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Watch on YouTube: Do You Need The Psychic Gene or DNA To Be Intuitive?


March 16, 2024

Intuitive Soul Coach , Multi-Dimensional Guide & Divine Channel Tracy Kumbera answers the question of whether you need genetics and/or DNA to be intuitive or a psychic medium. Also included are tips & advice on opening to your intuition and an appearance by the Archangels! Enjoy!

Welcome to your multi-dimensional journey I  am Tracy Kumbera and I am here to answer your

questions on all things multi-dimensional and  intuitive based on my 20 years experience as a

multi-dimensional guide an intuitive Soul coach  and a Divine channel so today’s topic is can

anyone be intuitive or psychic or is it in your  DNA so I read somewhere recently or I heard it

on a podcast I think that someone said no it’s in  your DNA it’s genetic to be intuitive and Spirit

came in right there while I was listening  and said no that is not true every being

is intuitive we as humans cut that connection  we shut it down but we all have it it is our

natural state of being so yes it’s possible for  everyone to be intuitive anyone there’s so many

people that listen to their gut instinct they  don’t call it intuition they just call it oh I

had a feeling and so I followed it well the truth  is that was your intuition now where is it coming

from is it coming from your soul is it coming  from your guides from your angels it could be

coming from anywhere the truth is we are always  in connection with the universal field which is

the akashic library okay the universal field of  energy holds all of the answers of all realities

and all timelines we can connect in with any being  that we wish to and sometimes beings we don’t wish

to but it is your choice that’s why I go off of  energy signature so when I first opened up I was

working with Archangel Michael right after my  Awakening and and I had a spontaneous Awakening

through a reiki class years ago so I’m working  with Archangel Michael and another energy came

in and said they were Michael and I was like it  doesn’t feel like him it’s not the same signature

and again this happened 20 years ago I don’t think  this is that common any longer because we’re just

in a higher frequency as a civilization right  now just a higher frequency on the planet than

we were 20 years ago so I asked Michael to come  in and yes felt completely different so I said

what’s going on who is the other energy and when  I asked them to State themselves they said they

were the Grays and they simply wanted to ask me  questions and interact with me but they thought

that I wouldn’t answer them if they didn’t pose  as Michael and they were right because I had no

interest in dealing with them so I made them go  away I just said nope you are not the highest love

the highest light can’t touch this go away I’m not  interacting with you you can speak with any being

any Collective any energy your soul Source God all  that is the universe we have a thousand different

names for it right but you can speak with any  of them just set your intention that that’s who

you want to connect with a little Mantra that  I used in the beginning was I am a being of

love and light and I only connect with beings  of unconditional love and Divine Light if you

weren’t that then can’t touch this yep NC Hammer  Can’t Touch This so that put me in a frequency

where I would only engage with beings in in love  in higher Dimensions right now if I’m connecting

with some of my other 3D lives for the purpose of  understanding some of my patterns or programs or

fears something like that it’s a little different  but when I want to talk to my higher versions of

self my seventh dimensional Pleiadian self for  instance if I want to talk to my soul I usually

don’t speak to my own soul because it’s hard  get answers for yourself cuz you get in the way

I will have a friend ask my questions and I will  automatically channel the answers but for me I get

a little involved so I’d rather talk to all that  is so I can connect with any being any Collective

any energy and so can you how do you do it how  do you connect in well there’s a lot of ways

to increase your intuitive connection I will say  though that you have to have the faith and trust

and belief if you’re going to connect in and you  get these beautiful loving answers and you tell

yourself well I I don’t know if that was really  spirit I mean I could just be making all of this

up I don’t know what’s going on you just negated  all the energy and if you’re going to negate it

then what’s the point of doing it you simply have  to believe and while you’re at it sometimes you

have to imagine you have to put yourself there  and know that you are talking to your Angels

right when you get answers when you hear them  when you sense them when you get pictures on

your inner mind screen you have no choice but to  just believe believe it’s true believe it’s your

angels and as you believe you are training your  brain to allow that connection in and it becomes

stronger and it becomes easier and you start  to recognize the energy signature of it so you

realize that yeah yes that is my angels I can tell  it’s my angels and then if I do talk to Archangel

