Watch on YouTube: The Archangels on Releasing Guilt and Shame

April 2, 2024

Today the Archangels & Soul energy discuss how guilt and shame serve us, how to release them physically, mentally & emotionally and give us a high frequency energy activation. I have to say, after editing this episode and was flowing in 5D and beyond!

welcome everyone it’s Tracy and today

the guides and I are going to discuss

guilt and shame and some other emotions

how do they serve you how can you

release them and why are you carrying

them around so I’ll start by telling you

what the archangels have told me since

the beginning that guilt and shame are

only a signal guilt and shame only serve

you to signal that it’s time to make a

change in life that something isn’t

serving you it’s not in your highest Joy

it’s not in your highest good so many

people will experience guilt and shame

when they’re not helping someone out

especially a friend or a family member

when they say no especially in cases of

saying no to preserve their life their

sanity their happiness you know the

proverbial you or me choice and when

it’s time to say no to helping you move

for the 10th time because every time I

help you move I hurt my back and then

I’ve got to recuperate for a couple of

weeks and it throws my whole life off so

it’s one of those proverbial changes

where I chose myself over you I’ll tell

you that last summer the summer of 2023

our guides and angels and our souls of

course really started to push us into

choos losing ourselves putting ourselves

first you know the old phrase if mama

ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy I used to

tell my kids that when I was little and

I tell them they have to choose what

makes them happy of course if eating

chocolate for dinner is what makes them

happy we have to have a talk about it

but usually if they decide that they

would rather play by themselves than

have a friend over that’s fine choose

you so last year we had a lot of

opportunities to choose ourselves to put

our elves first and you see how

everything is building right as we learn

to put ourselves first we get

comfortable making decisions that are in

our highest good our highest happiness

that move us forward on our Ascension

path well as we do that the guilt and

shame can either grow or lessen if it

lessens because you understand that once

you put yourself first it becomes so

much easier to Res died in that higher

frequency the one where you can help

others because you are flowing in love

and light you are flowing in these

higher energies which means you have

more physical energy you have more space

in your mental and emotional fields and

it makes it easier to help others so it

lessens the guilt and shame and other

lower denser dare I say negative

energies negative feelings but for most

of us the guil guilt and shame only

increases because we’re being selfish

we’re choosing ourselves we left the

family we ditched a friend all of those

dramatic things that your ego mind is

telling you when you start choosing

yourself so I often times hear clients

that have so much guilt and shame

because they took steps to raise their

own vibration on their own Ascension

journey and to them I always say and the

guides and Angels always say and their

soul always tells them this is but a

signal what is your guilt and shame

telling you the Archangel is saying for

dearest one you are holding on to guilt

and shame which means you are carrying

around old outdated energies you are

carrying around misguided beliefs that

do not serve you any longer and you know

it how is it serving you well to show

you that it is time to release that

belief guilt and shame over you leaving

or you not doing something or something

happening to you did I deserve that did

I ask for that or you not helping out a

friend when they’re in need well this

friend is very ill or this friend just

got divorced they really need help right

now now we are not saying to not give

them love and compassion always always

send love and compassion to others to

everyone in this world those that are

suffering innumerable ways whether it be

with their family or in war or in any

other form of scarcity in your daily

meditations in your daily connections

with Source send your intentions

throughout humanity and beyond for love

and compassion for stability and

prosperity to all those that are

suffering but that does not mean that it

is your job to end their suffering this

is a big thing will say that humans

don’t understand is that every soul

incarnates to have their particular


experiences and because this is simply

an experience on earth a game it is not

real me again the the archangels are

laughing at me because are always

telling me this is our life not the

humans you are the car not the the

driver understand we have chosen these

and because we are infinite we are pure

love Pure Energy we are infinite this is

just a game this reality oh is similar

to your Matrix movie it is just a game

so understand that we know we are

playing a game so when there is pain and

suffering it is a neutral experience for

us in fact we Relish in it because we

get to experience emotions that we don’t

have in our frequency so yes we

experience it with you but understand on

your human level you do not have to

experience the pain and suffering and

Trauma that comes with the guilt and

shame of something that happened to you

because remember everything happens at

you and for you

but not to you the person does it to

themselves which is difficult for you

humans to believe as if someone hurts

you a someone breaks a bone oh that

happened to you you have to go to the

doctor and get that bone set we fully

understand that but it happened for you

and guilt and shame points you in the

direction of the questions to ask

concerning the event that happened how

can I grow from this how can I release

this what is this trying to show me for

it is always trying to show you

something so getting to guilt and shame

dear ones the signal is showing you that

it’s time to release it is time to

release your mistaken belief your 3D

belief that you are here to help them

