Watch on YouTube: Non-Duality, Karma, Reincarnation & More

March 26, 2024

In this episode I discuss how duality is a construct in this 3D reality game and how to move into non-duality to ascend. You’ll also find out the truth of karma and reincarnation, timelines and more! Enjoy!

welcome to your multi-dimensional journey I’m Tracy Kumbera, an intuitive Soul coach multi-dimensional
guide and divine Channel today we’re going to be discussing nonduality Karma the ideas of good
and bad right and wrong even maybe a little reincarnation sprinkled in uh maybe a little
timeline talk sprinkled in we’ll see where Spirit the universe and the archangels take us but first
I’d like to ask how was your lunar eclipse how did it affect you was it break down or break through
or for many of us it was more of a cocoon instead of a breakthrough meaning that while the emotional
stuff came up if you sit with it if you allow it to flow through you and the meditation I have for
you in just a few days you’ll find on YouTube is talking about the river of releasing emotion the
creek of emotion and your emotional body and how you can let the emotions flow through you meaning
just sit with it just flow you don’t have to name it you don’t have to see it or understand it and
you know that’s a hard one for me because I see everything so when I sense things and feel things
but I don’t see it and I can’t talk to my guides and you know physically walk through it in my mind
you know it’s it’s something I have to practice to just sit with it let it flow through me so I had
a lot of it come up Saturday before the eclipse Sunday night and I had much more of it come up
yesterday uh thanks to a good friend that took me through a physical process uh a process with the
physical body to release some of the trauma and deeply held emotion I have several friends that
do more visceral physical healing for me it’s more of releasing the emotions by letting them
flow through you and looking forward instead of back and being very Vigilant with your brain we’re
not going there but I’ve noticed a huge change just in the one day since I did these physical
processes with her and I did them remotely she does remote sessions so I will have her on the
show now back to today’s session talking about nonduality and Karma and perhaps reincarnation
I listen to a lot of spiritual podcasts I love supporting my brothers and sisters of my spiritual
family but I often find as I’m listening that they’ll say something that’s really dualistic
well you’re getting punished for that and so now you’re going to have to come back and fix
it there are times when I hear that and I’m like no no cancel cancel that is not true but let me
keep listening and see if they get back on track and there are sometimes where they continue with
the dualistic talk and I’m not about that and so I just turned it off I don’t care to listen
to lower more dense conversations conversations about Duality about right and wrong good and bad
now I understand there’s a lot going on in this world and I do a lot of meditation intention and
prayer and my thing is do a lesser time more often keep repeating it go into your intention your your
prayer for 5 minutes every hour rather than two hours in the morning and then don’t think about
it for the next 18 hours while you’re going about your day so I do a lot of that intention
for so many things in the world I’m always is telling the angels and and my guides go in
there and help them bring peace bring calm bring compassion but aside from that I don’t listen to
the news I don’t listen to people when they start talking about good and bad punishment retribution
Revenge well if you did that it’s coming back to you we’ll start with Karma the idea of karma is
is that you were bad in a past life so you have to come in this life and make up for it and be
good right retribution or evening the scales now the issue with that premise is time past present
future we already know from our quantum physics in 3D that it is parallel simultaneous realities
they are not past lives they are other lives they are happening kitchen living room dining room I
tell clients this in my sessions they’re happening here and there it’s like pages in a book book you
know you think of those Harry Potter books and how big they are right all those pages you can
flip to any page and find yourself in that scene that doesn’t mean you’ll understand the context
of it because you skipped 100 pages but you can turn to any page at any time and read any scene
that is somewhat 3D wise how timelines work you can jump to any timeline and there are INF inite
timelines so if you don’t like how something’s turning out step back take a deep breath Envision
a timeline where it works out better and step into that but the caveat is when you envision
that better timeline Envision it intend to step into it and then let it go right micromanaging
doesn’t work multi-dimensionally right we have to let it go have faith and trust because sometimes
we are meant to clear this before that happens we are meant to go through this to get to that
we don’t know even I don’t know everything my soul doesn’t tell me everything that’s going
on I am human I came here to experience so I am getting back to Karma and timelines knowing that
it’s parallel simultaneous realities and timelines and that we are experiencing other lives just over
there means that we are experiencing everything at once so try this on this is a 3D description
