Watch on YouTube:You’ve Gotten Past Your Trauma – Now Clear & Heal For Ascension – Archangel Metatron Channeling

May 28, 2024

In this podcast episode, we delve into the journey of healing beyond trauma as your body clears and heals old wounds, spurred by solar and lunar light codes. Light codes are shifting DNA on multiple levels, aiding in the transition from physical dense bodies to light bodies for Ascension. Tracy emphasizes the importance of setting intentions, using spiritual tools, and seeking help from Guides and Angels to release deeply buried patterns and beliefs without reopening old wounds. She also touches on the physiological impact of these changes and offers practical tips, including breath work and energy cleansing, to manage symptoms such as sadness, anxiety, and depression. The episode concludes with a channeling from Archangel Metatron, emphasizing the role of light codes and divine support in the ongoing process of Ascension. Enjoy!


Welcome to Your Multi-Dimensional Journey, I am Tracy Kumbera and today we are diving into the topic of you have gotten past your trauma, but now your body is clearing it and healing. So yes, we’ve seen in the past week or so a lot of sadness and depression, exhaustion. There’s a lot of healing going on. And a lot of us are feeling the old stuff come up. We are dreaming about it. It’s coming to the front of our mind. Everything’s getting dug up.

Why? Because the solar flares are still happening. All of this solar activity is still happening. And all of the solar light codes, and a good dose of lunar light codes, are shifting us fundamentally, mentally, emotionally, especially physically. In order for us to ascend, we have to move from physical dense bodies into light bodies, which again is not going to happen in this lifetime, but it is going to happen.

So all of these light codes that we’re getting blasted with are helping us to shift our human DNA, to activate our multidimensional DNA, to up level, to ascend. And with that, we cannot hold on to anything dense. So we’re going to find that historically we thought we healed and cleared, but truly all we did was get past it. We got past the traumas. We got past the triggers. We got past the patterns and beliefs and we feel like we’re doing good. Now when this happens, I’m not triggered or it’s very mild. I’ve gotten past it. It’s healed.

Personally, I think it’s pretty disappointing to find out that it’s not cleared and it’s not healed, it’s just been compensated for. It’s just been gotten past, right? I told a client in a session the other day, it’s like you packed it up and put the box in the back of the closet where you never see it. But now you’re moving to a wonderful house and as you’re packing things up, you see this box in the back of the closet and you think, Oh no, I thought that was gone. It’s not gone. It’s just buried deep in order for you to get past it. And with Ascension as it is, we can’t bury it deep anymore. Not possible. Instead, we have to unearth it. We have to dig it up.

Now, here’s the good news. We don’t have to open that box. We don’t have to dive back into the trauma. As things are cropping up, set your intentions, use your tools, ask for help from your Guides, your Angels, the Archangels, your Soul, Source itself. You name it, they’re all here supporting you, assisting you. So ask for help so that you don’t have to reopen those wounds and swim through them. That’s not necessary.

But understanding that you are changing on a DNA level, on a brain level, and certainly on an emotional level, understanding fully that you are changing that dramatically and that all of this coming up, you’re ready to release it. I am ready. I invite in healing. I let this go.

Now, a lot of that could have been said when you were attempting to heal it the first time. But everything is in levels and layers. And we are constantly unveiling a deeper level of a trauma or a pattern or a belief. It’s just the way we are as humans. So remember with all these levels and layers, we are going to keep revisiting that which we’ve gotten past because it is not fully cleared to be fully healed. We had to get to a point in our evolution, in our Ascension, that we could fully heal it. But we also had to get to a point that the humanity energies and the planetary energies could support the absolute clearing of it.

Years ago, we had to go through therapy and we did have to dive into the trauma. I remember that. I remember being in high school and college and we had to dissect everything and dig deep into it. Now, it’s just a matter of setting the intention and remember, no judgment, no criticism, no obsessing. Okay?

Oh, I hit another level. Okay. Let’s clear it. Oh, apparently this is another layer that I am peeling off. Cool. Just stay neutral, okay. No judgment, no worry, no concern. You’re not stuck. You haven’t failed. None of that. Just allow it to move through you. And when you feel the sadness or the depression or the lack of sleep. I experienced for days sleeping very lightly and it was like I was dozing and I just couldn’t go deep enough because I was just excavating all kinds of stuff. You know, I like to joke at my age I’ve got an entire closet full of patterns and traumas and beliefs because I’ve lived long enough to create lots more than, say, millennials.

All of the symptoms that you’re feeling, don’t let them worry you. Don’t judge them. Don’t criticize yourself. Create no expectations. Well, I shouldn’t be going through this again. This shouldn’t be coming up. Mmnn mmnn, none of that. Be gentle with yourself. Honor yourself. Step back. Souls are always saying to my clients, step back, take a breath, move into the objective observer into divine neutral and say, hmm, that’s interesting. Okay, that’s coming up. So I’m not judging it. I’m just observing it. It has come up again, a new level, a new layer, and as I observe it neutrally, I’m like, yeah, I don’t wish to carry this any longer. Let’s clear it out and let’s clear out anything with it.

