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Watch On YouTube: Mercury Retrograde – Will It Turn Your Life Upside Down?


March 29, 2024

Welcome! Today I channel the Solaran Council from our Sun to better understand how Mercury Retrograde affects us and how we can minimize the chaos, change, slowdowns, etc.

welcome to your multi-dimensional journey  I am Tracy Kumbera an intuitive Soul coach a

multi-dimensional guide and a Divine Channel today  I’m going to discuss Mercury retrograde does it

have to turn your life upside down is everything  going to go astray go Ary during this period And

I will preface this with I am not an astrologer I  know next to nothing about astrology I love it I

listen to podcasts but if I want want to know  anything astrological I will listen to Molly

McCord’s YouTube channel and and let her explain  it because I am not astrology minded so having

said that Molly had mentioned on her podcast for  April with this upcoming Mercury retrograde that

there could be slowdowns or changes of directions  and I’m paraphrasing here that it could be fourth

Tri as a charm and I had to laugh because ever  since I moved from Sedona it seems that I’m second

choice Tracy everything is my second choice no  matter what I buy what I try to do what I try

to set up the first choice is like oh well this  didn’t turn out how I thought and I go back and

do my second choice and I’m really satisfied  or content I’m choosing to believe I have not

had Mercury retrograde for the past six months  that this is just me using my discernment in a

whole new Arena a whole new place so getting  back to Mercury retrograde while yes it does

govern Communications and technology and I’m  sure other things do we have to allow these

slowdowns and these changes of direction to affect  us dramatically to derail us and another thing is

do we have to hurry and get everything started  before April 1st before the retrograde starts

I was told once it is only new stuff that goes  AR if anything is established it’s okay I truly

don’t believe that I can say that while many  people are superstitious and you kind of get

drawn into that Superstition well I have to set  it up right now before the first even if I don’t

do anything with it I have to set it up before  Mercury retrograde that way it’s something old

not something new and i’ I’ve been susceptible  to that you know I’ve had the same feelings and

every time those feelings come up what I tell  myself is that my teacher and this is decades

ago the one that certified me in kosic record  reading and as a raiki master teacher she is

very talented wonderful teacher she told me that  Mercury retrograde is when she is the most busy

the most prolific the most creative and the most  successful she loves Mercury retrograde because

for her she just Dives in with that single-pointed  focus and creates wonderful stuff and presents

okay I didn’t see this coming I actually wanted  to be over there what’s going on you know why am

I being redirected you step back you take a heart-  centered breath or three and you go okay Universe

you got my back so if you are redirecting me if  I’m being called to go here or do that instead

of what I ordered what I’m aligned with then it is  for my highest good so show me not why the heck am

I going in this direction this is not what I asked  for no it’s a matter of okay I trust I trust the

Universe I trust my soul I’m being redirected for  my own benefit and the benefit of others because

remember we don’t live in a vacuum even though we  are experiencing ourselves as unique individual

beings we truly do possess Unity Consciousness  humanity is a collective so it is myself then

my inner circle then all of humanity and then  all of the planets everything has an effect on

us this is not a singular game this is a group  game so then you ask okay I see that I’m being

redirected I know it’s for my highest good I  have faith and trust in this new Direction still

getting me there probably even faster so show me  show me how I can best serve myself and others in

this new Direction realign your thoughts thoughts  so that you can take action in the new direction

that serves you the highest welcome it accept  it acknowledge it and if you can’t welcome it

at least understand that it is for your highest  good that acceptance and acknowledgement can go

really far most of us can’t be excited for taking  a detour you know it’s not going to excite many

people to go wait a minute I was so close and all  of a sudden boom fell right off the board so when

you aren’t feeling it when you feel the resistance  within yourself about this change of direction or

this slowdown and I’ll tell you speaking from  experience I am not a patient person so when

I get the Cocoon when I get the Slowdown I really  have to step back focus maybe do a little yoga do

a little Med meditation I’ll do guided Journeys  I’m not good with silent medit ation because I

end up going places and talking to my guides so  I’ll do a guided Journey I’ll do some yoga I’ll

walk out in the sun there are so many things to  do to realign the energy as soon as you become

aware that the resistance is popping up that  you feel resistant you feel angry resentful

confused sad any of those feelings and more about  this slowdown about this change of Direction so

getting back to it you you feel the resistance you  step back you take a breath you realign yourself

you accept and admit and acknowledge you’ve got  some resistance and you do something about it

okay listen to music watch puppy videos go out  in the sun jump up and down do your meditation

do your yoga do your taichi whatever works for  you and it may only need to be for 30 seconds or

a minute but do whatever works for you to get out  of that resistance and when you feel you’re back

in neutral territory you feel that you are more  open to the possibilities now you are willing to

see them then go ahead and ask the universe okay I  see that we’ve slowed down I see that we’re taking

detour I prefer to use something more neutral  and say oh I see we’re changing direction I’m

not going to label it a detour I’m not going to  say it was bad I don’t know if it’s bad first of

all faith and trust I believe it’s good even if I  don’t like it so change of Direction once you’ve

gotten back into that neutral space you can ask  what’s this change of Direction about how can I

best serve myself and others in this new Direction  and by the way I’m still looking for the same end

