You are where life has taken you or rather where you have taken life. This is not the time for regrets doubts or questioning. This is the time to trust your very being your very divinity your very consciousness in all that it has imbued and continues to imbue to you. Human knowledge can be confusing conflicting and convulsive at this time. To trust in what lacks clarity in 3 dimensional existence is not the some as trusting what lacks clarity in multi dimensional existence. It’s like as you say comparing apples to oranges. Three dimensional beliefs serves its purpose for the wheel of humanity to turn day to day. However, it does not allow for the full reality of cosmic living to guide and grow your divinity. You are fearing your body once again and once again you are being given the gift to understand or rather feel and “be” with cosmic living. Don’t allow the tatters of old beliefs to weigh you down in a paradigm that doesn’t serve your highest good. Your ideas of health happiness beauty freedom are so contorted by the messages on earth that you are failing to see its larger meaning.

Channeled by Maria