Watch on YouTube: Breakdown To Breakthrough Continuing For The Rest Of 2024 – Archangel Aurora Channeling

May 21, 2024

In today’s podcast episode Archangel Aurora explains how in 3D we create the breakdowns to breakthrough our pain, suffering and trauma into higher dimensional states of being and how we can lessen the breakdowns and get right to the breakthroughs as many more are arriving this year. Enjoy!


Welcome to Your Multi-Dimensional Journey, I am Tracy Kumbera and today we are talking with the archangels, about breaking down to breakthrough, which is continuing for the rest of this year. Now it’s a common term in coaching that oftentimes we have to break down to create the space and create the path to have a breakthrough.

And there are times when you can go straight to the breakthrough, but in looking back since January of 2024, we’ve done a lot of breaking down. We’ve done a lot of cocooning, a lot of coming out into the light and then getting bombarded again. Case in point, all of the geomagnetic activity and solar storms that we’ve had in May, not just the big weekend a couple of weeks ago, but it’s been nonstop with CMEs and solar flares. And all of this solar activity is blasting us with the solar light codes that assist us in breaking down to break through. And I’ll repeat you don’t have to break down to break through. It’s just the 3D way, It’s the human way. As humans, we hold on to the emotions of any event and it is that attachment that necessitates a breakdown in order to break through.

And we are finding that these solar light codes that are flooding the earth almost every day this month, and they’re going to continue, all of these solar light codes, they are realigning our human DNA and activating our multidimensional DNA. So it is time to release it all. And for so many of us we don’t understand that we are still in survival mode because of our attachment to the emotion of the event.

So people can go through therapy, they can use their tools, they can try different healing modalities. There are infinite ways to get past trauma, but while many feel like, yeah, I’ve let go of that trauma, I’ve moved past it the truth is , oftentimes we’re still carrying it. So the mental and emotional bodies are one trigger away from stepping back into that traumatic state. And the physical body still holds the trauma in many cases. Our central nervous system is still operating in survival mode. We’re still in the sympathetic nervous system, we still have a depressed vagus nerve. There’s still a lot going on in the physical body because the physical body is where the dense energies lie. And as we ascend into 5D and beyond, it’s necessary to release all from the physical body because we’re moving into light bodies.

And the sun is helping us. These solar light codes, all of these solar flares and blasts, they are helping us to release it. So it is a year of many, many breakdowns, but it is up to you to see how deeply you’re going to break down before the path is cleared and the energy is pure enough to break through, before you can harmonize and create coherence with higher frequencies that help you to break through.

Let’s ask the Archangels how we can best minimize these breakdowns because all of these emotions, sadness, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, or anger and frustration and impatience, all of these emotions that we’re going through are setting up the breakdowns to break down the old patterns, old limiting beliefs and old trauma so that we can finally release it for good and step more into higher energies, higher frequencies, our light body, step into higher states of being, living the breakthrough mode day after day without needing the breakdowns.

So I tune in and I ask Archangel Aurora, how can we avoid the breakdowns? How can we minimize the breakdowns? How can we handle all of these intense emotions that the solar light codes, the solar activity are instigating, initiating in us.

Oh, dearest ones understand you are not meant to bypass the breakdowns. Yes, it is all within you whether your breakdown is life altering, is debilitating, is crushing or if it’s simply up levels your life, shifts your life, propels you. The breakdown is just the diving board to propel you into the breakthrough because every breakthrough is awaiting you.

These are times of many, many steps, you’re easily walking up the steps into the higher, more expansive frequencies that are waiting for you. The connection and communion with us the Archangels, with all of your Guides and your other versions of Self, with your Soul and many other Souls. Those steps are in plain sight, the steps to your reconnection, your knowingness of Source energy.