Michael different energy signature now I can  see them sense them and hear them and sometimes

whether I’m talking to archangels or your soul in  a session or any collective in in my own time I

can tell who it is by their energy signature but  I also receive the information either in words in

pictures or in videos and often times I will send  pictures and videos back so telepathically we’re

speaking in many different ways at once and souls  usually flip between it e even the archangels

do some you know picture is worth a thousand  words so sometimes it’s just faster to speak

in pictures getting back to how can you increase  your intuitive skills so that you can communicate

with your guides and your angels well step one  faith and trust and belief step two imagination

you have to use your imagination and again it’s  because your brain is the gatekeeper it’s like

the bouncer at the nightclub deciding who to let  in and who not to so as a gatekeeper you have to

train your brain to let the information in oh  no I talked to Angels yeah yeah that was them

and your brain’s like you can’t talk to angels no  one can talk to angels you’re human what are you

talking about and it’s like no I can’t that was  my my guardian angels that was them so you have

to let them in because I can talk to them no no  you really can’t no I can and I’m going to so when

you hear that that is my angels let them through  um okay I will so then the next time they let the

information through and you’re like see that was  them and you do it more often and more often and

you are creating this new pattern of talking to  your angels of having this connection this this

communication and your brain’s like yeah yeah we  do that and you rewire your brain to allow that

connection in and once you do the first connection  it gets easier to do the next one and the next one

and the next one okay so like archangels I started  out with Archangel Michael and several years ago I

read a wonderful book called female archangels  it’s a little book with a pink flower on the

front I always forget who the author is but it’s  a fabulous book and note here when you read any

book or or watch a video or listen to a podcast  or however you’re getting the information about

these beautiful beings whether it be Angels or  uh higher versions of self you know Spirit guys

Pleaidians no matter who it is remember when you  are encountering them you are not just reading

about them you’re meeting them I tell my clients  you’re sitting in a cafe with them okay just

picture you’re going out to lunch with Archangel  Aurora this is not just oh I’m I read about these

ascended masters no I read about the archangels I  sat there with Archangel Aurora as I’m reading I

know I’ve pinged her she’s with me she’s present  what feeling do I feel in her energy what colors

do I see with her energy what is she saying to me  what am I sensing about her how am I connecting

in with her because I truly am connecting with  her so remember that anytime you learn about

another being or energy you are not just reading  or hearing about them you’re going out to lunch

with them you’re meeting them you have pinged  them they showed up you’re interacting with them

so notice everything about how it feels about what  you sense what you hear what you see in your inner

Vision on your mind screen that TV that plays  in your inner mind from your multi-dimensional

mind showing your human self so note everything  and then start asking questions and when you do

ask questions notice how you get the answers  because I’m telling you every question you ask

is answered there are signs and signals and hints  and answers every moment of every day of your life

but our conscious mind our 3D mind overlooks the  answers we’re not paying attention we’re we’re

too busy doing this or doing that which is why  I always joke you want to be more intuitive fold

the laundry wash the dishes keep your 3D mind  keep your brain busy so your multi-dimensional

mind can come in and and be Forefront not so much  takeover but just be in the front Okay so when you

are learning about this being understand that you  are connecting with them they’re showing up start

paying attention to all the signs and signals then  start asking questions first you memorize what the

feeling is like what the colors are like anything  that you see or hear or sense memorize that grab a

p of paper and write it down right or in the notes  app of your phone memorize that then start asking

questions and expect an answer because trust me  you’re getting an answer you’re always getting an

answer okay notice again all the signs and signals  and hints and answers that come to you okay from

the questions you asked whether they are feelings  pictures in your head uh coincidences a friend

calls and says something and it was related to  the question you asked anything again retraining

