Watch on YouTube: Why You’re Getting Overwhelmed or Angry & How To Rise Out Of It

May 18, 2024

In today’s podcast episode Source tells us the big 3 energies that cause overwhelm and anger, among other emotions, and how we can shift our frequency into higher dimensions. Also included are a couple of journey experiences that you can try on your own! Enjoy!



Welcome to Your Multi-Dimensional Journey, I’m Tracy Kumbera, and today I’m diving deep into why you’re getting overwhelmed or angry and how to lift out of it.

I’ll start with the three major energies that we really need to pay attention to if we’re going to lift ourselves out of overwhelm, anger, frustration, exhaustion. There’s a lot of energies and there’s a lot of emotions and thoughts swirling around.

It is not just our energy. We do not live in a bubble. We live in a sphere. I do see the Universe as spherical because our physical body is a sphere inside of our light body, which is a sphere inside of our Soul, which is a sphere inside the Oversoul, group of Souls, which is a sphere inside the sphere of Source. And so I do see everything in spheres. We do not live in a linear world. This game is linear time and space based, but reality, the truth isn’t.

Planetary Energies

So, three energies, your energy, humanity’s energy and planetary energies. This is why astrology is so prominent nowadays because planetary energies matter. Whether you’re talking astrology, weather, geophysics , quantum physics or metaphysics, planetary energies matter because we are constantly being affected by the way the other planets line up.

Now on a very basic science level it is electromagnetic frequencies. Obviously these frequencies are affecting us, but it goes a whole lot deeper than that, which I am not a scientist, although I’m a science nerd, so I won’t get into that part. That’s what you have YouTube for. And I’ve already been recommending Stefan Burns, but there’s a lot of great videos where you can learn about what the planets are doing.

As far as astrology goes, Molly McCord is an intuitive astrologer so she melds what the guides are saying with what the planets are doing. She’s got great podcasts, another great one to listen to for the information on what the planets are doing, but planetary energies affect us.

Thinking of our solar eclipses, our lunar eclipses, our solstices, our equinoxes, these solar storms, there’s a whole list of planetary activities. They affect humanity as a whole, which affects us individually. So it behooves us to have a basic understanding of the science and planets, or have your go to list of videos or podcast or books or websites that you go to that explain What’s going on with the planets today?

Not so that you can create a reality that matches that chaos. No, it is because if you are informed, you will know when the symptoms hit and you’ll know to grab your tools. The biggest thing I see, and you can see it in the comment section of my previous podcast episodes on YouTube.

Recognizing it’s not yours!

The biggest thing I see with clients and with family is: oh, I thought it was me. I thought I was going crazy. I couldn’t figure out why I was so angry. In fact, when we had some super intense solar activity a few years ago, I texted three of my closest friends and I said, are you guys feeling these energies? I feel so depressed today. And for me personally, I don’t do depression. I just refuse. And so I knew when I felt that depressed energy that it wasn’t mine. And so I automatically went to my Soul and said, whose energy is this? What’s going on? Cause I know this isn’t mine and I don’t want this. So what do I do with it? But my three close friends, one of them said, Oh, yeah, there’s a lot going on with humanity right now and I’m feeling it and I’m doing my light work because they’re really feeling it. My other two friends was like, yeah, I couldn’t figure out why I was so depressed. I’m just like so sad and tired today.

It sneaks up on us. And it does happen to me too, where you’re like, why am I so sad today? What’s going on? Ask the Universe, ask your Soul, ask your Guides. When you ask, you get answers. It is part of your journey to see those answers. You just need awareness. They’re all around you. Signs, signals are all around you. Just pay attention and you will notice them. Trust yourself and you will know they’re the answers.

Now, when it comes to planetary energies you can find the answers. You can listen to Molly’s astrology podcast. You can listen to Stefan’s video on solar activity. You can go explore and see what’s going on and then you are armed with the information to make better choices for yourself. That’s what information does. It doesn’t need to be chaotic. It doesn’t need to scare us. Something I love about Stefan. He doesn’t scare us. He just delivers the information.

Think of the recent solar eclipse a month or so ago, they’re like, you got to stock up on water and food and this is going down and all of these cities in Texas declared states of emergency. That’s all chaos and hype, which is a form of control by those in power that wish to stay in power. I’m not going in that direction right now, but something to think about. You do not have to participate in chaos. That’s why you arm yourself with the information to make better choices.

So planetary energies, look up what’s going on not only with the sun and the moon, but with earth and other planets. Go out in nature, sit with Gaia, put your bare feet on the ground, put your hands on the ground. And yeah, if you live in a city, it’s not easy to find a patch of grass or to find a patch of quiet, but it is possible.

So find your nature. It doesn’t have to be a vast field. It doesn’t have to be an ocean. But a tree? Touch a tree, put both hands on the tree. They are the network of life and love and stability on this planet. And they are all connected. They say Aspens are this whole network of trees. Yeah, you talk to the Druids, to the Elementals, to Gaia, all the trees on this planet are connected. It is one big, vast network. We are all connected. Unity consciousness. So if you can’t find grass or if you just prefer, put your hands on a tree, merge with that tree energy, feel it protecting you, feel it supporting you and ask what’s going on. So you can ask, you will get answers. Go search for the answers on the planetary. energies and what’s going on with the planets.

