It is true that when you heal your ancestral line of pain, trauma, suffering, patterns and more, you are healing up your line, across your lines, your other Soul Spark lives and all other lines. Understand that energy radiates and permeates. It is like air, it is everywhere. Think of fog.
There are those that have few connections and there are those that have many. It is simply a choice of your Soul in any incarnation, how many lives it wishes to bring forth the connections. There are those on your planet that are deeply connected to all races, all tribes, all of history. And there are those that are connected only several generations for the this incarnated life and those who chose to hold nothing or close to nothing. Again it is a choice, there is no good or bad. There is simply your Soul’s choice of experience in this current incarnation.
What is one ancestral healing process of many that a human may engage in?
1. Find your happy place, go inward and find Divine Neutrality. And that is different for all people. How you ask? You may think of happy things, events or pets or look at yourself in a mirror until you shift and into the void or repeat your mantras or affirmations of your true nature or sit in quietude and go inward, search for the light, the flame within and when you find it you will be seated in Source. As you truly are always, with or without your active awareness of that fact.
2. Once you’ve gone inward and found neutrality, in your mind’s eye picture total darkness, the void, the nothingness. Then picture yourself seeing a small light or flame in the distance and walk towards it. Or better yet picture that flame within your heart chakra as Divine Source light, your light of Source, your eternal Divinity. Either way, focus on that light or flame until it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and as it grows the light radiates more and more until you find yourself completely consumed by the light.
If it is a flame picture the flame consuming you and it doesn’t hurt, it simply and beautifully burns off all that is no longer needed. But when you are sitting in the light and you are completely consumed and your inner screen, your mind’s eye, turns from darkness to light. Whether it be white or iridescent or golden, it matters not. They are all simply different frequencies of the Divine. Sitting in that pure light start to focus on yourself and realize you have dissolved into pure Spirit. You are now Source. You have returned to Source you have re-merged with God for you are God always.
3. Once you are feeling your oneness with pure Source energy ask your Soul, ask Source to show you the lines, show you all the connections then look out and see all the lines, all the beautiful etheric threads coming from your center all the way out in all directions. Know these are your ancestral lines, your other life lines, all these lines are lives and experiences connected to your current incarnation. And if you do not see them then simply imagine them for they truly exist whether they are seen, felt or believed.Your imagination will lead to the same healing as true sight for intention is everything. So imagine 6 lines or 600, it matters not.
4. As you see the lines, draw the experiences from them, literally downloading the information packets from all of those lives as pure experiential information. It is the mental suffering and emotional pain and suffering and the patterns & programming that you are to release, not the information, the “lesson learned” as humans say. For the information gathered serves you across lives.
Imagine you extrapolating the experience, extracting it from those lines, cataloging it within the multidimensional mind to access now or later or way in the future, it matters not. After downloading information whenever you connect to the multi-dimensional mind, the unity consciousness, you will be able to access that information when you need it, whether it be a day, a month, a year or a decade later. If you see, sense or feel the download but cannot access the direct info now, have no fear. It is always available and will become known in divine timing for all is perfect always. So feel yourself downloading, feel your connection to the multi-dimensional mind, the unity consciousness getting stronger, bigger, deeper.
5. When the senses conclude and you feel you’ve downloaded – or you wish to be complete for now – state to Source: I am complete. I am complete with all of these experiences and all of this pain and suffering. I now dissolve connections to all other lines. I dissolve it all for I am not this mind and I am not this body, I am pure Source energy. I send love and light up each line to dissolve all pain, trauma and suffering. I am now clear, I am now complete, it is all dissolved. It often helps to take several deep slow breaths at this point, inhaling through the nose and exhaling quietly through the nose or more forcefully through the mouth. Calming or cleansing breaths to clear your field, your mind’s eye, your inner vision.
6. As you breathe, see the lines fade away and feel a lightness of being, and slowly return to the present, and when ready, open your eyes and in this current consciousness, feel the lightness of being. State again, I am complete, it is all dissolved. I am whole and complete unto myself. It is all healed and released. It all has returned to pure love and light, Source energy.
You may want to drink a lot of water after this and flush your system or take it easy for the next hour or day or two.
For many the ego mind, the human mental body, will want to get involved both during and after this process. Remember: I am not my mind, I am not my body, I am pure Source energy, a Soul participating in a human experience. If you feel the human mind getting involved, if negative thoughts pop into your head, create an affirmation and repeat it. You control your mind, it does not control you.
If desired, you may awaken every day and say I am not my mind, I am not my body, I am pure Source energy and I have dissolved all that no longer serves my highest joy, my highest awareness.Remind yourself everyday and maybe multiple times per day, I have dissolved all that is no longer pure love right I am pure Source energy I am God. Then check in with your Soul Self, your inner knowing after a day, a week, a month. Are you clear, is there more? Remember much will be brought up and one may or may not clear it all day one. There are times it is quite much for one to accomplish in one go. No self-judgement, simply acceptance and practice.
From Tracy: remember this is but one of many methods. See how it works for you. Change some words, move your hands to clear, do whatever you are called to. And it may help to find your edits and then record your meditation so you can listen and follow along daily. There are so many tools for (re)ascension, experiment and discover how to make this one yours!