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March 22, 2024
Today you’ll discover how to move out of the breakdown phase into the breakthrough portal of this Eclipse season and learn how to let go of limiting beliefs, patterns & trauma to release 3D human cellular memory while bringing your higher dimensional incarnational cellular memory to the forefront and activate your Multi-Dimensional DNA. Enjoy!
welcome to your multi-dimensional

journey I am Tracy Kumbera, an intuitive

Soul coach multi-dimensional guide and

divine Channel who spontaneously

awakened 20 years ago and now empowers

others to awaken to their

multi-dimensional self and move forward

in their Ascension process getting to

Fifth Dimension 5D and above their

energy and their actions today I’m going

to discuss eclipses as we have the

impending lunar eclipse in just a couple

of days now eclipses can cause

breakdowns or breakthroughs and it is

your choice and remember energy precedes

action so when you align your energy

with your choice you start taking action

in that area right so you start to make

those choices come true many people

think well Law of Attraction I’ll just

imagine I already have it I’ll picture I

already have it I can picture myself

driving a Ferrari I’ve driven one before

but that doesn’t mean I want one and it

doesn’t mean it would work well in my

life right now I live in the country on

gravel roads but I can imagine myself

driving it I can picture myself having

it the truth is when you align your

energy with your true desires and your

true Creations you move your energy into

the timelines the possibilities

oftentimes I will call them creational

possibilities because we have infinite

timelines it’s like pages in a book

They’re that easy to shift when they’re

small the big leaps not so easy it is

always said do not try to jump timelines

within a range that is simply too big to

hold on to too big to maintain because

you won’t maintain it that’s why I say

take one step forward at a time one step

and assess how does it feel do you want

to take another step forward do you want

to step sideways do you want to try

something else remember you are always

following your highest excitement and

your highest Joy when you start

something check in with yourself how do

you feel is it still joyful is it still

exciting does it still make you happy

you know since I left Sedona I will say

it I seem to be second choice Tracy and

I think I want something I think

something will work for my house my life

my whatever and I will choose that and I

will either go buy it or go do it or

manifest it coming to me and almost

every time I realize huh this doesn’t

feel like I thought it did it’s it’s not


what I wanted I think I want it like

that instead and so I make a different

choice I step sideways instead of

stepping forward again and I choose

something different and I go do that or

I go buy that or I manifest that I

magnetize it to me and I’m like yeah

yeah this fits a whole lot better whole

lot better this I’m liking you know

don’t be afraid to be a return king or

queen if you magnetize and manifest

something to yourself and it’s no longer

working for you day one or year one then

let it go and move into what feels

better now how does this relate to the

eclipses the eclipses are doing a lot of

things right now the lunar eclipse is

breaking apart the rest of our cellular

memory well let me put it like this the

solar eclipses tend to be far far more

powerful than the lunar eclipses the

lunar eclipse seems to be a setup an

intro right the warm-up band for the the

the true artist you uh paid for the

concert ticket to go see the lunar

eclipse will prepare you it will kind of

sweep your path my soul is showing me

just sweep the floor in front of you

clear the path with eclipses they can be

breakdowns or breakthroughs and the

lunar eclipse sets you up more for the

solar eclipse which is the grand finale

okay that’s the the fireworks at the end

of a celebration so when it comes to

Eclipse season and we are there this

lunar eclipse is in just a couple of

days when we get to Eclipse season step

back pause look Inward and ask yourself

what else would I like to clear we have

been clearing cellular memory for give

or take over a month I started noticing

it in myself and my clients about

mid-February where I could see the

cellular memories like Rising off like

steam coming off a lake the the memories

were just rising to the surface

releasing and what I found truly

fascinating well the first fascinating

thing was after the summer solstice in

the northern hemisphere winter solstice

in the southern that we spent weeks

clearing cell memory just dug deep and

dug so much out so it was a little

surprising to me that

mid-February we started to do a whole

bunch of cellular memory clearing so I

went to the archangels and I asked

Archangel Michael and I talk to them as

a group as a collective and then

sometimes I just ask them individually

you ask whomever you feel most connected

to but I asked Archangel Michael why are

we doing this you know the old I did it

all last year I’m good I cleared it all

to and his answer was to laugh at me

which just we we’re human we never clear

it all we live in a density that does

not have the availability or possibility

to clear it all it’s that’s just never

going to happen you know even the most

ascended of us on this planet still have

some human patterns trauma drama

anchored in their cellular memory it’s

just part of Being Human be thrilled

with yourself be proud of yourself for

everything you’ve cleared but don’t ever

make the mistake of thinking you’re all

done because as humans we’re never done

even though we really want to be done

with all of that fast forward to last

February about a month or so ago and the

cellular clearing started again and it

was so much of those cellular memories

releasing many of us have this trauma

