Actively Choose Your Vibration​Each re-Ascending human realizes, as they reconnect to the multi-dimensional awareness, they have a dedication to their mission of (re) Ascension. knowing this dedication we ask you why you would choose to lower your vibration in any instance.

For everything on your planet is a choice. Every action, thought, belief, desire is an act of choice born from your human consciousness. When you are living from a primary focal consciousness of multi-dimensionality you would simply make different choices. from a multi-dimensional perspective there is only love, joy, bliss, compassion.
As Tracy asked herself many years ago during a self-reflection, if love and compassion were my only emotions how would I act in this situation. It was an endeavor she completed for months on end in a very successful attempt at expanding her personal vibration as well as expanding the frequency surrounding her.
We ask humanity to stop and ponder, if love and compassion were your only emotions how would you act in this situation? For you have the choice in every moment to act from a higher vibration, act from your multi-dimensional awareness. And you will find that keeps you in a higher vibratory state until there comes a period of your NOW that you remain ensconced in a higher vibration, in a higher dimension.