So the question is, how do we bypass the breakdowns and go straight to the breakthroughs? Dearest one, you don’t. You are not going to bypass the breakdown simply because it was a pre incarnational choice. Your Soul wanted to experience intense emotions. That is why Souls come into 3D lives on Earth and other planets. For Earth is not the only planet that participates in third dimension, that participates in this level of density. The reason Souls choose to incarnate here in a life is to experience the emotions and Ascension is nothing more than harmonizing with the emotions and lifting out of that intensity, that negativity, that density, in order to allow the emotions to propel you up, propel you forward into higher dimensions.

Again, the breakdowns do not have to be crushing. There are easier ways to accept the breakdown of systems, the breakdown of your patterns and your beliefs, the breakdown of all that your loved ones hold dear. The easier way is acceptance and release. Yes, we are telling you, you have all the love and support in the Universe to just let it go.

Accept how you’re feeling, for these solar activities that are continuing, there are going to be grand blasts and there are going to be minor blasts. So you will find that you travel right through some of these periods and you start to see changes in your outer reality and you realize, yeah, I’m letting go of that and it feels good. I’m moving into the new and it feels good. And then there will be major blasts and that is when everything comes up at once. It feels like it’s too much. You’re put into a survival state of being with many heavy emotions and no impetus to dig deep and release them. And we are telling you, that is when you rely on your Guides and your Angels and your Soul, Source energy itself. You ask for assistance in accepting how you feel and releasing that which doesn’t feel good. Stepping into more self love, more self compassion and the faith and trust to know that everything that’s coming up is coming up to be released.

You do not have to live in survival mode, dear ones. You can live in love. It is past thrive. It is survival or thrival? No, live in love. Live in total coherence with the Universe. It goes far past thrival. And the energies on your planet, the energies that the Sun and the Moon and other planets and other galactic beings are radiating down to you and the energies that Gaia is radiating out, they are all here to assist you in letting it all go and stepping into the higher frequency swirling around you.

So we will tell you, reach for support, accept how you are feeling. Ask the Universe, ask Source, ask God, ask your Soul, we will say, ask Source, what am I releasing? What is it time to let go of? I welcome the release of anything that no longer serves me. And I welcome the support, the etheric hand holding, while I release it. I welcome the support lifting me up to the next level of my Ascension as a multidimensional being of light.

Trusting that Source never takes away what you still need in your life. Well, we will tell you Source, just as us Archangels and all your Guides, never takes away anything. Things change because you are in a constant interaction with other beings. And if someone else that is interacting with you, or as Tracy says, dancing with you, if that other being is releasing something, and it is something they do with you, well, then it’s leaving for you too. Because they are releasing it and you are harmonizing, you are interacting with them. That’s why much of this is coming up. It is indeed a dance, a dance of many.

So oftentimes things will come up to be released that you don’t wish to release, you like the way it was. We will tell you dear ones, return to acceptance, return to release, and return to love. For everything that comes up is an invitation for you to break through it into a higher level of multidimensional awareness, which is a higher level of peace and love and compassion and happiness and contentment in your life on this planet.

It is possible. It is not dependent on what you own or who is in your life. It is within you. All of the breakdowns that you will continue to face this year and depending on your actions, perhaps into next year. All of these breakdowns that you encounter, they are all waiting for you to accept that, that is what is happening within you and what you would like to release, what you would like to clear, to make space for expanded awareness and expanded love and expanded happiness.

So we will say it again, dear ones, the breakdowns to break through will continue the rest of this year. Each time you feel a breakdown, each time you feel the intensity of your emotions, take a step back, take a deep calming breath, accept where you are, how you feel, know fully in your beingness that it is breaking down because it is time to leave, it is time to release it.

So welcome the release. Welcome in the new higher frequencies. Allow Source and us your Archangels and your Guides, to assist you in clearing it all out, clearing the path and bringing in the higher frequencies. For you have the opportunity to uplevel your life this year to such magnificent degrees of beautiful harmonic energies.

It is always at your fingertips. So honor yourself, practice acceptance, practice, release, call it in, invite it in, welcome the change, welcome the opportunity to anchor in a higher frequency, welcome the support that we the Archangels provide, welcome the support of all of the Universe and you will break through to the highest levels of love and happiness in your Earth life.