Are You Ready Awaken, Uplevel, Shift Into Your Multi-Dimensional Self?

Tracy pairs with top healers and body workers to create a custom Sedona Retreat for yourself or your group to dramatically shift your awareness, re-align your energy and remove blockages preventing you from reaching higher states of being (re-Ascending). Our Uplevel In The Red Rocks Retreats include Multi-Dimensional Coaching Sessions, Massage, Acupuncture, Red Light Therapy, Sound Healing, Crystal Therapy, Yoga, Hiking, Meditation and Guided Journeys and more.

Our retreats can last 1 day to 1 week depending on your goals and include 5 hours together, leaving time daily for homework, integration, exploring and rest. To begin, you’re given a Wellness Worksheet to determine which areas of life and self to focus on, which Tracy uses to customize your retreat. Once you land in Sedona you’ll begin a journey of a lifetime, committing to change on all levels. Tracy does a nightly recap with you in order to continue tweaking your retreat for maximum transformation.


If You Are Serious About Self Healing & Expanding Awareness You’ll Want To Experience An Uplevel In The Red Rocks Retreat!


All Sedona Retreats are FULL for 2021 so please use the contact form to be put on a list for 2022!

To get started simply email Tracy for an Exploration meeting

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