Galactic & Starseed Channeling

In sleep do you dream of a life on another planet? Of yourself on a Starship?

Do you have a deep knowing that there is more to you than this Earth Suit?

Many of us are remembering bits and pieces of other lives, on Earth in other times, as well as in other Galaxies, Universes and Dimensions. We sense other beings but cannot communicate with them or bring them into our reality fully.

As A Universal Communicator I am a clear channel of Divine Beings, meaning I fully communicate with most any of our Galactic Brethren, Archangels, Ascended Masters and your other life aspects. I work with those beings committed to help Earth’s humanity in their ascension process to 5D.

If you have questions or want to reconnect with Divine Beings, or with your True Self in lives on other planets, galaxies, universes, or realities, I connect  and communicate with them. You can ask questions about your other lives, other planets, technology, download information or take a journey yourself to another planet or dimension!

Galactic Channeling Session with Tracy Kumbera

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“Tracy’s channeling guidance has been an invaluable, inspiring, and indispensable companion for me in my own journey with my business, personal relationships, and energy management. She is a woman of infinite possibilities and has opened me to the an array of exciting possibilities in my life. Highly recommended!!!”

KG, New York NY