Watch on YouTube: June 2024 Solstice Full Moon Gateway Is Open!

June 19, 2024

Delve into the powerful energies of the June Solstice Full Moon Gateway in this enlightening podcast episode as we discover the transformational opportunities this major cosmic event offers, the importance of time and frequency shifts, and how to access higher dimensional realities. Tracy discusses the significance of the ongoing clearing processes and the Solaran Council provides insights on DNA upgrades and connecting with Guides, Angels, and All That Is then takes us on a guided journey within to connect to the light codes for ascension. Lastly, Archangel Aurora, along with other Archangels, shares messages of love, light, and wisdom, encouraging you to embrace the shift to 5D and beyond. It’s a very powerful message you don’t want to miss! And as always, thank you for liking, sharing & subscribing!


Are you feeling spacey or shaky or finding time is so wonky? Well, let me tell you, it is the Solstice Full Moon Gateway, a very powerful time on the planet. Welcome to Your Multidimensional Journey, I am Tracy Kumbera, and today we’re discussing the June Solstice Full Moon Portal. Whether you are in the Northern hemisphere or the Southern, you are experiencing the transformational and awakening energies of this solstice. I have found in my experience that not only is the Solstice incredibly powerful, but the moon right after and the moon two weeks after are also very powerful. It is a very potent gateway. And the reason it’s so potent is because we use this time, you can say magnetically, frequency wise on the planet, to make quantum leaps.

This Solstice is a portal to step through into transformation. We’ve been doing a ton of clearing this year. I think we’ve been doing a ton of clearing for the past few years, but this year especially so much has been brought up with time being so malleable we’re finding that some days fly by and some experiences it feels like we’re stuck under water and it’s taking forever and it is because time is dissolving and we’re going to find after this Solstice that time dissolves even more. Because we’re moving into 5D.

Now, there are Souls that are choosing to leave this planet rather than ascend. And that’s okay. That’s because their Souls chose the 3D experience and they want to continue it. So when we talk about a fracture on Earth, New Earth and Old Earth, it is two different realities. And we are constantly choosing new realities, new timelines, and this Solstice is opening the gateway to even new higher frequency realities. So we have the opportunity to really upgrade our systems, really bring a higher version of self online, finally get through all of this confusion and overwhelm and anxiety and stagnancy.

That’s all I hear in my client sessions is I feel like I’m underwater. I feel like I’m not moving. I feel like nothing’s happening. I’m just stuck and with that, I am confused. I’m angry. I’m frustrated. We are never stuck, never stuck. We are always moving. Sometimes we simply don’t see the solutions, the answers in front of us. We don’t see the progress we’re making, you know, like those progress bars on a video. Yeah. We need one of those in our heads so that we can be reminded that we are making progress even if we feel like we fell in a hole and can’t get out. But we’ll find this Solstice really propels us.

So the Solaran Council is coming in today to discuss the Solstice energies with us and what we can do to step into new timelines, new trajectories, new realities, how we can more easily upgrade our DNA, upgrade our physical body symptoms, upgrade our digestion, upgrade organ function, while we are upgrading our emotional and mental systems to hold the new frequencies blasting down to Earth.

Okay, so I will hand it over to the Solaran Council. Oh, welcome dear ones. This is a very potent, powerful time indeed. We can tell you that Tracy has been feeling it and we have watched as so very many of you have been feeling the powerful light codes, the powerful frequencies raining down upon your planet, upon yourself, upon your life.

How do you access these frequencies, these light codes, these packets of energies, these downloads of higher frequencies. How do you access them? You open your heart, you open your third eye, you simply let them in. Set your intentions and take your actions. For when you settle yourself, go inward, calm yourself, set your intentions to access the light codes, access these new higher frequencies that are just now available to you in your human life. When you set that intention, it is done.

We are here with you. We are assisting the frequencies, assisting the light codes, assisting your revolutionary change, your shift into fifth dimension. We are walking along with you as are your Angels and Archangels, as are your Guides, as are so many of your higher selves. Mm, your Pleiadian self, your Lyran self, your Lemurian self, and of course, along with Gaia, so many of your elemental selves. Yes, you have lives as fairies, as dryads. Some of you even as trees.