As humans we don’t have the vision, we don’t know how many levels are layers. We don’t know. So again, every time you hit one, it’s like, ooh, okay, well that cropped up. guess I had more, so I’m letting it all go. Okay, guys, you know, my team, my peeps, hey guys, help me clear this. I am ready. I invite in peace and love and self love and harmony. I release this. I make space for the divine light and love to enter and I clear out from my cells, my cellular memory, my Akashic records. I clear this out. I completely release it as I ascend.

When you’re feeling all these symptoms of sadness or depression or heaviness, keep clearing your energy field. Go out in nature, put your feet in the grass, touch a tree, do some breath work. Box breath, alternate nostril breathing, both very powerful. You can look them up on the internet real easy. Box breath is just inhale, hold, exhale, hold for the same count. Alternate nostril breathing is exhale, then inhale as you block one nostril. So it’s just the opposite, out then in. But you can watch videos on them. So breath work really creates heart coherence which will then create brain coherence.

Part of thinking that you’ve gotten past this, that you’ve released it and then it comes back up again is, physiologically your nervous system starts to get really activated. Your vagus nerve starts to get suppressed. And so you are having physical symptoms from the sadness and depression, it’s stressing you out. So physiologically you’re having symptoms. That’s why, when you notice that you’re sad or depressed or not sleeping well, or anxiety is ratcheting up, first, use your cleansing tools to clear your energy field, clear your chakras. I’ve got a chakra meditation on my website. Use the meditations, use the breath work, use your other tools to cleanse your energy field, to clear yourself out. Palo Santo, singing bowls, yourself singing, toning, light language. I do light language with my hands rather than singing it. So any of your tools, use those.

And if you have cleared your field and you’re still feeling the heaviness, the density, the lack of sleep, the anxiety, the sadness, then when things come up, just observe them, acknowledge I’m feeling really sad today. I’m really thinking about when my father died and it’s really weighing on me. It’s been years, but it keeps coming into my mind and it’s really making me sad. Acknowledge it, realize it’s flowing through and then ask for help. Oh, this must be another level or layer of the grief from my father’s death. I intend to release as much as I can. I intend to clear this.

You’re getting blasted with the light codes, use them. Just say all of these light codes encoded with all this higher dimensional information, replace all the trauma and beliefs and patterns within my cellular structure, within my brain structure. Call in the light codes, call in your Angels and Guides. Use all of your support system and all of your tools and set your intentions and set your mind, your brain, to the fact that you are clearing and releasing. Believe that you have unearthed another level to release it. Visualize your cells releasing that trauma, that situation, that pattern, that belief and calling in the light codes, the sacred geometry, the energy, the divine love and light to fill that gap where the pattern or belief or trauma has left. So visualize that, visualize yourself filling with this beautiful divine energy that naturally clears out.

It’s a big thing we’re going through. It’s going to continue in June. It’s going to continue all summer. So just be gentle on yourself. Honor yourself, do your self care, use your tools, because a lot’s going to keep coming up and we’re going to be emotional about it. I will save this for the next podcast I think, but a lot of this has to do with Venus and the energy of Venus, the energy of the Venusians, of the sacred divine feminine. As we’re moving into the feminine, we have to move into receiving, which means we have to undo a lot of patterns and belief of the unbalanced masculine energy, which most all of us run. Doesn’t matter your gender. Moving into the divine feminine is also triggering a lot of patterns and programs and beliefs to surface.

You’re going to get through this and so much more because this is a sign of Ascension. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel good oftentimes as you clear, but as long as you see the signs and you recognize the symptoms and you step back into objective observer and divine neutral and allow them to come up and out, all of the emotions, all of the thoughts, all of the patterns and beliefs come up and out. And then you ask for support, you use your tools, you visualize yourself clearing out, you’re gonna keep ascending and that’s beautiful.

So before I end, I want to touch base with the Archangels because they’ve been doing a lot of clearing with us. Co clearing, just like co creating, the Archangels co clear with us.

Dearest ones, this is Metatron and we have been downloading light codes into you. Your sun is streaming solar light codes. Your moon is streaming light codes. The planetary alignment. is generating light codes. These are all for your benefit, your Ascension. You have reached an all new high within humanity, a new level of beingness.

Oh, you may not recognize it, you may not sense it yet, but we see it and you are there. So use these light codes to clear yourself. Call upon us always, all of us Archangels, we are here assisting you always. Call upon us to ease your journey, to assist you in clearing for we are with you on this journey, as are your Guides, as are your Guardian Angels. We are always with you call upon us. Much, much love and support.

Okay, I will end with that beautiful channeling from Metatron. So continue to clear the levels and layers and you will reach the next level of your Ascension.