Watch on YouTube: Are You A Starseed or Hybrid Galactic Earth Being?

May 8, 2024

In today’s podcast episode I dive deep into Starseeds, Hybrids, what are they, are you one, is this part of ascension, how to move into that higher frequency and so much more. Enjoy!


Welcome to Your Multi-Dimensional Journey. I am Tracy Kumbera and today’s episode is on how to tell if you’re a Starseed or a hybrid, and I’m going to spoil it, first off. You are, all of you are, all of us are, all humans, not only contain the DNA from our higher versions of self. Pleiadian, Lyran, bit of Arcturian, lot of Atlantean, Lemurian, I mean, we know Alpha Draconian, the lizard people , all of it. It’s a melting pot. So what I’m really telling you is how to move into your Starseed awareness or even your hybrid awareness.

Now, what I’m not getting into are abductions and experiments. I bi-locate everywhere and talk to all beings off planet. I have never had an experience like that. I’m not saying they’re not true. I don’t disbelieve anything, but I’ve never had one of those experiences and the beings that I hang out with have never done that.

Now, I will say that on a Soul level, pre incarnationally, when we write out our contracts, when our Soul says, okay, I’m going to incarnate on this planet in this dimension, in this life as this being to experience this, that’s the life path. The Soul mission is always service to others. How you do it is infinitely unique. But the life path is, what do I want to experience in this life? This big game of Monopoly, this big Broadway play here on Earth.

And if it is part of your contract to open up like I did in kind of, well, an abrupt but beautiful way. I don’t know, it didn’t freak me out when I just cracked wide open and could do everything. I was more curious. I went to science to figure it out. So you can open beautifully or you can have the other end of the spectrum. And I’ve worked with clients that had terrifying experiences. It’s what they are letting into their field because unknowingly we let a lot into our field. We don’t really shore up our defenses.

I will confess to you. I always think of MC Hammer. Can’t touch this. That’s what I would tell people in the beginning, when I would do a client session or when I was just bi-locating on my own and going different places, I’m like, I only communicate with beings of unconditional love and divine light. If you are not that, can’t touch this.

So I’ve never interacted with scary negative things. I’ve been intimidated a lot. I mean, when the Archangels form a circle around you and tell you they’re giving you an upgrade, I’ve gone into, who me, are you sure you meant me? So I’ve been intimidated a time or two, but never terrified.

So experiments and abductions and stuff aside, getting back to Starseeds and hybrid, understand your Soul is having many, many lives at once, maybe infinite lives. In client sessions a Soul will show me five or six lives that are pertinent to your issue right now. We’re working telepathically, so the Soul can show me a thousand lives or 10, 000 lives and I will absorb that information, I will know that information. But I have no way of explaining it to you. It would take years to say those words. That’s why telepathy is so great. Let me just put the pictures in your head . Telepathy is becoming more and more common, so practice that, sending pictures to your friend, to your family, just not from your cell phone, but from your head. As you’re describing something, literally you’re picturing it in your mind as you’re describing it. Now picture you are sending it to them. Cause telepathy works both ways. We pick up a lot, but we can also send a lot. We can influence a lot. So use it wisely.

So the Starseed, the hybrid, because your Soul is having all of these lives at once in different dimensions. I tell people it is like that old fashioned gumball machine, that big glass bowl with filled with gumballs. The glass container, that glass sphere is your Soul. All of the gumballs are all of your lives. So it is same Soul, different lives.

They are all connected, just like sacred geometry, the flower of life. Everything is connected to everything else. There are beautiful energy strands that connect every life, which is why other lives influence us. I have claustrophobia in this life and no event triggered it, so I told my Soul, show me where I got this. I had a life in Egypt where I was entombed with my master when they passed and so I slowly asphyxiated. My claustrophobia isn’t so much small spaces. It is not being able to breathe, not being able to get out , to get free. So we are influenced by other lives all the time.

Starseeds are humans that have high influence from other cosmic, higher dimensional galactic lives. So understand every human on this planet has a physical body. They are human. Even when a higher version of self wants to jump into your body and experience a little humanity. I’ve seen that several times in Sedona. Cause I can see. So I can see when it’s not them in their body, when their higher self has taken over the body. Now, it’s been permission based every time I saw it. Don’t think that aliens are running around jumping into humans and wreaking havoc because we do have free will and we can say no. So, I’ve never seen that craziness.

So the Starseed, you are being influenced by your other lives always. And you are influencing your other lives. Now, 3D Earth lives tend to just kind of go back and forth influencing each other. We don’t per se influence our eighth dimensional Arcturian life because they’re higher dimensional, they’ve expanded beyond us. Think about nesting bowls. It’s a bowl sitting inside a bowl, inside a bigger bowl, inside a bigger bowl. It just keeps expanding outward. These dimensions, it’s not up and down. I’ve always seen it as spheres contained within spheres, you know, within universes, which is a sphere. And so it is just expanding. So do we influence our eight dimensional Arcturian self. Well, as they’re experiencing through us, yeah, they’re gaining those experiences. So I guess you could call it influence, but are they influencing us? Yes. Do people spontaneously remember other lives? Yes.