goal that or better so I still prefer to get here  eventually or something better so getting back to

the Mercury retrograde and does it have to turn  your life upside down no not at all this is about

your thoughts your beliefs your actions but it  starts out first with your energy realign your

energy accept and allow the changes in have  the faith and trust that they are meant for

your highest good return to your neutrality your  objective Observer space so that you can see these

changes with a positive mindset with positive  feelings therefore ask positive questions so

you allow in positive answers intuition is very  difficult to use when you’re in resistance when

you’re in anger or victimhood or fear any other  type of fear so get back in the positive space

now when I was asking what should we record today  I went through some of my guides and the solarin

counsil that is the collective consciousness  of our son and remember from one of the first

podcast episodes I was talking about how the  Sun is our alarm clock that’s what eclipses

are you know they are setting an alarm we are  going to go through this up level this Quantum

Leap this is going to happen or just something  electromagnetic is going to happen you know it’s

either a world event or an electromagnetic burst  well that creates a world event or a unique event

for you so I asked the guides what would you have  to tell me about this upcoming Mercury retrograde

and this is what the Saran Council has to say oh  welcome dear ones understand we are working for

you we are always working for you we have your  best interest at heart yes you can say that pre-

Incarnation you programmed the sun with what you  wish to happen as a collective humanity and as

an individual but we will tell you we are working  with you every day every moment we see where you

are in this game we see your beliefs we see your  thoughts we see your fears we watch your actions

so as we you could say orchestrate but we will  say contribute as we contribute to your evolution

by utilizing the solar energy the electromagnetic  frequencies your solar flares your eclipses as we

utilize these these events in order to propel you  have faith and trust that we are propelling you

forward that we do indeed have your best interests  at heart this Mercury retrograde happens during

and after the eclipse season for a reason first  you’ve got the eclipse time between your lunar and

your solar eclipse and during this time you can  step back you can slow yourself down Prem Mercury

retrograde slow yourself down feel the emotions  that the lunar eclipse brought up allow it to

flow through you sense the changes you’re going  to make sense the new beginnings sense the endings

and step forward in neutrality and acceptance for  you are always supported and any ending is in your

highest interest you understand and endings create  Beginnings so you are already slowing down and

going inward during this Eclipse season that is  in preparation for the Mercury retrograde period

just after the solar eclipse where yes we will  say that the solar eclipse is very abundant you

could say very explosive this year we’re sticking  with abundant it’s going to be very abundant with

change with new creations with abrupt changes  in Direction in life for so many of you and the

Mercury retrograde is assisting that by initiating  a Slowdown and a going inward of your life it is

akin to the birthday party that many humans have  you get all these presents and after you open your

gifts and the party is over and everyone goes  home you find yourself sitting alone in a quiet

space looking at these gifts you opened some of  them surprising some of them wonderful maybe some

of them a little confusing but you look at these  gifts and you start to think how will I use this

how can I put this gift to use some of these gifts  are wow I really wanted this and other gifts can

be well this is interesting not sure I would ever  ask for this but let’s try it out let’s use it

see what we think about it so that is what these  eclipes in this Mercury retrograde are they are

gifts in this party of life so you are getting new  gifts at the solar eclipse you are utilizing the

Mercury retrograde to slow down and go Inward  and get a feel for these new gifts anchor in

them dare we say get a little comfortable with  them bring them into your comfort zone your new

uplevel comfort zone and utilize them for Mercury  retrograde was never intended to turn your life

upside down we will tell you a secret only you can  turn your life upside down nothing else no world

events no information from Source or the universe  or your soul No Angel interventions none of that

has the possibility to turn your life upside down  unless you allow it so understand if you take any

event or knowledge or change of direction or  gift that the son and so many others are giving

you and you welcome it and you embrace it and  you firmly believe that it is for your benefit

then there is no room for upside down that is  keeping you in the space of moving forward of

expanding your awareness of expanding your energy  on your Ascension Journey so remember you are in

charge of this welcome any changes welcome any  slowdowns continue to reenter yourself in the

Divine neutral space of except acceptance and  awareness of the benefits of these changes and

know that always what your son what we as the  solarin council are sending your way they are

always for your benefit for your expansion for  your Quantum leaps for us prior to Incarnation

we wish to ascend we are going to swim here in the  3D density while while learning slowly about who

we truly are moving slowly into our true self in  our bid to reach 5D and beyond for those states of

being are accessible to you now Fifth Dimension  seventh Dimension they are states of being and

they are open and available to you now so use this  beautiful Eclipse season and Mercury retrograde to

go Inward and allow any slowdowns or changes to  propel you forward to assist you in building a

foundation in the higher Dimension as always we  are here for you we are always available we are

always supporting you call upon us and we answer  okay me again I’m feeling better about it I hope

you are too so let’s take this next week or so  before for the solar eclipse to prepare ourselves

to accept and allow anything that is coming in  anything that we sense that’s going to make a

grand change or a tiny change in our life and  let’s approach this Mercury retrograde welcoming

The Slowdown welcoming the going inward for we  are going inward being fueled with new resources

new knowledge new modalities new abilities so we  can go Inward and stand in Divine neutrality and

use these new gifts that we have given back  to ourselves through the Sun and their energy