for it is your love and compassion it is

your frequency that helps them it is

intention that that helps them action

doesn’t always help them often times

action will take away from their Journey

understand that we Souls when we commit

to an experience we will lead our human

self through that experience over and

over and over again until we feel

completion so if you help that friend as

Tracy explained earlier if you help that

friend move for a tenth time and throw

your back out we will tell you that

friend will move an 11th time for that

friend is a support being in your game

of feeling guilt or shame that you are

not doing more for them when they are in

a bad spot so we will continue the

events until you finally realize as

humans it is time to put myself first

for it is in my happiness that I raise

my vibration and that higher frequency

is what I send out with my intentions my

prayers my meditations and that what is

what changes the frequency on your

planet you want to reach 5D be happy

Choose Yourself choose what makes you

happy and it will have a ripple effect

to others in your inner circle your

friends your family your co-workers and

that ripple effect will Ripple out

through the whole planet you want to

reach 5D and have your life be easier

then make choices in the direction of

making your life easier more prosperous

more abundant more love-filled more

happiness filled make those choices and

when guilt and shame arises oh I told my

best friend no I told her I love you

very much but the this is the 10th move

and it hurts my back every time so I’m

going to bow out and I truly hope you

find others to help you and you may even

add if it feels right in the moment you

may even add and dearest one look at why

you’ve move 10 times what is it about

these places what is it about your moves

do you not feel safe do you not feel

comfortable are you reaching for more

that you are not yet embodying ask

yourself why are you moving so many

times can you feel safe or comfortable

or abundant in this new dwelling so if

you feel called to you can ask your

friend to open their awareness as to the

root cause the bottom line of why they

keep moving or why your friend doesn’t

leave her husband or why your sibling

doesn’t leave their job you can always

bring up some thoughts stop provoking

questions to initiate their opening of

awareness but do not put yourself behind

them for that serves no one so when

guilt and shame

arise they are a signal they are telling

you you are straying from your path now

you can choose yourself first and then

feel the guilt and shame that you put

yourself above all others well then you

are not putting yourself first because

if you were if you made a choice to put

yourself first because it was your

happiness your abundance your higher

frequency if you made that choice you

would feel happy and when you looked at

your friend who asked for help who

clearly needs assistance you would set

your intentions that they find the

assistance they need which often times

we will tell you in fact the majority of

the time on your planet they need to dig

deep within themselves yes we see that

humans need to depend on other humans at

times also understand that the victim

perpetrator Consciousness runs very deep

through your Humanity that Duality runs

so deep and is anchored so deeply that

often times those that need help are in

the throws of victimhood well I’m moving

again because this happened to me again

and I have to move again no no we say

dearest one look deep within what event

continues to happen and what can you do

to alter that course because that’s a

timeline you’re choosing to be on we are

not telling you to continue to suffer we

are directing you to find your true self

deep within you so that rather than

suffering you make different choices you

benefit yourself and you end your

suffering now we understand that for

humans that suffering is caught in the

mental body in your ego mind in an

ongoing Loop well they did this to me oh

well it’s happening again oh well that

is terrible and here I go again that

mental Loop you have control over it

even your Sciences in 3D and especially

your heart math look up the heart math

in Institute beautiful exercises for All

Phases of yourself mental emotional

physical beautiful exercises and

techniques even your heart math has

proven that your heart fires before your

brain your heart rules your

brain I sorry Tracy here interrupting in

yoga when I became a yoga teacher we

learned the monkey mind right do not let

the Tail Wag the Dog and 15 years later

I still think of that all the time ah

yes dearest one archangels coming back

in we will tell you that humans allow

the tail to wag the dog quite often and

the truth is because your heart controls

your brain you have the power to

mentally change your thoughts now we

will say that often times the pain and

suffering is lodged in the emotional

body and the physical body and we will

address those in a moment but discussing

them mental body you will find that you

do have the ability the

capacity to change your thoughts you

make an active change how do you change

your thoughts well you can take yourself

out of the situation if you are with

somebody you can step back out of their

emotional field so you are not caught up

empathically in their pain and suffering

if you are speaking on the phone you can

say let me think about that and get back

to you let me change my schedule and get

back to you so you can make a change you

can go out and stand in the sun you can

dig your feet in the grass in the rocks

in the river the beautiful flowing water

there are so many techniques to make a

change to get your brain to make a turn

make a shift and when you make a change

and your brain stops your ego mind stops

its little speech that

is when you can say okay what is the

truth here what do I want to see

here what would benefit me in this

situation oh I feel for my friend and I

hate that she has to move again and I

really hate that she puts herself

through this over and over and over

again how can I best help her well we

