward in love and joy.

We know how hard you have worked at this ascension, all of you – Humanity. For we have been watching and experiencing through you and with you.

We are telling you this day has come. The day where you can visually step into your joy, where you finally see the proof you have asked for, for so very long.

For today you can open your inner vision and see your bridge, your path, your golden brick road to New Earth and Beyond. For you have reached the point in your (Re)Ascension that your Earths, your realities, are overlapping to a visual degree.

So we ask you to view previous (Old) Earth, 3D Earth and watch it slip away from contact with Transitional Earth. Imagine your Vesica Pisces, your overlapping circles, and then imagine Old Earth is sliding away until there is no more contact with Transitional Earth. This visual is your cue that Old Earth possesses a reality that no longer serves your consciousness and is quite simply dissolving.

Transitional Earth now takes your focus and we ask you to turn to the next Vesica Pisces, the overlapping energies of Transitional Earth and New Earth or as we would say (Re) Ascending Earth and 5D Multi-Dimensional Earth.

Notice how you can, see, feel, sense and participate in New Earth at your will, at your desire. For it is right in front of you. It is where the golden path, the bridge, leads. So close your eyes and picture in your mind that your bridge or path or road takes you straight to 5D Earth, whether it be an empty meadow, a small village or a bustling galactic city. It matters not how you picture it, for it is all real. Every reality within New Earth is easily accessed and experienced.

Therefore if you want a village it is there. If you want to meadow it is there. If you want a bustling city with hovercraft it is there. If you wish to jump, bilocate, from the meadow to the village to the city it is instantly possible, for that is the energy of multidimensionality. It is at your fingertips -or more specifically it is in your heart and soul.

Take this journey, enter New Earth and find yourself in a beautiful meadow with two beautiful radiating, smiling, loving humans standing before you. Know that these 5D humans are your friends and tour guides. You ask them where you are and they tell you, “you recognize this place, you know you are home. And where would you like to go?” You decide, beautiful green meadow with a lake in the far end and you find yourselves there.

And then in your heart is born a desire to have your very own cabin nestled next to the lake in this meadow and it appears, a beautiful two-story log cabin. And you think to yourself, I prefer single story and before your eyes it changes. Remember in 5D co-creation is instant. It feels natural to think it feel and have it appear.

You think of company, of friendship, and suddenly you notice 4 other cabins near yours and the front doors open and families and couples and a single human walk out of their cabins and come to you, greeting you with hugs and smiles and great emanations of love. You realize now that you are never alone. That on New Earth you feel the love emanating from everyone. This is multi-dimensional reality.

Realize these feelings of love and joy, happiness and contentment, peace and flow, that radiate out from within you, within your LightBody, are the new norm. They arise from the True Self. And realize you can take these feelings with you, back to Transitional Earth, back to your job and your home and your family and your friends. For the more often that you emanate peace and love and flow, the more you will find yourself on New Earth.

We remind you that Humanity is a collective and what one experiences the all experiences. As you move more fully into your LightBody, into these multidimensional feelings of interconnectedness and happiness and love and joy, you emanate these wonderful feelings out to others – and they need not be in your same office or even the same continent. For you are all connected and your emanations of multidimensional frequencies, love and peace and happiness and flow, will be felt by others whether next door or across the world. What you emanate assists in others’ (Re)Ascension. As you (Re)Ascend so do others.

Remember that you always bring your 5D experiences of New Earth to Transitional Earth so that you may emanate them and share them with others assisting in all of Humanity’s (Re)Ascension as well as Gaia’s.

We thank you for participating in this journey and ask you to journey to New Earth frequently thought your day, everyday, for it anchors you more deeply into your 5D Self and beyond.

We are so very excited for you that you have reached the point in your (Re)Ascension where you can reconnect with your Multi-Dimensional Self and the realities that exist higher than your Transitional Earth.

We are all within, call us your guides, Angels, higher versions of Self, it is all within you, assisting you. Call upon us and we shall together continue to expand your LightBody, participating in emissive frequencies which you are now remembering.

In loving light & joy,

Your Self

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