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Sedona-Spiritual-Retreats-Intuitive-Soul-Coach-Tracy-KumberaTracy pairs with top healers and body workers to create a custom Sedona Retreat for yourself or your group to dramatically shift your awareness, re-align your energy and remove blockages preventing you from reaching higher states of being (re-Ascending). Our Uplevel In The Red Rocks Retreats include Multi-Dimensional Coaching Sessions, Massage, Acupuncture, Red Light Therapy, Sound Healing, Crystal Therapy, Yoga, Hiking, Meditation and Guided Journeys and more.

Our retreats can last 1 day to 1 week depending on your goals and include 5 hours together, leaving time daily for homework, integration, exploring and rest. To begin, you’re given a Wellness Worksheet to determine which areas of life and self to focus on, which Tracy uses to customize your retreat. Once you land in Sedona you’ll begin a journey of a lifetime, committing to change on all levels. Tracy does a nightly recap with you in order to continue tweaking your retreat for maximum transformation.

If You Are Serious About Self Healing & Expanding Awareness You’ll Want To Experience An Uplevel In The Red Rocks Retreat!

“I went to Sedona for a 5-day healing retreat. I had just experienced a catastrophic event and was unable to speak upon arriving. The amount of love and support I received from Tracy and her team was more than I could have ever hoped for or imagined. Tracy was with me through it all. She was there through sound therapy, multidimensional healing, crystal sessions, before or after massages, treatments and more. She was there to support me through processing my day (it was a lot to take in after what I had been through!). She was there for literally everything. I am immensely grateful for her as she was my anchor and helped me find myself again. Did I mention she put my retreat together in a day? It was outstanding!”

Michelle, Scottsdale AZ

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