Watch on YouTube: Sad, Anxious or Exhausted After The Solar Storms? Time To Integrate!

May 16, 2024

In this podcast episode I channel the Solaran Council to learn more about this weekend’s massive solar storms and how to use them to quantum leap & uplevel your life. Big weekend! Enjoy!


Welcome to Your Multi-Dimensional Journey, I am Tracy Kumbera and there’s a lot of emotions going on within us after this series of storms. What I’m noticing within myself, my friends, and clients is feeling sad or anxious or exhausted or confused or apathetic.

All of this solar activity that is going to be ongoing for the rest of this year and also next year. The solar activity doesn’t go away and it doesn’t even lessen. It gets more intense because we have contracted this. We have scheduled this. The Sun is transmitting these solar light codes , these frequencies, to help us ascend, to help us expand our awareness so that we can return to true self, that we can move into a higher state of being. That’s what fifth dimension is. 5D is simply a higher state of being.

So this is what all these solar storms are doing. They are transmitting the frequencies we need to activate our multidimensional DNA, to remember who we truly are, to keep ascending. Think of all the flights of stairs going to the Empire State Building, or the Eiffel Tower, then we are climbing the stairs all the time.

Times like this week it feels like two steps forward three steps back with the way the energies are hitting us. But this is what is important to know: that when we have all of these solar light codes blasting away our patterns and our limiting beliefs, unlocking our multidimensional DNA, recalibrating our human DNA, because remember, we are moving from physical body to light body, not in 3D, not in this lifetime. But that’s where we’re going. So we are recalibrating our human DNA. We are shifting into more of an emphasis on our multidimensional DNA so that we can live with our intuitive abilities. So we can live with a higher level of love and compassion and service to others. It’s all tied up together.

So all these solar light codes that we’re absorbing, that we continue to interact with because we are . I see it in my clients, my friends, my family, myself. We’re still interacting with them. We are up leveling, getting ready for the next blast. I mentioned Stefan Burns last week and he being a geophysicist, he really is coherent with what the consciousness of the Sun, with what the Solaran Council is telling me every day.

So the solar activity is going to continue to intensify, so we are going to continue to integrate. And how do we integrate all of these solar light codes, , these transmissions into our mental, emotional, and physical bodies? They’re already within our energetic body and our light body. Our field is fine. It is our human self, our brain, that’s not fine and sometimes the physical body, with the lack of sleep, insomnia, lots of super active dreams, which make us feel like we didn’t sleep.

The turbulence of emotions, to go from apathetic to feeling strong, to feeling sad and anxious, grabbing tools to get out of the anxiety and feeling calm and peace, then feeling blasted again. So it is not only the feelings of sad, anxious, exhausted, depression, apathy, high highs, low lows. We can use our tools and get back into frequency and then nothing at all triggers us and we fall right out of it again. And it’s like, wait, I was doing fine a few minutes ago. Yeah, that’s normal. These solar storms really revved up some people while it really just took other people flat out. So it was a very different experience right before the storms and during the storms.

But I will say now after this latest round of storms, most people are feeling sad, anxious, lethargic, exhausted, not sleeping, either not eating at all, not wanting to eat, not wanting to do anything, but just stare out a window or eating everything in sight because our body is processing all of this energy. Say you ran a marathon, you’d be really hungry afterwards. You’d have to eat the next couple of days to kind of average that out. But all of these solar light codes coming in are huge energy transmissions and our physical body needs the sustenance in order to process these new levels of energy.

We’re unpacking a lot of boxes here. We got a lot to put away, a lot to move around, it was a big deal. So when you’re feeling nonstop hungry, not a time to judge and criticize yourself. It’s a time to put your hands on your heart and tune in, ask your body, what do you need right now? And then just listen and feel. Your body will tell you, yes, you are intuitive. You can hear your body. You can also sense your Guides and your Soul and everything. We all have it. So honor your body in these times. If your body is saying, I need to pass out, I need to stare out a window, or I need to watch a silly TV show do what your body is asking because your body is telling you, I am processing something big and to do that, I need to take a lot of these systems offline. So today is not the day to be productive. Today is a day to integrate. And to be honest, tomorrow might not be the day to be productive either. So honor that, accept that.

Are you going to remember that you missed a deadline 10 years from now? No, think about 10 years ago. If I said, okay, this date 10 years ago, you picked your kids up late from school. Are you still harping on that now? No, you don’t even remember it. So cut yourself some slack and allow your body and your mind to integrate.