Why do they believe they’re a Starseed? Because their awareness and consciousness is open to varying degrees of remembering their galactic lives. And they’re resonating with their higher dimensional selves more than they’re resonating with their human selves. And that’s a great thing. And we all need to start doing that because our world is about to get a whole lot bigger.

Disclosure is coming . Listen to people that talk about it. Bashar is a great one. Daryl Anka that channels Bashar. Fabulous information! Out of everyone I’ve ever listened to, Bashar resonates the most of what I’ve seen in my decades of experience. And it’s beautiful energy too. And incidentally, they have a really cool starship and you can go up and visit it, so learn to bi-locate, it’s very cool.

So when we think of Starseeds, remember, everyone’s a Starseed, you are a Starseed. You have multidimensional DNA intertwined with your human DNA. A lot of these light codes coming onto the planet, radiating from Gaia’s crystal core, light language, that’s all activating your multi-dimensional DNA because we are shifting from human DNA to multi-dimensional DNA, from physical body to light body. We’re not losing the body tomorrow, but we are becoming more energy and less density. Move beyond your physical body into your light body, into your bigger energy sphere, start connecting with your other lives.

When I do Soul spark retrievals, so I call aspects of the Soul self Soul sparks, because for me, The one is the all. So my human self is fully my Soul self because the one is the all, but I don’t remember everything from my Soul. So I am, but a spark of my Soul as far as remembrance, as far as holding the energy of my full Soul self. So if I am a Soul spark, I do Soul spark retrievals, which are guided journeys. You don’t have to be hypnotized into a regression. You find somebody that can see your other lives.

And by the way, you can see them too. Go inward, go into meditation, call on your Soul, say, show me my lives on Pleiades and let your imagination go because your pineal gland, your third eye, your mind screen is there. It will show you, it will play the TV show of your Pleiadian life. You will see it on your inner mind screen just like a TV. So you can do this. And if you’re having trouble, you can book a session with me or with anyone else that can do past life regressions, Soul spark retrievals, to see your other lives.

When it comes to Starseeds and hybrids, we are all that and it is time for us to wake up to the fact that we are more than just human. The people that think they are only human and this is all there is on Earth and world war three is inevitable and all of that stuff, that’s the chasm because there are many Souls that don’t wish to ascend. They’re like, nah, we like this game and we’re going to ride it out to the end. Most of us are like, get me the heck out of here. I just want to be higher dimensional again. I want to live in love and peace and exploration and discovery.

So most of us, I will say not all of us, but most of us are remembering our galactic higher selves, our other aspects of Soul self, we are moving more into that Starseed energy. So rather than believing that a Starseed is an alien on Earth, let’s change the definition to: Starseed is someone that recognizes their multidimensional energy and that is in deep contact with their higher versions of self.

Blur the lines, expand the boundaries of your container. Realize you are not just a physical human. You have access to, and therefore are, many, many different galactic beings and angels and druids and elementals, many, many other things. Open up to all of that. Start experiencing all of that. My life is very full, very expansive because I can merge with my higher versions of self and expand my energy anytime.

And when I do fall into a pothole as humans do, and something upsets me or pisses me off or any other human reaction, because I have them, especially when I’m driving. So when that happens, I remember to go back up, to expand my awareness out, to reconnect with my Starseed energy, with my galactic energy, my higher self. Get back in the flow.

Now, there are a lot of tools you can use to open your Starseed connection. Movement, nature, meditation, going inward, guided journeys. Remember your pineal gland is the gateway to multidimensionality. Use that imagination. All those kids out there, the three year olds that have imaginary friends, they aren’t imaginary, I can see them too. And I am way older than three. So use your imagination.

You know what? If you’re imagining yourself on a starship and it looks just like Star Trek and you’re talking to them and they have uniforms, just like Star Trek, who cares? You’re doing it! Bi-locating is taking your awareness and consciousness over the tipping point so your awareness is more in that dimension than this human life. To do that, you have to have faith and trust and belief, like I say in every episode, but you have to use your imagination. It doesn’t matter if you see Star Trek uniforms and I see long white gowns. Who cares? I’m looking at it from my perspective, you’re looking at it from your perspective.

Whether it’s real or not, in the beginning especially, is irrelevant. What matters is that you are using your intuition to bypass your human brain and move into the multidimensional mind where you can connect with your higher versions of self and call in your Starseed energy so that as a human on Earth in everyday life, you are operating from a higher state of being. That’s 5D and beyond right there.

So practice that. Know that you are a Starseed. Invite in your higher versions of self to show you all the other aspects of your Soul self. Move into it, raise your vibration, expand your awareness, and have a much fuller, richer life in your Starseed multidimensional energy.