Watch on YouTube: 6D Venusian Goddesses On Finding New & Higher Love & Deeper Communication In Current Chaotic Times

June 5, 2024

In this podcast episode I discuss my communications with six-dimensional Venusian Goddesses and the influence of Venus on relationships and communication. I share my experiences in the Roman garden and the shores of Venus, providing insights on divine feminine energy, recalibrating self-love and understanding through these divine connections. The episode covers topics like managing the rapid passage of time, forming and deepening relationships, and expanding communication at a higher vibrational level. The channeled 6D Venusian Goddesses also offer guidance on using time’s flexibility to enhance both pleasant and challenging experiences, aiming to foster more profound connections and self-love. Lastly, discover how to harness the powerful Venusian light codes to find and deepen your connections with your Beloved, yourself and others. Enjoy!


Welcome to Your Multi-Dimensional Journey, I am Tracy Kumbera and I have been communicating with the six dimensional Venusian goddesses the past few days, as Venus is playing a major role in communication and relationships this month. I first met the sixth dimensional Venusians in a guided journey I took and they called out to me and I found myself in this beautiful, like Roman garden, lots of tall plants and fountains and pillars and they showed themselves to me as goddesses, as a sisterhood, beautiful women of varying ages in togas, you know, long white dresses.

And I noticed there were no men there and I asked them and they said, it is where we bring you to recharge your divine feminine energy and your self love. So in this aspect of Venus you find yourself with your sister goddesses. And so many times over the years, I would find myself in that Roman garden when I needed to recharge, to rest, to take a break from 3D humanity and all of the Patriarchal systems we’ll say. Participating in running businesses and managing people and doing all of the divine masculine energy, probably in a very unbalanced way.

So I would get a recalibration there. And they are always with me and I will say this is not the only aspect of Venus that I connect with. I also can go to the beach, we’ll call it. So when I find myself on the shores of the ocean on Venus, I will tell you that everything is different colored. Like the sand would be purple and the water yellow and the moon pink and the sky green and they will all change colors. I can sit there and feel the beautiful energies, but like the Aurora Borealis, everything changes as I sit on that beach, the color of the sand, the water, the sky, the moon, not the sun, the sun always stays the same color, but I’ll be honest, the sun’s usually behind me when I’m sitting on the beach contemplating. So I have both of those aspects of Venus, but it is to the Roman garden of the goddesses that I go in order to recalibrate my beliefs and my patterns, recharge my self-love tank.

So I’ve been with them for the past few days because time is moving very, very quickly. I said in another podcast episode, time is dissolving and it’s making it erratic. There are points during the day that seem to take forever and then points that just fly by. And it’s almost like we find ourselves jumping timelines or being in the liminal space, the space between timelines, between dimensions, where it’s moving so fast that it’s almost like we stopped moving and everything’s going on super fast around us. And it could be a little disconcerting, you know, a little confusing. I’m used to it because it’s been happening to me literally for decades, but I do notice when time is going so quickly that I feel like It’s time for bed and I just got up.

And so how do we deal with relationships, creating them, deepening them, communication and relationships can be not only finding your Beloved, which the solstice is a very good time for reuniting with your Beloved and by reuniting, the goddesses tell us: it is because dear ones, you know your Beloved for you meet in other lives. You know each other on a Soul level. It is not just twin flames, it is all Beloveds, whether it be your romantic partner or your child or your best friend. All forms of Beloveds, you know from other lives, other dimensions, other experiences. On a cellular level you recognize the energy.

So what we are telling you is this current solstice coming upon you, you will find new relationships and new forms of communication in deepening relationships. Well, truthfully, you will find new forms of communication, of understanding each other, of seeing the bigger picture in the bigger world. Understanding that there are many ways to see an issue, to gain an understanding of what another believes or feels or is going through. So part of Ascension, part of moving into your fifth dimensional light bodiness is understanding communication and connection on a deeper, more higher vibrational level. And for that, you must expand your viewpoints, expand your understandings.

With time speeding so fast for you, and we will say, and you know, this already time does not truly exist. It is malleable. You can choose to slow down a beautiful experience so that you may enjoy it more, and you can choose to speed up what you consider an unpleasant experience. That is possible, always possible. So we ask you to try that. When you are enjoying yourself ask it to linger. Command time to slow so that you may enjoy more.

