Setting the direction & clearing the path for 2023December has sped past, just as 2022 has! It has been a very intense year for most, with patterns, attachments, identities and more falling away – or being ripped away! Luckily for us, 2023 ushers in more ease and grace. And the Solstice on the 21st really propelled us, creating momentum for a beautifully blossoming 2023.Mercury goes retrograde just before 2023, nudging us to slow down, go inward and really consider our goals, hopes and dreams. With the energy veil so thin between dimensions it is easier than ever to manifest, yet It requires us to step out of the chaos and become quite intentional.

When we step out and tune in we begin to use our intuitive abilities, hearing our Soul whispers, following our spirit compass. This is co-creation at its’ best, with the I guiding the me.

This year end Spirit urges us to accept what was, find our inner compass and step forward into the higher frequencies to manifest our dreams.