will tell you you can best help her by

pointing out it’s time to have awareness

it is time for her to see the root cause

of these moves it is time for her to

reach for happiness instead of

continuing her suffering that is how you

can help her moving boxes into a truck

is not your highest and best use in your

mental body make a change step back take

a pause even if you’re in the middle of

something say excuse me I need just a

moment take a pause and ask your soul

ask us the archangels ask the questions

what serves me in the highest in this

situation because I know when I move

into my highest good I become an example

for their highest good I give them the

impetus to choose higher for themselves

and if they don’t well then you do not

wish to wallow with them humans have

that saying misery loves company yeah

not necessary do not join them in their

misery remain in your happiness and you

will change the world so again mental

body step back interrupt that flow of

words make a change choose better

thoughts choose thoughts that serve your

happiness tell your ego mind I

appreciate you keeping me safe I

appreciate you wanting to help a friend

I appreciate you and we’re choosing my

happiness and we’re going here okay now

for the emotional body the emotional

body is where we store a lot of these


outworn outdated feelings such as guilt

and shame and our pain and suffering and

Trauma that is not only misguided

thoughts but it is emotion stuck in the

emotional body for that you can do a

number of different guided Journeys find

those that you feel are the most

effective for you do you shower it off

do you put your feet in the river to

wash it out of you do you picture a

beautiful sphere of golden Divine and

white light above your head above your

crown chakra bring the light down

through your body and clear it out for

it is necessary for you to focus on your

emotional body and set the intention I

release all emotions that no no longer

serve my highest Joy I welcome the

freedom in my emotional body to allow my

emotions to flow through I release any

stuck emotions pick your guide Journey

pick your meditation pick your

affirmations but do something whatever

your choice is to release these stuck

emotions for they do not serve you you


realize through techniques that work for

you again whether it be movement

meditation talk therapy any any form of

session you can realize yes I feel for

her guilt and shame can be shifted into

compassion into empathy for they often

start with empathy your empathic nature

allows their emotions to get stuck

within you within your a mental and

emotional bodies thus your physical body

so often times yes it starts with

empathy so understand that you can be

empathic and compassionate and loving to

their plight to their suffering but it

is not your job in any Dimension any

plane any Incarnation it is not your job

to ease their suffering by stepping in

and infiltrating their Journey that

doesn’t work all a does is make you dive

into the mud puddle with them so you

step back you shift your thoughts you do

your techniques to release your emotions

your affirmations your meditations and

you put yourself in a neutral space and

from that neutal space you put yourself

in Higher Love higher Bliss higher

frequencies and as you feel those higher

dimensional states of being as you reach

for them step into them embody those

higher States feel more bliss more

happiness more contentment more peace

and calm then direct your attention to

your friend’s suffering and that is when

you set the intentions and you pray for

them and you intend for them and you

send angels to surround them and help

them you ask them to use their awareness

who could help you best how would you

best get out of this situation do you

want to change this pattern I’m happy to

help you with ideas on how to get out of

the pattern but no I cannot help you

move it hurts my back and I must take

care of myself lastly we’ll talk about

the physical body yes a lot of these

emotions like guilt and shame they’re

born out of the old patterns well

they’re my family I have to help them or

the empathic no my dad is really

suffering and he’s really telling me I

need to do this for him and what am I

supposed to do he raised me

mhm guilt and shame for what you are

doing what you are holding what you are

not doing it tends to Lodge itself in

your physical body for you are a 3D

human and the physical is very real for

you so again we will direct you to the

methods the techniques the exercises

that allow you to release stuck emotions

stuck patterns stuck thoughts guilt

shame pain trauma suffering how to

release them from your physical body

there is yoga there is taii there is

chiong there is marshal arts it has to

be done with intention to release what

is stuck within I invite all of this to

leave I no longer carry this for it does

not serve me so pick the movement of

your physical body use water use walking

hiking use the Earth elements and

movement within different exercises and

techniques and you can find many of them

on YouTube you can find many beautiful

wonderful therapists that work with the

physical body so many techniques search

them out try them see what works for you

and use them daily and understand that

we the archangels are always with you

all your guides your higher versions of

self your guardian angels your support

angels we are always with you always

surrounding you the moment you say I

release this you give us permission to

take it away but you have free will we

do need your permission we are not going

to heal you you are going to heal you

and we will assist so set your

intentions do your techniques for


the guilt and shame means you release

the old patterns the old training the

old way of being it means you choose

yourself and you move into higher states

of happiness and peace you move into

Fifth Dimension and Beyond and that is a

state of being you are yearning for so

find your techniques be willing to

change your timelines change your

behavior change your thoughts release

those feelings and O always we love you

we support you we are here for you