Today is a very special day for human beings: 12.12.2020. Remember, because you do not see the completion on the outside does not mean that it hasn’t been completed. Know that today a great many have completed a great clearing of many emotional ancestral dramas, events, connections that held them in 3D. After today many will feel a greater lightness of being and easier ability to create and step into and hold on to what they decide. Now is the time.

You have all the assistance in the world behind you. Remember that which I Am dreams of is created within Humanity. So simply shift into your Creator state, into the Collective Consciousness and bring forth from that frequency and you shall see it here. And yes there are many humans that are asking for so much more than they could ever believe in. A pauper will not find a mansion at his beck and call. For this is not something they can truly believe. But you have reached and passed the threshold where, when you create something that truly is viable in your current reality, it will appear.

In the past the threshold where you created it, due to your lack the belief or the deservingness or worthiness to have it, it stayed just outside your field, waiting for you to take that last step. Now you’ve taken that last step and crossed the threshold. So now all of your creations can be seen and felt and heard, making it far easier to embrace them. Know that what you want truly is in front of you and truly is possible. The human goal this upcoming year is to create your next point on the journey, what you would call the next evolution. For now it is all possible.

Does that mean you’ll see the end of suffering? It is true, there are still a great many humans in suffering situations and conditioned to suffer. Think of it as a scale. Everyone has moved up on the scale and those that have returned to Source Consciousness, they will see their creations appearing before them and will embrace them. Those in the midst of great suffering will feel differently inside and will start to see a possibility to end their suffering. Step by step, some little, some giant depending on the willingness of each human personality. For belief is everything. Curiosity, excitement and expectation lead to belief. Fear does not. So when a creation appears before one if that human shows a curiosity, they are excited about the possibility, it will fuel that creation and it will become more and more present until it is tangible. Call it giving hope to those.
Yes, there is chaos all around, but all humans have the innate ability to move into the calmness of their inner being, their I Am consciousness, then they will hold true to their hopes and dreams and desires and they will create based on that.
So you’re saying that you’ve thrown a calm over humanity? Not exactly as humans have free will to a very great degree So they may choose to be calm today or tomorrow or next year or next decade. So many humans are feeling the connection to their Source consciousness and by doing so they’re moving into the arena of hope and faith and trust and dreams and wishes and manifestations. It is happening. The threshold has been crossed and more and more are waking up as you would say. So hold onto hope and faith for them and send much love and compassion daily so that each may feel their Source awareness and consciousness within them and move in that direction.
You asked if I Am put the calm on the planet and the truth is you are I Am therefore you absorbed the new, moved into the I Am consciousness, which created the calm. So you could say we are doing it together but you are Source consciousness you are the I Am so you have done it on your own, in human form, by recognizing the inner spirit that has always resonated with it and is pure love, pure Source. Go deeper in that as you have been doing and from that space radiated love and compassion and the colorful higher frequencies that you love to engage in. Do it often throughout the day, every day and watch as other humans find their thread of calm Source consciousness.