your brain when you start telling your brain that  everything is an answer oh my friend talked about

uh getting a new puppy named Aurora right after  I was meditating on Archangel Aurora that’s in

that’s a sign that she’s present with me and  your brain’s like no you’re crazy that’s just

a coincidence no no that’s a sign that was Aurora  talking through the new puppy you you won’t have

to get a little dramatic like that always but in  the beginning when you’re retraining your brain

yeah you have to tell your brain no no that’s  real no that’s happening no I did that no they

connected right and then your brain starts to  understand what you want to be allowed through

cuz remember your brain’s the gatekeeper just  like the bouncer at the nightclub your brain’s a

gatekeeper and if your brain did not parse all the  information we’d go crazy how could you drive down

Main Street and be looking at all of the cars all  of the people on the sidewalk all of the stores

and noticing everything you would probably rear end  somebody and about 10 seconds so your brain has to

be the gatekeeper it has to parse the information  so that it keeps you safe and protected and

focused focused on what it wants you to focus  on like driving to the grocery store right so as

you train your brain to let this information in  right with your faith and trust and belief that

you are intuitive that you are connecting that  this is real and you’re telling your brain it’s

real and you’re training your brain to let that  information in practice that if you’re having

a hard time with it if you are not picking up  any information whatsoever clear yourself first

Okay jump up and down a little Shake It Out  uh do some deep breathing right do a little

heart math breathing where you take a few deep  breaths and you go Inward and think about your

happy place or again a puppy or whatever right  and then refocus on the being and the intuition

so quieting yourself going inward trying a little  meditation a little breath work a little guided

Journey it all of that can put you in that Zero  Point Energy where you are one with the universal

field you dissolve back into the universal field  into Source energy that’s in a matter of speaking

that’s how you’re sitting in Archangel roar’s  living room mean no archangels don’t have living

room they are just pure frequency as I see them  they are the frequency closest to God Source right

everything is spherical in nature right we are the  center the nucleus and like I tell people we can’t

see out everybody can see in so all of our higher  dimensional selves the the sphere gets bigger and

bigger and bigger so your physical body is sitting  in the sphere of your light body which is sitting

in the sphere of your soul spark which is sitting  in the sphere or contained within the sphere of

your soul which is contained within the sphere  of All Souls which is contained within the sphere

of source so all of these nested spheres right  these beautiful circles three-dimensional circles

spheres of energy everyone can see in we can’t see  out because we’d break the game if we could see

out right we have to believe this is real so when  you use breath work meditation guided Journeys to

get you in the Zero Point Energy you are expanding  your awareness expanding your Consciousness beyond

your physical body sphere out into the source  sphere and sometimes I will just think the

archangels are the beautiful candy coating think  M&M’s but the candy coatings on the inside of the

sphere and that’s the archangelic energy to me and  I will tell you they’re laughing right now because

I just called them the in inside candy coating of  the source sphere but that’s how I see them that’s

kind of where they are if you would use time and  space to measure them or locate them because time

and space doesn’t exist so I have to explain it  from a 3D point of view okay the archangels they

have a frequency they have a color they have a  tone they have a feel right they have a sense

every being does every energy does archangels  do too and I will tell you and now we’re off the

topic of your intuitive skills and onto the topic  of Archangels but while the archangels each have

we will say their particular job and US seeing  them as a gender Archangel Michael is the warrior

Archangel and he is uh you know male right and the  first time I saw him was in Daran virtues oracle

cards so I picture this tall blonde guy shirtless  with a kilt on because and he laughs every time

he also calls me brother and I tell him every time  I’m a woman in this life but s and so you know we

we have these associations but normally I’ll see  Archangel Michael as violet light like the Violet

flame he’s just dark purple light Metatron who  does a lot of the light codes and downloads right

a lot of the DNA recalibration work I see him as  more of a muted Dusty purple between lavender and

and violet Archangel Aurora very iridescent  an opalescent very sparkly so when she shows

up the energy feels very sparkly for me so I am  memorizing committing to my memory and telling

my brain these are the characteristics of this  particular being so Archangel Aurora iridescent

opalescent sparkling energy beautiful loving  maternal energy those are the characteristics

so that when I am reading a book or hiking or  something where I’m just kind of keeping my 3D

mind busy when those characteristics start to show  up I start to see colors in my peripheral vision