I’m just telling you right now so it’s easy for us to understand as humans your soul fractures into
many Sparks Soul Sparks now what I call a soul spark is an aspect of your soul is every soul
spark the whole soul and is the whole soul the essence of source and the entire essence of source
yes we we are all I am that I am okay but we’re talking about remembering if you don’t remember
all of your soul you are acting from a position of a soul spark you are but a spark of the Soul
because you don’t remember everything from the soul until you cross over in this life and every
time we go up Dimensions we remember more and more there’s more love more compassion more Soul energy
but until we remerge with our soul we are but a spark of our soul so all of of these Soul Sparks
that your soul has whether it be 10 100 10,000 infinite I’m not sure a soul generally shows
me just the amount of lives that are pertinent to the question a client asked right so usually it’s
five or six and by the way with telepathy they show me the whole entire life and I understand
it even if I can only tell you the highlights of it you know the point of why they showed it to me
but you have these other lives you are doing the good the bad the boring the exciting the evil the
compassionate all at once so with Karma it is not a measure of I was bad back then so I have
to be good now to make up for it no your soul is at the buffet right they’re at the ice cream
store they’re like I’m going to try every flavor I’m going to be good here I’m going to be bad
here I’m going to play the father here the mother here the daughter here the son here I’m going to
be the king here I’m going to be the popper there they just want to play both sides of the coin all
sides of the sacred geometry doca hedrin they just want to play out everything because remember rule
number one this is a game we are actually infinite Souls this is not real it’s just an experience and
all of our higher selves are experiencing through us our soul soul is experiencing through us all
other souls and Source all experiencing through us okay so when you think of karma take the Duality
out of it step back move into neutrality and go okay I was a lord of the area and I treated my
peasants really poorly over there there was a lot of starvation while I sat in my wealth
because I didn’t care about them in this life I find myself working for a charity and helping
the underprivileged ones that is not Karma that is simply I experienced it that way over there
and I’m going to experience it this way over here that can take the fear out of karma when you go to
a psychic and they tell you about a quote unquote past life we still call it past life even though
they’re other lives when they tell you about one that’s evil you don’t have to be afraid that God’s
getting retribution in this life you may redeem yourself in this life only because this is the
life your soul chose for you to do the flip side of that action that’s all rarely do I see any kind
of Justice karma in sessions it is most always just a more neutral version of yeah we’re trying
that over there so we’re doing it this way over here and and what happens is you’re having victim
processes with other family members other loved ones victim perpetrator that’s another dualistic
thing if you are having victimization by those especially those that are supposed to love you we
can look at other lives and see where you were the perpetrator and they were the victim and in this
life you incarnated for you to be the victim and them to be the perpetrator you can still
heal that you don’t have to follow that quote unquote Karma just heal it just step out of the
victimhood Empower yourself heal yourself heal the relationship or as you heal meaning you release
the victimhood you find your power you choose yourself you do what’s best for you oftentimes
that means walking away from that loved one even if they’re your parent or your child so think
of karma more neutrally and understand you are playing this theme out every which way in other
lives and you have the power to change that theme in this life to heal it to complete it and when
you do you can send that energy down the line to your other lives because you are connected to all
of them and heal it within them also so they can make a change also yes we are greatly influenced
by our other lives especially our other Earth lives lives because this is the game but we can
also greatly affect our other Earth lives that is how I’ve always been shown Karma now let’s move to
non-duality again good and bad when you understand that Source the universe God your soul the Angels
they are all pure unconditional love and as a side note if you start exploring merging with
one of your higher selves and that’s a whole other podcast I will talk about it maybe next month when
you start merging you find unconditional love is not warm and fuzzy now when Archangel Michael
has shown me his true self it just overwhelms my system the Bliss the white light tears come down
my face I’ve never been able to see his full energy it would it would annihilate me in my
3D form but it’s fun to try until I you know cry uncle and you know slap the mat and go okay done
done got it so yes you can have waves of bliss right tears can stream down your face but when you
are merging with one of your guides one of your higher versions of self you may very well find
