Actively Choose Your Vibration

Now that it has been determined that the world will not reopen on this day there is a great sense of relief and, for some, resignation. Those with relief, those with calm, are finding they are in flow and they are wisely utilizing this time to continue their inner journey of expanded awareness. Those that are still in anger and resistance, fighting against the machine, against the tyranny, keeping their anger alive with righteous indignation, they are the ones that know in the back of their mind what is true and fear they will not achieve it if they don’t stay angry – and it’s simply not true.

Anger keeps you out of flow, it keeps you in lower vibrations. Anger is useful in very short bursts as it gets you over the hump, over the wall. Anger can be used wisely as a catalyst but only for that initial burst. After that use your awareness, see where you have landed and get comfortable there. Return to flow and allow all to transmute and release, and allow the new to enter. For that new is your true state of being, your true self’s higher vibration.
Today is your New Year’s Day in America, a sign of hope and new beginnings and celebration. Use this day to reach deep within and find your hope and faith and trust that you, as a collective of Humanity, are shifting into 5D and New Earth. Yes there may be growing pains along your path but never lose faith that you are on the path and it is happening. And every step is a necessary one, whether deemed evil or beautiful. For every step is a catalyst for more growth, more expansion, more remembering who you truly are – a being of infinite Source energy. 
So welcome each step with the calm smile of flow. Surf every wave victoriously for we are with you, within you, assisting always. You are held in the loving support of your higher versions of Self and love will prevail. For it can do nothing other.