and pain and suffering and guilt and

shame and so many things that happen in

this life and so many things that are

flowing through bleed through uh

influencing us from other human lives

well and from other higher dimensional

lives but the higher dimensional ones

tend to be beautiful things flowing

through it is the other Earthbound human

3D lives and there are other planets

that experience the 3D game Earth is not

the only one we’ll just toss that in

there for you so so as we’re clearing

these cellular memories it becomes

easier to release that trauma that pain

and suffering guilt and shame becomes

easier to release it because even though

we wish it to be gone and we’re looking

forward and we’re stepping forward and

that is no longer our reality so we are

no longer focused on it if it is still

anchored in our cellular memory we’re

still going to find our ego mind and our

brain going back to it going back to it

it’s like a bookmark in a p P I read

everything on my Kindle electronically

and sometimes I’ll open the book I was

reading and it’ll just revert to another

page and I’m like we I already read this

page and then I got to go forward a few

and see where I truly am that’s kind of

what your ego mind does so these

cellular memory releases begin before an

eclipse because if we do the cellular

memory clearing then we have already

initiated the breakdown of these

cellular memories of these patterns

programs training conditioning of these

uh of the of the trauma and the pain and

suffering and everything we’ve already

initiated the breakdown of it and the

release of it which is fabulous and a

fascinating thing that I just started

seeing a few weeks ago is when our human

cellular memory starts releasing the

higher dimensional life lives and our

multi-dimensional beingness those

cellular memories start to rise to the

surface right it’s like they were

talking about steam coming off a pond

now pardon me but they’re showing me

like sometimes you get the the scum on

top of a pond right and you have to uh

scrape the top of it off you know clear

the water will get stagnant you have to

clear it it’s like that all the human

cellular memories release and it’s like

scraping that off so all of the

multi-dimensional ones the higher

dimensional ones can come to the surface

if you are having spontaneous pictures

spontaneous the rememberances

spontaneous memories of your higher

dimensional lives you may dream of

aliens may dream of a higher Society may

dream of an environment with more love

and more technology if you’re having

these dreams if you’re in meditation and

all of a sudden you are feeling this

higher dimensional stuff more love more

light uh aliens coming in you know

they’re not aliens they’re you they are

your padian self your asani self your

luran self right they’re just higher

dimensional versions of you because your

soul is having many many lives at the

same time in parallel realities because

time doesn’t exist so you are actually

feeling the cellular memories of your

own higher dimensional incarnations

let’s sum this up the human memories

cellular memories have been rising to

the surface and releasing and therefore

your higher dimensional self cellular

memories are rising to the surface and

you are having more experiences more

knowing more feeling more sensing of

being well a being of more love more

light higher dimensional it could even

be calmness or just a a beautiful

Comfort a beautiful knowingness it shows

up in many many ways honor that tell

your brain right because you’re

retraining your human brain tell your

brain ah that dream that I just had and

by the way keep a notebook by your bed

so you can jot down important parts of

the dream before you forget it okay and

even with what happens in meditation or

just spontaneous remembrances jot it

down quickly even just a few words so

that you don’t forget it when you’re

having all of these remembrances all of

these feeling sensing knowing tell your

brain ah that is my multi-dimensional

self coming through that dream that

spontaneous Vision that was me in

another life and then start asking

questions well who was it you know ask

your soul ask Spirit you know that

version of you will come forth and say

oh it was me now the problem is not not

getting them to talk to you the problem

is you hearing and understanding what

your other selves are telling you right

what your spirit what your soul is

communicating to you ask the questions

expect the

answers this very very thin veil of

energy right the veil is so thin during

eclipses and the energy is so powerful

it is just blasting us well with love

and light blasting around us blasting

through us so ask the questions who are

you how does this benefit me what do I

need to know and start anchoring those

cellular memories that are coming to the

surface anchor those in so that’s your

goto memories you are re-calibrating

yourself you are returning to your

original blueprint and again as far as

eclipses go if you are doing this now

then the lar Eclipse that we’re about to

experience will anchor that in you will

be anchoring in a

breakthrough now you get to experience

that anchoring for a couple of weeks

before the solar eclipse hits when the

solar eclipse hits it will be a very

powerful definitive breakdown or

breakthrough you choose which if you

have been doing your homework if you

have been acknowledging that you’ve been

releasing cellular memory and calling up

your higher dimensional cellular

memories that you have been

re-calibrating yourself and again tell

yourself you feel it tell yourself it’s

true reprogram your brain and let your

brain know yeah I’m doing this I did

this no our memories all those old ones

are released that trauma no longer has

the trigger it used to because now I’m

moving into my higher dimensional

memories so keep telling your yourself

even if you’re not sure you did it even