Your heart chakra can much more easily process these solar light code energy transmissions than you would think. It’s up there with your energy field, your light body. It is processing these transmissions and sending them out to the other chakras. Many of us got blasted in the solar plexus, some of us in the third eye and crown. Those solar storms hit all of our chakras differently. It’s different for everybody. So some people got quite a blast of power. Some people got a lot of disengagement because part of integrating is getting past what was so that we can step into this new version of self. Which means we are releasing the known. That’s the brain’s comfort zone.

All of these solar light are changing our patterns and beliefs and our conditioning. So we’re letting go of a lot, hence the sadness, the anxiety, the depression. We’re letting go of a lot because we can’t take it with us to 5D. Again, it’s a state of being. 5D is a state of being before it’s a place. You create the place.

So you and your friend go to a party and you’re revved up. You can’t wait to meet new friends, you’re excited. She didn’t want to go out, she just wanted to sit on the couch and she doesn’t want to meet anybody and she’s in a mood. So you walk in the party together and you see this small group laughing. You walk straight over to them, you introduce yourself, you’re laughing along with them, you’re having a great time. You glance over. And she’s standing in the corner, staring at the drink in her hand with a scowl on her face, and nobody is going near her because she’s radiating frustration, unhappiness and you’re having a blast. You are in 5D and she is in 3D and you are only six feet apart, you’re at the same party. That’s how it works.

So, we have to release all of our patterns, beliefs, conditioning, training that we got from family, teachers, friends, politicians, life itself, we have to release all of it that is dense, that is 3D, that no longer serves us.

So how do we do that? By just letting go by giving your body and your mind time to let go of what was and start bringing in what will be. That means having hope and faith and trust, even when you’re not feeling it. It means being gentle to your body that is asking for more sleep or more food or more time alone. It means being aware of your thoughts and your feelings and allowing them to flow right on through you, so you can return to your higher state of being.

And when you feel that you’re not flowing with them, when they get stuck in you, or when you feel like you’re drowning in them, that’s the time to break out your toolkit. Because these solar storms are not ending, they are intensifying. They are going to continue for the rest of this year, also next year. Whether they lighten up for us next year or not, has yet to be seen. It depends on our progress this year on our Ascension journey.

So, it’s time to break out your toolkit. What tools do you have? And I always say, there is breath work, meditation, and meditation does not have to be sitting quietly. It can be a walking meditation, a running meditation, a guided journey like the ones that I have on my YouTube channel. You can use meditation in so many forms, folding laundry, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn. Those are all mundane ways of keeping your brain busy so that you can move into the multidimensional mind and regulate your chakra system and your mental and emotional and physical bodies.

And when there are days like I had a couple of days ago, I just didn’t want to get out any tool. I was done and I was like, you know what? I’m just going to stay here. I’m going to accept the fact that I need to check out today and I’m going to. And I did a whole lot of nothing the whole day for the first time in months and months and months. And it felt … actually, it didn’t feel good. There was a lot of ego mind creeping in trying to judge and criticize or just cajole. Well just do this one thing. And I’m like, nope, I’m going to honor myself and I’m going to take a day. And it really helped my integration.

Your tools can work whether you are feeling sped up or feeling slowed down. So start opening your awareness. Start accepting how you feel every day. And asking your body, asking your Soul, what can I do to feel better or what does my body need right now or what am I working on so I can have the awareness to dive more deeply into it? Because these solar light codes are really intense and we can surf these energy waves. We can.

So, it is completely normal to feel sad or anxious or exhausted or anything else after all of these solar light code energy transmissions . Honor yourself, honor your body, but be aware you are integrating, you are going to find things falling away and new things coming in. Keep your mind open, keep your hands open, let everything flow through you. Because Spirit doesn’t take away that which you still need, that which benefits your Soul. Now there are a lot of things we think we need that we don’t, but that’s the ego mind. So keep your hands and your heart open. Let everything flow through you.

If you want to change your mood, then grab your tools and do so. Get out into nature, move, breathe. And if you don’t, then just sit with it. Just check out. It is honoring your body’s request to go offline while it integrates this intense energy into your bodily systems, into your human and your multidimensional DNA, into all your chakras.

So remember with all of these solar storms and other geomagnetic activity from the Sun, you can create coherence within all your bodies and you can flow with all of these solar light codes by using your tools in your spiritual toolkit. So keep trying out new tools, keep adding to your toolkit and release what tools no longer work for you. And we will continue to expand our awareness and up level our state of being because Ascension is happening and this is just a part of it.