Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do in-person sessions?

I do in-person sessions throughout the US during events, classes, workshops & retreats as scheduled. I do not do email sessions, only recorded zoom sessions without video as I receive info telepathically thus I am not looking at you as I speak.

Can I change the time or day to have a session?

I have many clients from around the world which are in quite different time zones. So please contact me if you require a different time for your session. If I’m able to accommodate you I’ll ask you to book and I’ll reschedule the session for our agreed upon time. 

Do i receive a recording of my session?

I so every session on zoom, without video, via phone or internet / computer so you do receive a link the same day to your recording and audio (written) transcript. You have 90 days to download both before they are deleted.

What do I need to send you for a session?

I don’t require a photo or any other item in order to connect with your Soul. I do ask you to bring a list of questions or areas to focus on to the session. The more specific the question the more detailed the answer as your Soul can go in many different directions (at once!)

Do you have a refund policy if I miss my session?

I do require 48 hours cancellation notice to reschedule a session. Any cancellations within 48 hours or no-shows will not be refunded as I honor my time and commitment to my clients. I do make exceptions in the case of an emergency or if I fill the appointment slot with another client.

Can I ask about others, like my spouse or parents?

All souls reside within Unity Consciousness, therefore it is possible to receive guidance concerning others. I do see others through you so I will connect with them. That being said, although I can ping any being, whether they want to communicate with us is up to them.

Can you do other types of sessions, like contacting my deceased loved ones?

While I possess those skills I do not do other types of readings. I am very committed to my path of assisting others desiring to re-connect with their True Spirit / Soul / Multi-Dimensional Self and expand their consciousness / awareness. I may speak with passed on loved ones within your session but it is not the purpose of the session.

Do you see past lives, parallel lives or future lives?

Within Unity Consciousness all aspects of your Soul (all Soul Sparks / incarnations / other selves) are accessible. I look through many past lives, which are actually concurrent lives in parallel realities / timelines influencing this life. Many patterns, behaviors, emotions are actually information coming through from other lives and can be healed / completed as to free yourself in this life. There is much to learn from your other lives so Souls will show them to me often.

What if my questions take over the allotted time to answer?

To accommodate my other clients’ bookings I attempt to end the session within the specified time but I rarely interrupt a Divine Being during a message. If I choose to continue for a few extra minutes I will not charge an additional fee. If you have additional questions and would like to continue the session past the end time then I charge in 30 minute increments of $122.

Is my session confidential?

Any info gathered during a session remains confidential and remains the responsibility of client.

*Disclaimer*: The guidance you receive in a session with me can be used for focus, clarity, direction, self development, ascension, etc., but remember: You are always in control of your life, your thoughts and your actions, so use them wisely, they remain the responsibility solely of yourself! Any actions taken after our session remain the responsibility solely of you.

None of the statements in my sessions or on my website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any info given is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Furthermore, none of the statements within a session or on this web site should be construed as dispensing medical advice nor making claims regarding the cure of diseases. You should consult a licensed health care professional if you have concerns about your health and well being.

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