Multi-Dimensional Healing (Re)Alignment

Have you been trying to change patterns, behaviors, thoughts, without success?

Are you questioning why the same symptoms or situations keep popping up in your life?

In Multi-Dimensional Healing (Re)Alignment I connect through your Energy Signature to access your Spiritual, Energy, Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies including patterns, trauma, past life (other realities) issues and carry-through, neurological, lymphatic, meridians & nadis, chakras, DNA and much more.

All healing that takes place is between your Soul and your Human Self, I am simply a conduit. Your Soul, and often times Higher Versions of Self (usually Galactic or Angelic) guide me through areas You wish to clear then fill with Pure Source Energy.

In your session the first 10-20 minutes is the remote healing session then I detail what your Soul Self did on every level and we wrap up with your Soul giving you “homework” to continue on your healing Expansion path.

If you are serious about Self Healing and Transformation I invite you to experience a Multi-Dimensional (Re)Alignment!

Multi-Dimensional Healing (Re)Alignment with Tracy Kumbera

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Sessions are $222 for 60 Minutes

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