Sedona Vortex Journey

Sedona Vortex Healing Journey

sedona-vortex-journey-medicine-wheel-Tracy-KumberaExperience a 90 minute journey on the sacred red rocks at the Stupa & Medicine Wheel. Feel the energy, clear patterns & programs, re-align your mental & emotional bodies and balance all your chakras chakras, facilitate ancestral and lineage healing, meet your spirit animal and any messenger animals or even companion animals, and engage in a conversation with angels, guides & your soul (soul coaching) with a gifted energy healer with over 18 years experience. Tracy includes the Multi-Dimensional Healing and Soul Spark Retrieval in each Vortex Journey, assuring you a transformational healing session on Sedona’s magical land!

Session start times vary from 8am – 6pm in the summer months to 10am – 4pm in winter months. This Vortex Medicine Wheel Healing Journey is 90 minutes for 1-2 people and 2 hours for 3-4 people as Tracy works with each of you individually. We limit the Sedona Vortex Healing Tour to 4 people for this reason. Visit the Stupa website for more pics & info on this sacred Sedona vortex. $333 for the first person and $199 each for additional people. Please fill out the contact form below to book your session!

**As I have relocated from Sedona I have trained Trish Arnold, who is a very gifted healer, in the Vortex Journey process. You can find her website at to learn more about her healing methods and you can contact her there to book. If  your group would like a Sedona Retreat please contact me below.**

Vortex & Medicine Wheel Info

Sedona-Soul-Coach-intuitive-Tracy-KumberaWhile vortex transformational energy may be strongest at the known vortexes, all of Sedona is a vortex! The Native Americans used this sacred land for centuries for ceremony and Buddhist Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo Rinpoche saw a vision here and had the Stupa & Peace Park built. While the Amitabha Stupa & smaller Tara Stupa are Buddhist, they are a place of deep peace, meditation & revelation and open to any prayer, gratitude, intention and donation from any faith. Tracy herself has a different connection experience with every visit. The Medicine Wheel has been used for centuries by Native Americans because it represents the knowledge of the Universe, the interconnection between all realities and dimensions, health and healing across your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and so much more. While “the hoops” as they are sometimes called, have deep meaning & colors for each of the directions (see below) Tracy is connected deeply with your Soul during session and is guided to your wisdom and healing through that connection, calling on the Divine Feminine, Ancestors, Divine Masculine, Star People and more.

Canadian Indigenous Medicine Wheel 4 Directions

(the majority of Medicine Wheels are found in Alberta CA)
East: Yellow, Emotional – Heart, Fire, Sun, Spring, Growth, Mineral
South: Red, Spiritual, Water, Moon, Summer, Plant
West: Black, Physical, Earth element, Earth planet, Dusk, Maturity, Autumn, Human
North: White, Mental, Air, Stars, End of Life, Winter, Animal

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