Watch on YouTube: June 2024 Energy Forecast – Archangel Michael & Solaran Council Channeling

May 31, 2024

Join me for an insightful June 2024 Energy Forecast featuring guidance from Archangel Michael and the Solaran Council. This month’s forecast focuses on transformational energies, the divine feminine goddess energies from Venus, and the steps to effectively harness and anchor these energies in your life. Discover practical tools and spiritual insights to navigate your Ascension journey. Enjoy!


Welcome to the June 2024 Energy Forecast. I’m Tracy Kumbera and today I will be joined, I believe, by the Solaran Council, the consciousness on our Sun, the beautiful collective of beings that is assisting us not only with our Ascension, but with all of these solar light codes coming in. And they do have some interesting things to say. And also the Archangels, Archangel Michael speaks with us today too.

So we’ll get started. The theme for June, 2024 is Transformational Energies, the energies that are coming in and how they are affecting us and how we affect transformation and Ascension within ourselves.

Also, we’ll be talking about the Venusian energies which are really ramping up. The divine feminine goddess energies . They had a lot to say about that and I found it really interesting. So stick around until the end to hear about that.

Getting back to transformational energies. Transformation is a three step process. Step one, you clear out, you make space, you release, you let go. Step two, you call in the new and you sense it, you sense the changes you want to make. You call in the new frequencies, the new feelings, the new thoughts that you wish to live in. And step three, you anchor that all in and you become that. You hold the higher frequencies. You carry yourself in a higher state of being more and more often.

The energies this month are expanding. Always. Now, what that means for us when the energies are expanding, it does not mean that you will automatically expand and expand, raise your vibration. It’s not a ladder people. We’re not going up and down. We are going out. It’s a sphere. Think of a beautiful crystalline sphere of pure Source energy and you are the point in the middle. As you expand your awareness out and out , you see the bigger picture. Draw a circle, put a point in the middle, and then draw a circle around that point, and then draw a bigger circle around it, and a bigger circle around it. Those are the levels and layers of Ascension.

In order to ascend, in order to transform, it is necessary to release all programs and patterns and conditioning and beliefs and thoughts and feelings that are no longer serving you. And remember sometimes you’d believe they’re still serving you, but they aren’t. When a thought or a pattern or a belief comes up and you feel yourself reacting in a usual 3D manner, you step back, you pause, you use your awareness to see the pattern. You ask yourself, Do you want to keep this pattern? Do you want to continue this behavior? And if the answer is no, then you release it, let it go.

How you ask? By using your tools. Happiness is a choice. Change is a choice. It is always a choice how we react. It is always a choice to continue or to shift. Use your tools to affect change in yourself. Intention is very powerful. Refuse to go down the same path. Tell your brain, your ego mind, I am no longer continuing on this path. Remember your heart rules, your brain, not the other way around. So get out your spiritual toolkit, use the tools that you know work.

That gets us to step two. Once you’ve made space, you call in the new, you set your intentions, you use your tools, you ask for the wisdom and guidance of your Guides, your Angels, your Soul, Source, God. All beings of divine love and light can reach you and they’re around you supporting you, wanting to help you. But we are co creating so they need permission. Now, oftentimes when we’re having a hard time, we’ll be like, Oh man, I need help with this, this is too much. That is giving permission. You do not have to sit down in prayer in meditation and go, okay, Archangels, please come and help me. The moment you say, I’m done with this, realize that you are co creating and you are giving permission and you are calling in the assistance all the time. Be aware of that. You are never alone. No matter how difficult your situation feels. Our souls wouldn’t dive into this incarnation without having some lifelines. They’re aware of how dense it is. They can see the bigger picture. So remember that. You are always loved and supported and protected no matter what is going on.

So in step two, you ask for that assistance and you start calling in the new. As you do, you might be aware of how you want to feel. Even if you aren’t, that’s okay because you want to feel better and your Soul knows that. You are asking to feel better. You are inviting it in. So if you’re not sure how to climb out of a hole that you’ve fallen in with your feelings, your thoughts, with your patterns, then just say, I want help to feel better. Please show me how to feel better. And once you start climbing up that vibrational scale and you start feeling better, that’s when you start having more awareness of how you truly want to feel, of how you truly want your life to look.

But remember, knowing how you want your life to look, you have to match that vibration. Saying I want a new house. I want a new house. Do you believe you can buy a new house? Do you believe you’re abundant enough? Did your parents get their house foreclosed on and you were homeless for a while and then had to move into a small apartment?

