Walk-ins​The last couple of weeks have been quite a re-calibration for me although it’s difficult to explain how, as it felt very different. Very underwater, kind of  out-of-touch. I felt like my house was being raised, my foundation demolished and rebuilt and the house put back on top. Which means everything looks the same although the foundation’s completely different. I feel I’m taking a great leap towards my Divine blueprint, returning the True Self as I say. I’m definitely feeling sparkly and higher vibrational. I’m told I and so many others on Earth can make huge leaps in returning to the Collective Consciousness as it does not carry adverse effects when there is excitement and acceptance rather than fear, loss, overwhelm. This is because the Energy Body understands and remembers.

So I feel I re-calibrated yet again and I’m shown it’s a constant, this re-calibration. Humans tend to only notice the big leaps, but they are re-calibrating on a moment-to-moment basis. It is what I would call a neural network upgrade. And it’s a beautiful thing to see my synapses now and how they’re firing. When I’m in sessions tend to see higher thinking humans synapses as firing outside of their head so the ping pong table is bigger than the brain I’ll say. The connections are tapping to and fro literally from the cosmos and my team is saying, remember. Remember that you have crossed your threshold, your tipping point. Every human has a tipping point where they go from the human that is waking up and returning to a spiritual being, to the point of, now I remember enough to be my Multi-Dimensional Self inhabiting a human body. That’s fascinating, I replied, so you’re telling me that I’m not very human anymore and I’m met with love and laughter. And laughter is really amusing telepathically because it’s more like being tickled then hearing the sounds. Like when you hear a beautiful wind chime. 
My dearest one, you will be in the human body for decades to come. it is simply your human brain that has now “given up control” shall we say. The percentage, if you’d like to think, of linear control and dominance that your multi-dimensional mind has over your human brain has increased past the tipping point. Meaning you are now operating from your multi-dimensional mind with your human brain kind of popping up, contributing as needed. 
They remind me of 2015 when I merge with my Lesthvartian Collective Soul aspect, and how I, Tracy’s primary focal consciousness, went back to the Pleiadian ship as I was in dire need of a vacation from Humanity. My Lesthvartian collective was behind the wheel of this physical vessel but still needed data input all the time as they have never embodied and did not understand 3D programming like self suffering and non love. (That is a tale for a different day…)
So I’m told, Exactly! Remember how your brain & your database activated when needed and contributed answers as to sleep, eating and how to work a computer. And I feel the smiles and laughter again. it is the same now, where you will feel yourself being governed by Spirit, by Source, by your very Soul, rather than the human brain.
Take a look at your Lightbody, your Torroidal Field. See how much grander it is and how you are now existing within the light body and your physical body is but a tool, a vessel in which you reside for the purpose of assisting Humanity with Ascension. 
I say, okay, but as long as I have a human body I can still run and jump and have sex and enjoy human things?  I feel a wonderful feeling of laughter again. Of course my dearest, you still have the car, you can drive it anywhere. You now realize you were so much more vast than just that vehicle.
Someone just passed me on the trail and the light radiating from them was so beautiful, to see and to feel. And I hear, yes many of the behaviors and abilities that you shut down almost two decades ago are returning, for now is the time. I said okay, but I don’t want to re-open that ability to see everybody’s whole life when I touch them or touch one of their things and I get the laughter again. (I literally stopped touching people for several years after reawakening as I couldn’t control it)  I hear, you see only what serves you in the now moment and you open your vision by your own choice to see more if you feel it’s necessary. You have far more teamwork now than you ever have so realize that what you need to know or what you would like to know at any given moment in your version of time is available in your multi-dimensional mind. So you will see a spark, a drop of it, and it is for you to open the door farther and let in the rest of it. But know now that it is no longer shut down or shut out, you have opened and it is waiting right there. Rather like a Divine spark or an information download, you are familiar with those.
I telepathically reach out to the Zs  and thank them for this beautiful process of the Transmissions course and I feel the smiles, the love. Remember you connect with the One and the All and you have been re-calibrating with input from so many collectives and realms. The human brain loves to stay in the comfort zone of “these are my peeps and I only talk to them” but the truth isy our Multi-dimensional Mind is part of the greater Collective Consciousness and all collectives, councils, groups, starships, beings, reside within the One Mind so yes, you have communicated with us, danced with us per se, so very many times as you communicated with Source. That is why, when you feel you’re introduced to new beings you’re able to connect with them and channel them so easily.
We understand the human, form filled, linear dictated thinking that groups must be individualized with names and borders but it is not always so. As you delve closer and closer to the I Am  you find that these collectives tend to merge into the I Am, for at our source we are all Source.
Okay I’m getting it and I feel it so thank you for all the assistance and I ask my peeps, why am I here today on this ship?  The collective becomes more visible to me and I see that it’s a great many collectives with, i will say,  representation in the room. 
Remember, everything is energy signatures so I can see one color burst of energy and feel my  Arcturian collective and all of their energies through the one and it is that way with all in the room. There has to be 25 different collectives here, most formless, a few show a body or more a Lightbody. Elontra, my Pleiadian self, and her beloved, Pri, are standing behind me and each put a hand on my shoulder and I put my hands over theirs and say thank you for being here with me. They reply, as a human you have earned this, you have created this, you have achieved this. This is your re-awakening, re-opening, re-calibration that reached you into this meeting. 
 I’d be proud of myself but it’s simply my mission and truthfully at the Source level we all have this ability so it’s easy to be humble because the ego belongs to the human and it is my awakened human in this room for I am remembering.
Okay everybody so what now, I ask. The first step is to calibrate to all of our energies so go around the room one-by-one focusing on the energy signatures that may not be as familiar, that may not be in your open memory banks. (I hiked for a bit while I did that – and yes you can walk, hike, do dishes, fold laundry, while your focus, your awareness is in a different reality / timeline / dimension. Just don’t drive until you’ve mastered being in both “places”, awarenesses at once!)
Okay I took some time to reconnect with some of the collectives in the room, some were more familiar than others and some were more prominent. Pink collective just swirls around me but doesn’t talk so much reminds me of Andaran energy.
So what now? what’s our meeting about? I feel the smiles again. Meeting is for you to remember and reconnect all the many forms of consciousness of pure Source energy so that you can more deeply anchor into the Multi-Dimensional Mind. For that is what serves you and your mission to Humanity. It is time now, with this expanded awareness, to continue to evolve your courses, enjoy the book you’re going to write about all of the beings you met, and there will be other books, for you will be prolific in your writing. You could say that all your dreams are coming true but the more truth is that you are stepping into your mission for now is the time on your planet. And 2021 on your planet is it going to be an explosion of creativity and empowerment and this year of transition was, and is, deeply needed in order for humans to reach the next level of their evolution, their (re)Ascension. For this year Ascension is truly upon Humanity.