Anchoring a new FrequencyI am hiking during my morning meditation and I can see the colors of the frequencies zipping through the sky. The frequencies are spreading fast. More colors, more movement, a lot closer to the ground than I’ve ever seen. Still in the sky but not way up in the atmosphere.

I’m told, look around on your planet to the expansion that is now anchored within Gaia. For this was a great leap the Humanity took these past few days of your time. Now that you have anchored in a much more expansive experience it can unfurl and unfold from there and shift reality minute-by-minute day-by-day. For as Humanity, for your Ascension, you chose some leap points to bring expansion and you chose some quiet unfurling points. It is much like you are treadmill running, you’re now at high intensity. This weekend was a sprint and you anchored in a new baseline frequency for Humanity and for Gaia. Now it is time to bask in that frequency, immerse yourself and make it your own, remain in that expansiveness and that will trigger the unfurling of so many beings in your Humanity.

There are those that will begin to anchor into that vibrational band and there are those that anchored in as you did and will continue to unfurl. Remember, as you increase your expansive vibration, you are assisting all those with that same desire whether it’s a human desire or an inner soul self-desire. The one affects the all and the all affects the one. So we ask of all of you take some time to go inward to feel this vibration that appears new to you, a frequency so much closer to home, to your true self. Feel it within, see the colors, hear the tones, commune with beings. Immerse yourself fully and you will witness exponential growth and not only in your life, but in those of the loved ones around you. We can say, you would also see the exponential growth in beings across the planet but we understand that in your current relational experience you do not witness the all. But you are witnessing the several and it is a beautiful sight is it not?

We asked all of Humanity to continue imagining a better Earth, a more beautiful Earth, more love and joy and peace and harmony. For it is much easier to create in this current time on your planet. For those vibrations of love and joy and peace and harmony are far more accessible in your current vibrational band than they ever have been, in this experience on Earth. We are saying you are so much closer to New Earth.