that unconditional love is very neutral it feels cold we think love is warm and fuzzy and hugging
and do anything for me yeah unconditional love is allowing you to be you so it’s very neutral which
frankly I perceive is cold I had to get used to it I’m like where’s the warm fuzzy it’s it’s a
beautiful process but it’s neutral think Divine neutrality when it comes to Duality anytime anyone
says well you did that so this is going to happen where you have to be punished oh yeah they screw
that up they got to come back in another life again if it’s parallel simultaneous realities
and time space does not truly exist it’s a construct that we invented to have this game
because honestly if we didn’t have time and space in 3D we blow ourselves up in 20 minutes so we had
to have it so it is a construct it is not a truth reincarnation is not you coming back to do it over
better you are already doing it differently over there right now that’s why I use the analogy of
kitchen living room dining room so in this life if you’re sitting in the living room and I show you
a past life where you were really evil and that doesn’t happen a lot don’t worry if you have a
session with me I’m going to tell you you were evil doesn’t happen a lot and we and your soul
doesn’t tell you all of your lives anyway but if we see a life where you were evil you can look at
it and go oh that’s me over there in the kitchen so I’m going to send love and healing to that life
the idea that time is this Loop that we go back we leave we come back in to fix it and then you know
if we don’t fix it we got you got to come back in again and fix it more simply not true part of the
game part of the construct not true what your soul wants for you what the archangels your guides your
angels are helping you with every day is to step back sometimes I physically step back at times
it’s to get out of other people’s energy field right their emotional field but for me when I
physically take a step back back when my brain is going somewhere I will stand up off the couch and
go outside I will change my scenery I will take a step back I will take a couple of heart-c centered
deep breaths and I will go okay there is no good or bad how can I objectively see and understand
this situation because often times what happens to you what happens at you is happening for you
but it is happen happening from another and it is theirs we do not have to label it as good and bad
I hear about narcissists every day in sessions and I will tell you narcissism to me what I see
what Souls show me it’s a brain disorder okay I see the chemistry of the brain and how it acts I
don’t know what a psychiatrist would diagnose as classic narcissism is not that brain chemistry
disorder it is a high level of insecurity lack of self-love lack of self-worth it is the way they
were trained the way they were raised the way they were programmed if I don’t manipulate and control
for this I won’t get it because I’m not worthy of it so I have to manipulate and control that’s
what it is so when we think of nonduality no good or bad just green or purple just pink or orange
orange think of colors it’s just this or that when we think of that then we can step back and go wow
show me I can see that person’s hurting so Spirit show me what’s going on with them ah I sense CU
we all have intuition I sense that they’re hurting that they got bad news this morning and they just
lashed out at me wrong time wrong place so this happened at me how did it happen for me me well
generally if someone lashes out at you you have a reaction what does that reaction do what does that
trigger do it brings up that which you need to clear if you want to uplevel if you want to reach
a higher level of contentment and happiness so what is it showing you because if someone lashed
out at you and you were like okay clearly they’re having a bad day here have an angel hug and you
just walked on right it didn’t affect you great you’re not being triggered but when your sibling
does it when your spouse does it and you get massively triggered you’re like oh okay thank
you universe that’s one of the things I practice my best friend and I used to do this all the time
anytime anything would happen especially something we didn’t desire be like thank you universe and
the moment we say thank you Universe we shift it into a more open mindset so that we can better
sense feel see hear know what the universe Source our soul was trying to show us with this Outburst
that triggered us you know whatever the event was that triggered us so something to think about
Duality does not exist it is a construct to play the 3D game and you no longer have to participate
in it move up into 5D state of being where there is very little Duality where it is so much easier
to clear what you brought with you into this higher state of being because 5D is not the
end all be all there are infinite Dimensions above we do not stop at 12 God is not at 13 I’ve been to
the 265th Dimension I have a friend there I call him blue big bossy male dominant voice but he’s a
really great guide he shows me a lot of things so infinite Dimensions you can release Duality move
into Divine neutrality step back take a breath be the objective Observer ask Spirit what’s going on
here not oh my God why did this happen to me oh no when you ask why please don’t ever ask why
like that that is automatic victimhood is that where you want to stay no and I’m sure like not