I start to feel that maternal energy my brain can  tell me oh hey Archangel Aurora is showing up she

must have something to say and I start noticing  that and I shift into my multi-dimensional mind

and I go hey Aurora what’s up you know what do you  have for me and we start having a conversation so

yes sometimes I call upon them especially in  client sessions and sometimes they just show

up with something for me cuz remember I’m on my  own Journey too so while I’m always asking them

for help even when I’m not they’re always helping  me okay so side foray into archangels over let’s

go back to everyone is intuitive and how do we  build it okay we’ve already said you keep your

brain busy so that your multi-dimensional  mind can take over right whether you’re

hiking or folding laundry or whatever it is  if it’s not working then you quiet yourself

and go inward using breath work meditation guided  Journey meditation anything that moves you into

that Zero Point Energy where your awareness and  your Consciousness can expand then focus on who

you’re connecting to now if you have a specific  person to connect to that’s great that

being that Collective that’s great if you don’t  and you don’t need a specific being for me when

I’m asking questions hey if you’re unconditional  love and Divine Light go ahead and answer me I’m

up for anybody’s answer in fact everybody answer  me and I’ll see which one feels the best within me

okay so I don’t always say hey Elantra my Pleaidian self what do you think about this I just say hey

guys hey peeps what’s what’s going on with this  situation can you all explain this to me and I

get the answer sometimes as a huge Collective  sometimes my Pleaidian self will answer then the

archangels will answer and then you know I’ll go  to all that is and say okay what’s your take on

this and generally they’re about the same but  we resonate to different energies at different

times so it all depends remember you don’t have  to pick a specific being if you want to go for

it but you don’t have to pick a specific one just  just remember unconditional love and Divine Light

okay and remember step one faith and trust and  belief you have to know that you’re getting the

answers or your brain’s never going to let  them through now the last thing is practice

with the small stuff things that don’t matter  play little games right you know your first

foray into multi-dimensionality and into using  your intuition to make a decision don’t make a

decision on whether you should get married or  whether you should get divorced or whether you

should move house to a different state picture  something little you know honestly should I have

steak or pasta for dinner tonight pick things  that don’t matter because then you’re not putting

any pressure on yourself when you pick the little  things you’re just practicing connecting in tuning

into to yourself tuning into your guides tuning  into your angels start with little things ask

little benign questions of your angels and your  guides so that you can just get comfortable with

their energy right create that relationship now  I’ll tell you the relationship already exists and

always has but you probably haven’t been speaking  to them since you were four years old so you got

to reacquaint yourself you got to recondition  your body and your brain to this relationship

so start small start with little things being  intuitive is in your DNA it’s in everyone DNA

it’s who we are we are Pure Source energy even if  we contracted our awareness and our Consciousness

down to a very dense 3D level people think up and  down like going up and down a ladder to me it’s

it’s uh expanded out or contracted in right again  it is all of those nested spheres we contracted

down to 3D we are always going to be human in  this Incarnation right whether we’re 3D or 5D

and that’s a whole another conversation but we are  always going to be human the goal is not to be so

spiritual that we’re walking the Earth like well  I’d say like Jesus did except for believe me he

had human experiences cuz you know we we we talk  and he did so it you we’re not trying to be this

big high level spiritual being we’re not trying  to spiritually bypass we’re just trying to feel

more of the love and support that’s around us us  and we’re just trying to reach for more answers

from our true self that would help us find a  more abundant and loving life so I hope this

helps and if you have a topic that you want  me to go over in a future podcast let me know