Watch on YouTube: Use These Massive Solar Storms To Shift Your Life – Solaran Council Channeling

May 10, 2024

In this podcast episode I channel the Solaran Council to learn more about this weekend’s massive solar storms and how to use them to quantum leap & uplevel your life. Big weekend! Enjoy!


Welcome to Your Multi-dimensional Journey, I’m Tracy Kumbera, and we have some massive solar storms affecting us this weekend. According to geophysicist Stefan Burns, it is the biggest storms in over 100 years.

Understand that this weekend could be very, very intense for a lot of people because all of these solar flares and CMEs and geomagnetic storms burst Electromagnetic frequencies onto the planet, according to science, and we are give or take 70 percent water. We conduct electricity through our physical bodies and we have an electric body. We are electric beings. Electricity is energy.

Solar activity affects us dramatically and we can feel a lot of different symptoms, nausea confusion sadness, headaches, sleep’s been lousy. A lot of different symptoms as it’s different for everybody.

So big intense weekend coming up. And the big question is how do we handle these frequencies? It’s a matter of recognizing that these symptoms are part of the solar activity and going to your tools. to lessen the symptoms and harmonize, create coherence with these massive solar light codes, these massive energies blasting onto our planet right now.

Both myself and my adult daughter, were pretty sick yesterday morning , shaky, couldn’t think well, nauseous, and it lasted for hours.

I finally went into physical exercise and then went into meditation and that helped me a lot. Last night before I went to bed, I did box breathing where you inhale, hold, exhale, hold, for the same amount of time. I do it for the count of five so five seconds. You can do it for two seconds, three seconds, eight seconds, whatever works for you . I’ve got a heart math sensor and while I was doing box breath, it went off the charts. I got back into my multidimensional self. It’s a fun tool to have. Heart math is amazing. They have scientifically proven that your heart rules your brain. The heart fires before the brain. So great books, great information. And I love that little sensor.

Getting back to these massive solar storms. The Sun is telling us use these to quantum leap your life, to shift your reality. How do you do that? By harnessing all of these energies. There are solar light codes coming down with these EMFs.

All of this energy bursting at us, number one, we scheduled it . The Sun is our alarm clock. We scheduled this. We asked for this. It is part of our Ascension process. And it is an opportunity to make a massive quantum leap in our life, in any area, love and romance, family, job, home, happiness. Think in feelings more than things, freedom, happiness, joy, contentment.

This weekend gives us the massive opportunity to harness these energies for a quantum leap. So how do we do that? By using the tools you have in your toolkit, whether it’s breath work, movement, yoga, Tai Chi, running, hiking, watching funny movies, watching funny videos a gratitude journal. What tools put you back into happiness, contentment, gratitude. There are many, many tools.

What tools are in your toolkit? What tools do you have? And if you want more, go explore. I’m always adding to my toolkit. And sometimes I’ll cycle through a lot of tools before I hit the one that really gets me back into my multidimensional self, back into the highest frequency I can manage in this Earth life right now.

Now, let’s tune into the Solaran Council, the collective of light beings and energy of the Sun.

Welcome, we are the Solaran Council. We have been connecting with you more and more deeply in your year of last and your this year, for it is time for you to wake up and understand that your Sun, your Sol, is working with you and for you in your Ascension process. For dear ones you are activating all of this. The Sun is not doing this to you. The Sun is doing this on your direction for your Soul has asked for this quantum leap, this boost in Ascension.

You knew going into this incarnation, you would forget much about your Soul self, about Source, about the truth of the zero point field, the void, the universe itself. You knew this. On a Soul level you understood this so you programmed your Sun to activate you at certain times of Ascension, of your evolution within humanity. And this is one, this is one of several quantum leap periods you are entering in this year of your time.

How can you harness these solar storms to quantum leap your life, to shift your reality? You can ride these waves of geomagnetic frequencies. These are solar light codes. They are here to uplevel your DNA, to shift you into your multidimensional self, to bring you into a state of being that is 5d and higher, much higher. Many of you humans on the planet this weekend, when you take time to yourselves, when you take time for self care, when you go in nature, when you go into quietude and do your breathing and do your movement and do your traveling to higher states of consciousness, you will find yourself in seventh dimension and above. There is no limit on dimensions. Source is within all states of reality, all dimensions.

So you will find that this weekend you have the choice to let these energies crush you or use these energies, use these solar light codes to quantum leap your life, harness them, ride the waves. Yes, just like a surfer on your planet. The waves of energy radiating from the Sun are no different than the waves of water on your planet. You can ride the waves. Energy is energy. It comes in waves. It comes in particles. It comes in spheres. No matter how it arrives to you, open your awareness, realize that you do not have to be taken under. Recognize the energy and work with it, utilize it, for it will propel you to higher dimensions.

As a 3d humanity, 5th dimension 5d is where you are headed next. But this state of being is more fluid than you believe. So this weekend, as you use the tools you have at hand, breathwork, movement, nature, laughter, anything that causes you joy, contentment, gratitude, anything that expands your heart energy, expands your third eye energy, any of the tools that you have learned and that are coming to you this weekend that you will see come into your field, utilize all of those to move beyond even 5D, to expand your light body, which expands your physical body and your mental and emotional bodies.

For these solar light codes blasting into your humanity, into your Gaia this weekend. These light codes activate your multidimensional DNA on a level that you cannot yet comprehend. So utilize them.

There are a great many on your planet that will be bombarded by these energies that will not have the capacity to quantum leap, to surf these solar waves, these solar light codes. But you can, if you are listening to this transmission, you have the ability, you have the capacity. So go inward use your awareness to absorb the solar light codes, all the solar activity, bring it through you. It will not harm you if you accept it, if you utilize it.

When you use the solar light codes to ride the waves of solar energy realigning your planet right now and your humanity, you will find yourself in higher dimensions. In these much higher states of being the harmonic coherent frequencies that you will radiate will do the most good for others that are suffering, for others that are not harnessing this energy, for others that are being shall we say drowned by the waves.

You cannot carry them. You can only quantum leap your own energy so that you can radiate out to others that are suffering and that is how you assist them. It’s entrainment. It is blasting your higher frequency out so that others may entrain to it.

So you want to be of highest good. You want to step into your Soul mission. Absorb these waves, harmonize with these waves. Utilize them for a quantum leap. Feel your energy expanding into higher dimensions, feel a new sense of oneness with the Sun, with the Universe, with all of Humanity, with all versions of your Soul self. And as you feel total coherence within that space, blast out these higher frequencies to your fellow humans. Step up, radiate, and that assists others. For this weekend is a massive quantum leap in your human evolution. We tell you ride that wave.

You can always ask us for assistance for the Solaran Council is with you always, just as your Spirit Guides, your Angels, the Archangels Source itself. The Universe is here to assist you. For you are the Universe. So call upon us, call upon other guides, call upon your tools. But know that this weekend is your opportunity to quantum leap. Take it, use it, ride the solar light code waves. With much love, we are complete.