But also you can ask time to slow when you find yourself in a difficult position with another. And it could be another that you already have a relationship with, that you have a degree of respect for and desire to work with or it could be another that you desire not to be around, that you believe that you do not wish to engage with them. In those instances, you can ask time to slow so that you may see where they’re coming from. For there are very few people on your planet that are truly evil. We will say that rather, they are very insecure or they have been preconditioned to manipulate and control. And for those reasons, if you take the higher heart energy and you take the patience and tolerance needed to see them on a grander level and understand the root, the impetus for their words and their actions, you will find yourself better able to respond in love. That is how, dear ones, that you can communicate better with others, whether you are in a happy or unhappy situation with them.

But we will tell you predominantly June is focused on new relationships. Who do you wish to call into your life and why? For it is already well known across humanity that if you wish to call in romantic love, you wish to find your Beloved, your Soulmate, your Twin Flame, you must first find the love within yourself for yourself. And we are here to assist with that. And of course we are not alone. You have all your Guides, your Angels, your Soul. But we will say it is a specialty of ours working on self love to put forth romantic love.

So we ask you, dear ones, to look deep within yourselves, look within your heart, look within your cellular memory and actively choose to release all that has prevented you from opening your heart fully to love.

Now, when it comes to self love, there are issues of value of worthiness. Many, many things could have been demonstrated to you about your lack of worthiness, about your lack of deservedness. And we assure you they are all false. None of it is true. For you are a divine spark of pure Source energy. In that sense, you are pure love.

Certainly your density in human form makes it rather difficult sometimes to feel that love. Rather you feel loneliness or disappointment or despair or even betrayal. And sometimes guilt and shame.

But we are sending divine Venusian light codes, encoded frequencies, to humanity. They are accompanying the beautiful solar light codes in your very active sun. And these Venusian light codes of love are helping you to look deeply within your heart, your sacral chakra, your patterns, your beliefs, and especially your cellular memory to bring forth and release all of the limiting thoughts and beliefs and patterns that would keep you from fully seeing your own divinity, fully ensconcing yourself in self love, fully believing you are worthy of all the love in the world.

For we will tell you there is a partner for you walking this planet right now, and it is time for you two to meet. For some of you, there are more than one partner. Some of you were meant for several partners. Some of you were meant to have the experience, your soul. Contracted an experience of meeting several other beings and experiencing different aspects of romance and romantic love so that you may enact your discernment to decide exactly which aspects of romance and well, we’ll say conditional love.

You are on the path to unconditional love, but in 3d it is not to be mastered. So the different forms of conditional love, you are meant to experience it, you are meant to master it. For you must walk through the romantic love and the self love and the family love on this planet in 3d. If you are to reach the higher levels of unconditional love in 5D and beyond, the levels of harmony and bliss and contentment and acceptance.

So knowing that your partner is out there waiting for you, looking for you, wishing you into existence, wishing upon your meeting, knowing that, we ask you to look deep within and set your intention to release all that would prevent you from fully loving yourself, filling yourself with the divine love that is Source energy, knowing that you deserve love. You are love. You attract love. And we are with you. Our light codes of Venus love are with you. Every day. Just know that June is the month of love and it is entirely possible for you to be reunited with your Beloved this month.

And for those of you that believe you don’t wish for love, that are very happy alone. While that is understandable, understand also there are many versions of love. If you wish to experience a more independent, solitary version of love, then find that bliss and happiness and contentment not only deep within yourself, but within nature, within observing others.

You can bask in the love. You can bathe yourself in the light codes of Venus love without having a partner or a Beloved with you. You can bask in it all on your own and reach the same levels of less conditional love and of contentment and bliss and happiness, with or without a partner by going inward, filling yourself, acknowledging the Source energy within that is divine unconditional love and basking in that.

We are indeed always assisting you, always sending love light codes to you. Call upon us any time you wish for assistance. And set your intentions to reach a deeper level of self love so that you can attract your Beloved and you can open yourself to higher levels of connection and communication with others in all your relationships.

Use the fluctuations of time to your advantage. Remember, time is your construct. Use it as you wish to step more fully into love.

Okay, I think it’s just a matter of stepping back from the chaos we’re feeling with our fluctuating emotions and fluctuating thoughts and chaotic time. Stepping back. Taking the proverbial calming breaths and looking inward and calling in love, letting love guide us.