Happy Solstice 2023Happy Solstice! Whether it’s the longest day of the year (down under) or the longest night of the year (up here) it’s a magical one. The December solstice annually is a very quantum reset within ascension energies. And 2024 is going to be a massive reset year for so many of us!

We spent 2023 moving into 100% energies, ending relationships, jobs, etc. that did not serve us 100%, while also learning to (sometimes slowly) put ourselves and our happiness first. That is how we are fully available for our soul mission to be of highest service to others.

Well, 2024 continues that theme by dropping more that doesn’t serve and propelling us into our highest joy, passion and creativity. So many are being called to step into a professional mentor, guide, lightworker, healer and/or coach role. Our Souls are stepping up the game, really propelling us in 2024. Which means that those who allow their fears to stop them from stepping into their highest trajectory are going to keep themselves in chaos. And there will be quite enough chaos energy on the planet as the old systems dismantle and the new, empowered systems of service rise.

Archangel Aurora¬†tells us, “Dear Ones, resistance to stepping into your dreams in this upcoming year will send you into chaos, for it contracts your frequency rather than expanding your awareness, expanding your intuition and propelling you into higher states of being. What you’ll find in these higher states is more love and support and abundance and joy. It is all waiting for you, though you must take the steps. Step forward, release the fears, take a chance and you will see this upcoming year be incredibly transformational and bountiful for you. Remember we are always supporting you so ask us for help and watch it show up in your life.”