Well now you know the pattern that you have to release to call in the energies and anchor them within you, to believe you can have your own beautiful house. So call in the feelings you want. Open yourself to those feelings, welcome them, invite them, make space for them. And remember when you sit in meditation, feeling those feelings, you do not have to sit quietly with your eyes closed. You can walk in nature, you can wash the dishes, you can take the dog for a walk. My favorite is guided meditations because if I go on a journey that’s the best way for me to feel the feelings I want in my body, in my life.

And that gets us to step three, which is, flying with the new frequencies. You have already called in the new, invited it in. This is where you need the awareness to feel these new frequencies. to acknowledge you are now happier, you now think positively more often. Recognize the new frequencies.

You don’t have to see the light codes coming in and feel them deposit and watch them open up and activate the different strands of DNA. I see them as colored points of light. I don’t see them as strands, but whatever you see them as know that it’s your multidimensional DNA activating. You don’t have to see it though. You don’t even have to feel it. But you do have to know it. Faith and trust and belief. Feel it, embody it, become it.

And every time you feel like you have fallen in that pothole and you’re back at step one. Clear it. No judgment. No criticism. Just clear it. Oh, wow. This really triggered me. Okay. I guess it’s still in. Because this is a big theme for the month with transformation, is back and forth, back and forth. like a ping pong game. You know, remember not up and down. It is going back into the center of the sphere of Source and finding your way back out into more awareness.

So recognize that you’ve contracted again, you’ve fallen in that pothole, grab your tools, state what you’re ready to release and let go of. State what you’re inviting in and use your tools to reach a higher vibration without criticism, without judgment, and then anchor it in. Do something that anchors it in. Go out in the sun, go out in nature, step outside your environment. If you’re at work. Even if you step into the restroom and look in the mirror and say, I am that I am. Angels surround me, guides surround me. Make up your own mantra, but if you stare in the mirror and you start believing that you are surrounded by your support system, your peeps, your Guides, your Angels, you can sense your Soul. You will see it in your eyes. In fact, you may even morph and see a different being, which is fine. Not scary. It’s fun. You might see your Pleiadian self and then all of a sudden you’re back and you see your human self.

There are many, many tools, but it is important when you wish to release a current behavior, pattern, program, you step out of the current environment. Get up and go to the bathroom, go to a different room. If you’re with your friends, bend down like you have to tie your shoe. And as you bend down, put one hand on the ground, make a change in your environment, and it’ll help you make a change in your feelings, in your thoughts, even if it’s only for a couple moments. Okay?

Because Ascension for us, in our density, is such a ping pong game where we are expanded, contracted, expanded, contracted, keep anchoring in the new frequencies. Now you have the three steps to transformation. So you know what to practice and you know that you are completely supported.

Do we have anything else for June? Venus plays a big part in June because the Venusians are coming in with the divine feminine goddess energy for balance. That is the second aspect of this month. And remember we have the solstice. There’s a lot of conflicting energies on the earth during a solstice, winding up and winding down. It is an incredibly pivotal time. And that’s happening this month also. So there’s a lot going on.

So I’m asking the archangels, what else would you like to add to this? What else is happening in June? The Archangels are surrounding me right now and they’re just laughing. Archangel Michael is telling us, do you really need more than transformation? Know that transformation encompasses everything else you wish to do. It is your very Ascension journey. When you feel that life is piling on you, step back, take a breath. Remember, we are always with you. Hand it to us. It is nothing for us.

Remember my violet flame. You can clear anything with my violent flame. You can clear anything with Metatron’s light codes. We are sending you Archangelic frequencies during this entire transmission and long after. So accept them, use them, realize we are always with you. My violet flame surrounds you. Activate it, use it, burn everything off.

You can feel the violet flame burning deep within your heart chakra, grow it bigger and bigger and bigger until it encompasses you, burning off all that you no longer need, burning off all that prevents your Ascension, getting you to the next level or the level beyond.

And remember, it is not just I Archangel Michael, it is all the Archangels with you always. And while I assist you in rebalancing your masculine aspects into divine masculine energy, understand that this month the goddesses of Venus, the divine Venusian feminine energies are radiating down onto your planet, for it is time. Yes, we are working together, the Archangels and the Venusians. We are working together to balance the divine masculine energy and the divine feminine energy.