Humanity’s Energies

Then number two, humanity. When things like an election happen, presidential elections are extremely difficult for me. It’s hard to leave the house cause my house is very gridded. And you don’t need anything specific to do it, its intention. Now I have a lot of crystals and my house is very gridded with crystals, with energy. I use Palo Santo, the sacred wood, to cleanse energies and to bring it into a higher frequency. I use singing bowls. There’s a lot of tools that I go to, but I clear my space all the time, especially because I’m doing client sessions in my space. So I’m merging with a lot of different Souls in my space. So clearing the energy in your house, intention, prayer, crystals, angels, guides, however you do it, it creates your nest, your cocoon, your safe, sacred space, so the energies of humanity cannot intrude.

Now, the planetary energies are a lot stronger and they’re going to flow through your space, but if your space is coherent and a higher vibration, then they won’t affect you the same way. So getting back to humanity energies, whatever’s going on on the planet, again, with wars, with news headlines, with natural disasters, with elections, that affects you on a human level, because even though we are unique expressions of Source energy we are also unity consciousness. We don’t know it, we don’t see it, we don’t believe it. At least some of us, you know, the rest of us do. We’re moving there. We’re moving to the awareness of just how unified we are. So remember what’s going on in the world does affect you.

Personal Energies

And then lastly, it’s your own energies. What’s going on in your world? What’s going on with your spouse or partner, your kids, your friends, your job. What’s going on in your life dramatically affects you. And when you’ve got planetary energies and then humanity’s energies blasting into you, bombarding you, intruding on your space, your thoughts, your feelings, then trying to keep your energy stable and high gets very difficult, very difficult at times, which is why you reach for the tools.

And I will get preemptive about it. When I wake up and I do my morning meditation. I’m still in bed. The moment I open my eyes I’m still talking to my guides and angels, so I do my meditation. And I will tell you I cannot sit quietly and empty my head. I can go into zero point. I can go into the void and I love it there. The blackness soothes me, the absolute void, the darkness, because the nothingness is the everything. The one is the all, the nothing is the all. And so I have learned to love it there. But I don’t lay there or sit there quietly and empty my mind. It’s not me. I can do a walking meditation, a running or hiking meditation, a guided journey, but I’m not one to sit still or sit quietly.

Intention Meditation

So as I’m laying in bed, the moment I wake up, I set my intentions for my day and for my energy and for the world. I start blasting out love and compassion and calmness and hope. Whatever feelings I’d like to see in the world today I blast those out. Sometimes I blast them straight out to all of humanity sometimes I start with my town and then my state and then the US and then other countries. sometimes I start by connecting to the trees and then the water and then go deep into Gaia herself. Sometimes I go straight into Gaia’s core crystal, pull in all that energy.

Gaia’s Core Crystal Journey

When the intensity ratcheted up for me yesterday, I went out into my front yard and I put my hands and feet in the ground and I had my heart math coherence sensor on because I wanted to see what it did to my coherence when I did this. It’s like one grand science experiment for me. So I put my hands and feet on the grass and I dove straight down into Gaia’s core crystal. My Lemurian collective met me there. They surrounded me as I put my hands on the crystal and started merging all of the energy, taking that Solar frequency into me and all of those beautiful seven dimensional and above frequencies. And then I spread my arms out like I was going to hug it. It’s far too big to hug in, in my inner vision anyway.

My Lemurian collective was around me and I could sense other inner earth beings. There are many, many different beings that live inside Gaia that are having their experiences. Thunder Mountain in Sedona. Some people say there’s a military base under there. No, there’s a seventh, eighth dimensional collective of beings under there. There’s a whole race of beings that live in Gaia under Thunder Mountain, work with Thunder Mountain, work with the intensities of Sedona. But I personally have found them not very friendly, never interested in talking to me.

You know, some beings are surprised that I can see them, I can interact with them. Some beings, They don’t care. They’re not here for humanity. They are here for their experience, and they have not contracted to experience with us or to even assist us. Now, I will say the frequency they’re radiating up into Thunder Mountain and across Sedona is really helping Sedonuts and visitors and humanity as a whole, but that’s not their primary intention. They’re there for themselves.

So when I’m in Gaia’s core crystal and I’m touching it and I’m trying to put my arms around it and my Lemurians are holding space for me so I can match these higher frequencies and I start sensing a lot of the inner earth beings, some participating, some just observing me. And then my Lemurian self says, Step into it. How do you truly merge with another energy? You step into it. This is where faith and trust comes in handy because I trust that I’m not going to dissolve and not be able to get back to my body because remember I have bi-located to Gaia’s core crystal. So I take a deep breath cause yes, my ego mind traveled with me and my multidimensional mind down into Gaia’s core crystal! My intention is to bring these beautiful harmonic frequencies with me back to the surface of earth and blast them through humanity.

