Channeling a CouncilThere is a circle of beings in front of me they’re calling themselves the Council of ID. Now I think it is our identity right? They are this client’s people and they’re explaining that while yes, they seeded our current race on Earth so did a vast number of other consciousnesses so it is more closely related to say that a drop of their consciousness is within us. And yes this client represents their consciousness in a multitude of incarnations.

Why is the client asleep or unknowing or not awakened? That is simply the state of being conscripted until it is time to actively mentor the awakening ones. You are right in that we are scientists, call us the forefathers of your current Arcturian consciousness beings.
Why come in during sleep? For the experience, the experiment. You talked of double-blind experiments so coming in during non-remembering, unknowing means a very vast experience before we hit the switch so to speak and our chosen representative awakens. There are those humans that awaken long before it’s time for that is simply another experiment. When you think of the cheese maze and the mouse there are scientists that put no cheese in, that that put cheese only in certain directions, and those that put cheese in all directions. So that we may observe the experience in every situation. So that is what we do on planet upon planet.

I ask, is one of my Soul Sparks (an aspect of Self in another life / incarnation / timeline) a part of your consciousness and they say all but yes but not your ruling portion, just enough to increase your curiosity and keep you pushing forward. Reawaken yourself through exposing yourself to Multi-Dimensionality.
I ask, how can I best assist this client as they are re-awakening and the Council replies, remember she is you, you are all. For what you are teaching the client, what you are assisting with the client is reintegrating, assimilating so that they may gather all within and radiate it without. You are doing the same.
In 3D humans see so linearly but that is not true. No one is ahead or behind anyone else, they are simply at different points on the map or within the sphere. So I ask, so what she saw is correct? it’s just a big sphere of energy with random points everywhere and the Council emanates smiling energy and says yes, for each point is an experience and it matters not if another is coexisting within your consciousness or behind you orin front of you or at another point. There is no better or worse, in front or behind, that is your 3D duality coming through. Break out of the human mind, break out of linear concepts. See that sphere always and all the points within it and know that you are simply experiencing the point of consciousness of which you focused.
Being a teacher’s teacher you attract to yourself those opening to their true abilities and getting back on track as a human would say. We would say simply it is a moment to engage. Similar to it being your turn in the game. Your turn to roll the dice, your turn to pick a card. Since there is time and space in your 3D game then it signifies there is a time to initiate a mentor sequence, begin mentoring and expanding and assisting so that others can get back online.
So how do I best do this for this client (and all others)? That comes to you in every conversation with Source for every client. Remember, as you bring forth information, your client is putting all the puzzle pieces together. A client brings in all of the data packets, information, energies, into  sacred geometry symbols. Then picture it cut into a puzzle and the client can put the puzzle together themselves. That is a perfect analogy in current Earth energy. For everyone is getting puzzle pieces and knowing something is different yet there is more, they can’t seem to put it all together so it is when you show up with the rest of the puzzle pieces and tell them yes it is complete and a system to put this one here in that one there you will see more rapid re-awakening, which equates to changes within Humanity on your planet
They then ask me to enjoy the energy and absorb their frequency and I see again iridescent frequencies but it’s more in the blues and greens and teals like a mermaid tail. I often pass this energy through myself into the client, knowing it is up to them to flow within it.