For many of you in humanity, you have participated in the masculine energies. Many call them toxic, we will call them unbalanced. The unbalanced masculine energies of the patriarchal systems on your planet have been going on for centuries, millennia. And that is a grand change indeed as you move forward into divine feminine energies, into receiving, into faith and trust and believing, into allowing, into calling it in.

So work with the Venusians this month, feel their divine feminine energies swirling around you. Welcome them. Welcome opportunities to receive, to allow, to step back and flow.

I am Archangel Michael and I am here supporting you with all the other archangels. Sense us around you know we are always around you and with you. We are always here to take what you no longer wish and to radiate out all that you do wish. For with us you are always receiving.

Well, thank you to the Archangels and Archangel Michael for coming in. That was a beautiful surprise. I was expecting Aurora. He’s standing behind me, laughing at me right now. He’s like, I’m always with you. Why does she always get to talk? We have quite a brotherly relationship Archangel Michael and I. So channeling does not have to be serious or intense, It can be a lot of fun. When you realize they’re hanging out with you all the time, you can do fun things, too. Like make a bet on what food they’ll be out of at the restaurant or how long it’ll take to get your meal or anything. Have fun with your Guides. They’re here to play, too

Okay, the Solaran Council let me know before I started that they wanted to come in. It’s a very interesting feeling to watch the Archangels step back so that the Solaran Council can come into the inner circle of my awareness. And I can still feel and sense and focus on the Archangels, but they’re kind of, back behind the wall of the Solaran Council, who are saying, Dear one, we do not create a wall. All is free to roam within our energy. And of course my answer is, it’s just a figure of speech. It’s just a little English guys. Okay. So the Solaran Council:

Understand dear ones, the Solaran rays of transformation are continuing. Yes, you had a very big weekend of solar flares, solar energy, of galactic light codes, not just solar light codes and lunar light codes, galactic light codes. The stream of frequency that is flowing to humanity now contains many, many light codes. So consider them not only solar light codes, but galactic light codes. They are beaming to you. They are beaming into you. Use them, embody them, allow these light codes to assist in your transformation. That is what they’re here for. That is why you contracted them.

So understand the solar activity continues. It will be up and down all this year and into next year. There are those on your internet that can explain the science of it, that can explain when these flares appear, when there is heightened solar activity. But for you, it is time to acknowledge that these times of solar and geomagnetic heightened activity means more solar light codes are blasting to your planet, are radiating down, streaming into you.

So take some time and some space to work with them. You don’t know how to work with them? We will tell you, you already are. Invite them in. Oh, I feel this intense energy. This must be solar light codes. Okay light codes help me release everything. Do a deep clean. I am ready to let it go. Deep clean. Activate my multidimensional DNA. Prop me up, expand my awareness, blast me. You have so many phrases in your languages. Use them all because the light codes are not only programmed with higher dimensional energies from the sun, the moon, many other planets, many other existences in higher dimensions, but they have the ability to do whatever needs to be done for you. They shift, they customize, know that. Whatever you need, they have contained within. For all is contained within each and every light code streaming into you. All is contained. Whatever you wish it to be will be.

So understand when you are feeling the intensity, if you wish for an answer, you can go to your internet and say, Oh, there were CMEs. Oh, big solar flares. Oh, there was a storm today. Yes, if you wish an answer, you can say that, but truly the answer is: you are ascending, you are evolving, you are transforming, and for the attachment based human being, there is a lot of conscious and unconscious, attached and unattached, releasing to be done in order to process these light codes.

So you’re going to feel the intensity. You’re going to feel the back and forth. Breathe through it, walk through it. Know that behind every bit of intensity is a bit of bliss. And we, as the Solaran Council, are also here radiating your bliss. And you will find the bliss. It is simply just past the intensity.

So as Tracy says, use your tools, utilize these light codes, call them in, see them however you wish to see them, use them however you wish to use them on yourself, within yourself and continue your transformational journeys. For the mountains will turn into hills, which will turn into bumps, which eventually will turn into smooth sailing for you. For that is the path of Ascension, the path of transformation.

Deep breath, everyone

Absorb the light codes, use the light codes, become more light. Call upon us, the golden divine radiance and consciousness of the Sun. We are always here for you.

Okay, I’m back and wow. After the Solaran Council within you, you do not need coffee to wake up in the morning. I am awake!

Good luck with June. I’m right there with you and we’ll talk again soon.