So I do. I walk right into that beautiful crystal tower that is radiating with so many colors and I feel all the energies swirling around me and I completely surrender. And when I do, they swirl within me, they shift my human DNA, they shift my multidimensional DNA, they work with my organs, my blood, my physical body. So many thoughts and feelings are just dissolved, released, let go of. Because if I am merging with Gaia’s core crystal and I am accepting all of these coherent frequencies of seventh dimension and beyond so many higher dimensions. If I’m accepting all these frequencies, then I am inherently accepting the release of everything that no longer serves me, even if I’m using it right now, even if I didn’t overtly say, yeah, let that go.

So I accept all of that. I totally surrender. I feel the colors. I feel the energies. I feel myself become one with Gaia’s core crystal and then it moves outwards. So I am one with Gaia. I am one with my Lemurian collective surrounding the core crystal. I am one with humanity. I am one with the universe. I am one with the multiverse. And when I reach that level, I step back out of the crystal and I feel the love and support and elation from my Lemurian collective. And my Lemurian self says, you are ready to return. I intend to find myself back in my body on the grass where I’ve just been enjoying the sun and Gaia.

And as I return my consciousness to my body, I sense all of these frequencies within. I know I am changed. And then I start blasting it out of me, out of my heart chakra, out of my crown chakra, out of my feet, out of my hands. It’s just radiating out of me.

The Fire Hose Effect

Something that I tell clients is the fire hose effect. People are always emanating, radiating. It’s like a garden hose. You are always getting sprayed by other people’s garden hoses and most of the time they are not aware of it. Yes, we are all empathic. We are all always feeling other people. Even if you think you’re not trust me, you are. It’s the way we were constructed from Source. It’s our blueprint. So everyone is holding a garden hose, spraying it willy nilly here and there and not even paying attention. Most people not paying attention.

If you are the fire hose and you are intentional in what you are radiating, what you are emanating, you are intentional with your thoughts and feelings, which doesn’t mean being perfect all the time. It means the moment you become aware of a lower feeling thought or action or desire, the moment you become aware, you accept it and then you shift it, you change it, for you wish to remain in the higher frequencies. You are intentional in your radiance.

So with the fire hose, you are radiating out love, compassion, calmness, beauty, truth, safety, whatever it is, straight up seven dimensional frequencies, whatever you choose, you are radiating that out so strongly that it’s a fire hose. And if you put a fire hose against a garden hose the fire hose wins all the time. It’s just a stronger blast. So I always radiate, I always imagine the fire hose and I am spraying everyone with love and compassion and calmness and archangelic frequencies and everything else so that their garden hoses can’t reach me. So remember that fire hose versus garden hose. Be the fire hose. There’s something to put on a t shirt. So that is how you can adjust your personal frequency.

So to sum it up, the three energies we have to be aware of is planetary energies, humanity’s energies, and our personal energies, our very inner circle. And we can affect all three. So understand what’s happening planetarily and how it’s affecting us. You do not have to explore what’s going on with humanity. You don’t have to read all the headlines, be scared for people, try to fix everything. You simply understand always that in our 3D world, some terrible stuff’s going on here, there, and everywhere and you’re going to send it love. You’re going to send it healing. You are going to intend and wish and pray for the resolution, pray for compassion and love to reign. Okay? So that’s how you’re dealing with the humanity energies. And then you personally, you are keeping your awareness open and you are always acknowledging and accepting what’s going through you.

There are lines, etheric lines, etheric threads that connect everything. I follow the lines back to see what it is. You don’t have to have that ability but if you are always acknowledging, accepting, and actively moving into higher radiance, then you will be always using your fire hose and it will clear you out, it will clear the space out and as you practice, it will prevent those frequencies from others from bombarding yourself.

And that’s how you deal with the overwhelm. You are overwhelmed. Your bodily systems are overwhelmed. Your emotional and mental bodies are overwhelmed from other people’s emanations, from other people’s garden hoses. So when you step into your power and you get out your fire hose and you set your intentions and you radiate the frequency you want to be on this planet, then their garden hoses cannot affect you and you will find yourself less and less in overwhelm and more in acknowledgement that there’s a lot of chaos or there’s a lot of strange energies or there’s a lot of this and that going on in the planet.

Acknowledgement and acceptance and then actively reaching for your tools to put yourself in a higher vibration, a higher state of being so that you can affect change on this planet.


So I’ll say a couple of things about anger. Anger has always been the most comfortable emotion for me. My go to emotion because then I can be angry about the injustice. I can be angry about this happening. It is a form of control and a response to lack of control. We humans are used to controlling, using our power for manipulation, for control. It is part of the old patriarchal system that is dissolving on this planet. Anger is a signal that you’re moving into control, that you are resisting. You are no longer in flow. So use it as a signal and shift your frequency. When you realize that you don’t need control, that you can completely surrender and Source will move in, elevate you, you can move beyond control, move into divine receiving.


So I hope this propels you into a higher state of awareness and acceptance so that you can better interact with planetary energies, humanity’s energies, and your own thoughts and feelings and actions, your own personal energies, so that we can elevate this planet and stay in 5D more and longer.