if you think that you can’t hear or

sense or know what your higher

dimensional selves are telling you even

if you don’t believe you have a clue

tell yourself you do tell yourself this

is what happened I already broke down

all of those human cellular memories

that I no longer wish to experience that

no longer serve my highest good and

highest Joy I broke them down

they’re gone rising up into my awareness

are my higher dimensional cellular

memories and I will tell you as they

anchor in as you anchor them in that

affects your human DNA and your

multi-dimensional DNA people talk about

junk DNA and 12 strands of DNA you know

we only use two I actually see the human

DNA I I don’t see at all I sense it

being recalibrated but I do see

multi-dimensional DNA but for me I see

it as little colored squares that are

lit up you know for those around my age

remember lightbrite when we were kids

where you would uh plug in the the

little uh Crystal um plugs whatever and

you could make different things

different pictures and they would light

up with different colors yeah I loved

that game that’s what I see it is it’s

like lightbrite except for their like

little LED squares and they move around

and they reconnect to other parts and

they light up so when you and your soul

and the archangels because I work a lot

with archangels in my sessions for

healing with clients and it is C-

healing just like it’s co-creation so

when I am working with the archangels in

your soul to affect multi-dimensional

DNA Activation I’m watching those

colored squares light up and I can see

the human DNA starting to fade and the

multi-dimensional DNA get brighter and

get into place within your crystalline

core so that is what you’re activating

that is what you are now becoming all of

this is going on right you’re releasing

the trauma the patterns the cellular

memory you’re calling in the higher

dimensional cellular memory you are

telling your brain we do not need a

breakdown there’s no breakdown to be had

because I have been slowly breaking this

down clearing this out releasing it

allowing the new the higher the more

love and light to come up and as you

tell your brain that you are programming

yourself for breakthrough because you no

longer need a breakdown breakdowns are

for those in resistance those clinging

to limiting beliefs so here’s another

tangent look at your sentences I have a

friend that will say cancel cancel every

time she says something that’s negative

and I just love it and then she

rephrases it and I find myself

rephrasing things also this way I call

in what I truly want rather than just

speaking or thinking rotely making it

just the brain’s pattern on repeat M so

cancel something that you said or

thought if it is not serving your

highest good and replace it with the

sentence that

is I have already broken down and

released all thoughts feelings actions

patterns trauma memories that no longer

serve they no longer serve my joy my

happiness my good they no longer serve

me on this beautiful path of Ascension I

am stepping forward and I have already

cleared them so Universe no breakdown

necessary let’s move to the

Breakthrough then you ask yourself what

do I wish to break through on and you go

back to your goal list is it love is it

romance is it a job is it moving what’s

your goal list that is your breakthrough

list so when you tell yourself oh no

this Eclipse season these eclipses the

lunar one is completing all of my

clearing and lighting the path forward

on my Ascension Journey on my goal list

on my manifest my magnetizing that lunar

eclipse is lighting the pathway and I am

walking through my breakthrough I am

walking down the hallway to that big

beautiful portal at the end of the

hallway and the solar eclipse will blow

that portal door open and your

breakthrough is right there you are now

stepping higher into your

multi-dimensional self so you ask

yourself do you want break down or break

through I can just guess all of us want

breakthrough we don’t want break down

we’re done breaking down we’re done

everything being destroyed so give

yourself credit for everything you’ve

released for all the work you’ve done

tell your brain it worked it happened

the work was all successful the

releasing was all

successful I am stepping into my

breakthrough period all of these goals

on my list all of these creations I’m

putting my heart and soul and I’m

putting my energy into are beginning to

show up in my outer

reality energy precedes creation

precedes action so it is not I wish for

this it is recognizing I have completely

cleared this I am complete I am done I

am up leveled I am stepping into my

breakthrough because I did my homework

and it is time I am calling it in

I am that person I am worthy of it I can

create it and I have I’m stepping in

right now here I am so remember it is

your limiting beliefs your focus on your

old patterns your old trauma that keeps

you in Breakdown mode recognize that

you’ve released the cellular memory

recognize that you’ve released those

trauma and patterns

and step into your breakthrough this is

your choice step into the Breakthrough

and one last thing before I end if it

feels like a step back if you feel a

mini breakdown if an event happens or an

altercation happens with someone that

you’re like whoa this wasn’t a

breakthrough I something else just blew

up step back pause tell yourself oh okay

well there was a little bit more to

clean out but I just did thank you very

much for helping me clear that out and

I’m back in the Breakthrough mode I am

back I am stepping through that portal


breakthroughs do not get caught in any

events that you may label as breakdown

as bad as traumatic don’t get caught in

them it’s oh that happened who okay well

I did that but I’m back on my path again

break through here I come so practice

that choose breakthroughs and have a

wonderful eclipse