Lunar Eclipse 2022Eclipses are like bookends, with chaos and change often in the middle! It feels like the solar eclipse tosses you on the stage of change while the lunar eclipse locks the door behind you. Door? Curtain? Can you lock a curtain? Many of us feel pushed (thrown) into the new when in truth it is simply our Souls nudging us a bit stronger in the direction they’ve wanted to experience for a while. Us humans tend to follow our own agenda, not getting the many hints and nudges our Souls deliver. So when an eclipse season comes about the Soul uses the intense energy to lift us up into the new frequencies, new developments, new, changed, shifted – it can get quite overwhelming!

I often remind myself that this incarnation (and all others) are my Soul’s lives, I am the car not the driver! Although we all think we’re in charge and we have free will. To a degree yes, but in the end, it’s the Soul’s choice. What can I do about it? I can strive for neutral, observe the changes, observe my thoughts and feelings about the changes, roll with the changes, find the positive. Focus on the silver lining, not the cloud! It’s happening whether I fight or flow so I choose flow. While I may not like some of the changes the eclipses bring, I realize they are always for my advancement, my awakening, my ascension. If I cannot see that in the moment then I use blind faith or I ask Spirit to show me. If I do see the light at the end of the tunnel then I take a deep breath and keep on keepin’ on.

Do I welcome these changes? In the moment, not usually! But I know that fastest way through is to flow so I choose happiness, gratitude, love, acceptance. As Spirit says, “be patient as humanity is going through a lot right now. Choose to be a beacon of hope and faith and trust rather than descending into the chaos of others. That is the highest you can do to help at this time.”