multidimensional journeys​If you think of the past, present and future each in their own sphere, similar to those large clear hamster balls, but for humans, that they can run around and roll the ball across the field. So if your Now moment, your current, is in this sphere, look around and see everything you’re carrying around in this ball Look at everything that’s rolling around with you as you move. And like any good van lifer or backpacker, do you really need all that which you are carrying? Ask yourself, what can you let go of to make your load lighter? And then, simply release it. We are no longer in the days of needing to work through problems or getting forgiveness or giving forgiveness. Just let it go. Just set it down and then notice how much lighter you feel.

When you focus on a fear, which are worries that the past will repeat or concerns of an undesired future that may happen, you bring those into the Now sphere. Can you imagine attaching the past ball to your Now ball and still trying to roll it? You wouldn’t be able to, for it would be dragging too much. So again, ask yourself, do you want to carry this with you? For the past already happened and you can choose to be complete with any person, event or ongoing situation. You don’t need to resolve it, simply accept it as is and let it go. It doesn’t even mean it has to be gone forever, it means it doesn’t take up space in your now sphere at this present moment.
Yes, there may exist unsettling situations that are not to be resolved right now. So why focus when there is no current answer or action? That’s why we’re told, send it love and let it go. Keep the past bubble in the past as it is complete. For the moment or forever.
As for the future, these current times are offering access to so many more potentials than ever before. You have so many more choices and you can go in so many more directions. So rather than concerns that something may happen, focus your energies on the curiosity and excitement of what you would like to see or how you would like to feel with a person or situation or in general. Again, the future bubble is filled with potentialities and to hook into all of them would again weigh you down in the Now. So state your desires and broadcast your positive feelings and thoughts. As those beautiful outcomes start to access more energy they will pop into your Now bubble, strengthening it and expanding it.
Remember, it is up to you to keep your Now bubble/sphere/ball light and clear and full of positive thoughts and feelings, for the future is far more pliable and accessible than ever before. So, let go of the past and pick wisely from the future to create the best Now possible.