As realities drop off quickly and “new” higher-dimensional timelines appear before you, you have some very grand choices to make. If you continue to choose lower frequencies, lower realities, ones that played out in 3D, you will mire yourself in that lower vibration and it will show in your current human self’s world.

What you are truly seeing are echoes, those realities don’t really exist and you can’t be pulled back in. You have Anchorage yourself in higher frequencies and your Baseline is simply too expensive to return to those timelines. That is why they dissolved.

So you ask, can you walk into that reality echo and boost it up? Walk into what exists now because it is not the same reality you dissolved and Infuse this reality, the echo of a former, with higher dimensional frequencies and move it into a current Transitional Earth timeline, which is higher dimensional for all?

Yes that possibility exists. It always does. Entrainment – remember. Anything can happen.

Ask yourself, do you wish to have that experience? Or do you wish to look forward, jump into higher timelines, experience the new frequencies and all they bring?

Do you wish to experience hardship or bliss? Because hardship is the 3D way and 3D is gone. Bliss is the 5D way.

It is always your choice, we have no judgment as we are experiencing all through you. It is fascinating to to us to watch you suffer and to watch you delight.

We would certainly choose delight every time as that is simply because from our higher dimensional vision we see no reason for suffering and we always gravitate towards joy and bliss.

So again we ask you what you wish to experience. Are you ready to let go of that which truly has passed? Are you ready to step forward into the instant manifestation and instant co-creation and instant joy and bliss and happiness of multi-dimensionality? Of 5D New Earth?

Because for the rest of your 2018 the echoes of your old realities, dissolved timelines, will continue to show up, pulling at your ego self, asking for attention.

Do you have the non-attachment, the faith and trust, to turn away from them and turn to the unknown with surrender and acceptance and excitement for what you could experience?

Or she’ll you choose to continue the 3D Earth experience of victimhood and suffering and lack and fear?

Realize that it is not the physical it is the mental, emotional, energetic. If you can walk into a war zone or Hospital or your old job and maintain joy and bliss and contentment and allow co-creation to flow through you, you will most certainly boost that physical situation and you will find yourself in a multi-dimensional timeline, having propelled the entire physical situation into a higher frequency. It is of course possible, probable even.

Or you can choose to walk into the unknown with excitement, enter a new situation that is already vibrating at a higher frequency and relish that experience, continuing to expand your vibratiry level, your personal frequency.

You see it is all a choice of where to focus your energy, what vision to see through, what emotions, thoughts, desires you focus on.

Take several deep breaths and center yourself. In your mind’s eye see your favorite place, one that brings you joy. Sit within that joyful energy for a minute or three and then replace that picture with the picture of the job or relationship or situation you’re considering reentering.

Does the pictures stay bright and lively and filled with joy? Or does the light dim and your emotions start to turn? For that is an indicator of how you will eventually interact with that timeline.

To put it simply, if you think you can do it and you want to try, go for it. If not, turn your back on it wish it well, let it dissolve fully, ignore the echoes, continue to take one step forward into the unknown, basking in those higher frequencies and using them to stabilize your vibratory level until you’re ready to take another step forward into the unknown. For that is the joyful path of (Re) Ascension.

It is always your choice and we are always supporting you for we are you, we are One.

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