joining you there so the why questions are huh what was the purpose of that Outburst I feel it
affecting me why is it affecting me like this what does it have to show me what is it bringing up now
you may get answers you may not believe that you are getting the answer it is coming and your brain
will let it through but sometimes it is we’ll say ethereal or vague like this morning stuff came up
from the process I did with Alana who you will meet soon that does the physical processes from
that process yesterday as I woke up this morning something came in and family members passed
on that I never had a chance for forgiveness or anything else with they showed up and it was very
ethereal and I tried to grab on to it and go oh okay well I’m having this conversation okay what
are we going to do and my grandma my favoritest Grandma this woman was phenomenal she came in
and she’s like no no no Let It Go Let It Go just sit in it so I had to sit there and I’ll tell you
this process was about my father who passed away 20 22 years ago and I just had to sit there in the
ethers in the white space of zero point and just feel the energy and again that was difficult for
me as a psychic I want to have a conversation with them I can I never do I never speak with him and
so ethereally energetically we were dancing in the energy he was swirling around me I couldn’t pick
up words I just sensed a lot of healing so when it was done I went into my emotional body and I’m
like okay some of you would say go into your inner child you know I don’t do inner child work I don’t
facilitate it I have a really great friend her website is soul hyen elevated. comom so Trish at
souyen elevated. comom Souls she does a lot of that inner child work visc visceral work she’s
a very like physical healer even though she works remotely I don’t do inner child work and so I went
into my emotional body my inner child was sitting in that field of flowers and again this Saturday’s
meditation on YouTube talks about the emotional body clearing it the meadow of flowers so you’ll
hear about that in a few days I sat with my inner child in this field of flowers and checked on my
emotional body after this ethereal process that I could not control and I could not dictate and
I just had to sit in my field of flowers and feel the lightness and Trust trust that it was
healed trust that I am lighter so when you move into nonduality and you step back and become
the objective Observer and you practice Divine neutrality practice it take a deep breath step
back and go okay that was unpleasant what message is in it for me not oh my God how can I prevent
this from ever happening again no what message was in there for me what can I release heal transmute
let go of what can I move into what higher state higher level of beingness can I move into what did
this event trigger that I can utilize to uplevel to ascend to make a Quantum Leap ask yourself that
and when the beautiful things happen realize that’s also neutral that’s actually just Your
Divine State that’s who we are on a soul level so you can object itively feel this feels really
good I acknowledge I’m in flow this state feels beautiful and I wish to invite it in more and
more I wish to maintain it to keep it for longer so let’s flow with it because the truth is it is
in our power to stay non-dualistic to stay Divine neutral to be the objective Observer it is in our
power to stay that way all the time this is part of what we’re learning in Age of Aquarius the
toxic unbalanced masculine energy is giving way to the divine feminine empowered goddess energy for
all of us man woman straight gay old young all of us are moving into reclaiming our divine feminine
empowered goddess energy so that we can swing back to Divine neutral you know a pendulum on the clock
takes you back decades how it swing from one side to the other well often times as humans in this
3D construct we have to swing all the way to the other side from the toxic masculine all the way to
the divine feminine so my team puts me in a cocoon where I will just sit there and be present until
I’m able to step into the divine feminine goddess energy allow receive be supported honor myself
take action from that point of view from that state of being so remember nonduality the Divine
neutral is our native state we are returning to it so for most of us or all of us at times we
will swing from that toxic masculine to the divine feminine and back to Center Divine neutral and I
will say I have several clients that just whoosh are moving into Divine neutral and it is beautiful
and then they will have an episode and they’ll tell me about it where something happened they
got triggered all this stuff came up and so you can be divine neutral Divine neutral it’s like a
pothole or a speed bump right on the road you can be driving the smooth Road forever and then boom
there’s a pothole and you fall in the pothole you dig yourself out and you go back to that Divine
neutral I hope that gave you a lot of great Concepts if you want to work on your objective
Ness Your Divine neutrality my link to booking sessions on YouTube is just below otherwise my
website is Tracy so I wish you all of the opportunities to move into Divine neutrality and
nonduality so that you may uplevel your beingness into more unconditional love higher frequencies
of Acceptance in understanding more love and compassion so good luck and we’ll talk soon