So understand you are divinely intertwined with all of your other Soul lives. And all of those incarnational beings in higher dimensions are assisting you always. So call upon them and call upon us for we are bringing forth the new solar light codes with all of this geomagnetic activity. These solar light codes contain DNA activations. They contain deep cellular clearing and healing. It is all available to you.

So we ask of you now to close your eyes, getting comfortable, going inward. Picture yourself stepping into the green sphere of love light energy within your heart chakra. And as you stand in your heart chakra, you tilt your head up, looking at your third eye and crown chakras, seeing the indigo sphere, seeing the divine white light. Seeing the Source sphere above you and all around you and begin to see the Solstice solar light codes. See the beautiful spheres of sacred geometry floating within the Soul sphere, within the divine light, or if you choose, see them floating in the cosmos, floating throughout the galaxy. These solar light codes contain high frequencies for you to utilize in your ascension.

Beam them into yourself. Feel them enter within. Sense them activating your multidimensional DNA. Your 5D self is coming online. You are stepping into more ease and grace, more understanding, more flow with the Universe and with Humanity.

Understand as these light codes travel throughout your body, they are upgrading your mental body and your emotional body, releasing old thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you. Oh, yes, they are calling in the higher frequencies that are bringing you the opening for new thoughts and new feelings that are more in alignment with your 5D self.

Taking a deep breath. We are now shifting to the light codes within connecting to your Guides and your Angels. For this Solstice, you will find that you are now more easily able to connect with your Guides and your Angels and with us, the Solaran Council, with the consciousness of the Sun, the consciousness of the Full Moon, the consciousness of All That Is.

You can now connect more deeply with Gaia, the Sun and the Moon to continually uplevel yourself, to continually return to flow, to continually see what is happening within your life, to step out of your human vision and step into your Soul vision, to see the bigger picture contained within your Soul, so you may more fully understand your life path, how to walk it, how to complete it, and how to step into the higher realms of reality. Sense the light codes within. Work with them. Set your intentions for them to run through all facets of your human self and release and heal and transform.

Know that you can channel, you can connect in with your Guides and your Angels. You can receive messages. They are always being projected to you. With this beautiful Solstice Portal energy, you have walked through the Gateway and you can now understand Soul messages. You can now perceive and understand the wisdom from your Guides and your Angels and the Sun and the Moon. It is true. It is who you truly are. When you tell yourself that you receive messages and understand messages and act on these messages of love and wisdom, your human brain then allows it. So call it in. We are handing you over now to the Archangels that continue with messages of love, light, and wisdom.

Oh, dear ones this is Archangel Aurora. I am joined by Metatron, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, all of the Archangels. For each one of us has our divine mission with humanity although we are a beautiful collective of divine Source energy. The light codes that the Solaran Council speaks of are within you now and understand that we are surrounding you and supporting you always. We are always connected to you, as are your Guides, the Pleiadians and Lemurians and even Lyrans are working with you so strongly right now as are we, the Archangels. You have an entire team of support guiding you through this Solstice, through this Full Moon, through the awakening and transformation that you are entering in this period of your time.

Understand that while the rest of your 2024 may be very intense and very transformational, you have a choice. You can sit in flow. You can choose to believe that everything is divine and nurturing and supporting you. Everything is here to love you and propel you to higher frequencies. Know that, believe that, return to that.

With the Solstice energy, you will be able to see the divine perfect timing, the divine reason within any event, because all events, all actions are to propel you into 5D and beyond. So understand you are ready, you are clearing, you are healing, you are stepping through the Solstice Full Moon Portal, and this Gateway is taking you to 5D and beyond. Flow with that. You can now hear us, know us, sense us, understand our connection. Call upon us. We are forever with you.

Okay. Tracy again. Have faith and trust in yourself. No criticism, no judgment. Know that you are ascending. You are awakening. You are transforming at speeds faster than you could ever imagine. Do what you need to do to return to balance, to return to harmony, to return to coherence. Get out in nature, move, flow, dance, yoga, laugh. And when you fall off that bike, get back on and continue down the middle path, down the path of Ascension.