I arrived a few minutes late and the first thing I saw were the Boys of the Bridge, the name we call the collective of the Ascension helpers that we met the morning after the portal opening, August 30th. (see that blog post)

They said of course you see us, we’re here to assist. There are so many that have returned, remembered, to the point that they’re ready to work. Humans ready to assist us in the flow of Multi-Dimensionality. See the bridge to Ascension, to higher Realms and dimensions, full of Humans, Beings walking across, returning to what they know to be true in their souls. Returning to their True Self, their MultiDimensional Self.

Any and all can assist us and many more helpers with that. There are so many beings, collectives, whole planets, Starships, assisting Humanity in returning to their native true frequency. It matters not which beings, which Starships people gravitate towards. The name of this game is opening to the flow. Returning to the grace and Divinity of true self. Whatever one resonates with, be it a color or a tone or frequency or an embodied being or a collective of energies, it matters not. Gravitate to what calls you and open yourself to the Divine love and light of those beings. That is how you will find yourself returned to your multi-dimensional state. Which has never left. You simply forgot it as you partook in The Human Experience called life. Trust us when we say that life continues as you return to multi-dimensional awareness. In fact it is our belief that life gets more fun. You experience so much more at once. You return to the Divinity and Grace that is All That Is.

I see a picture of an evacuation like at the end of Vietnam War when they were throwing everybody and anybody ona  Pan Am 747 to get them out of there. And they laugh, saying it is not that much drama and they’re certainly needs not be any pain. This is more of, on the wings of butterflies. It is that beautiful. It is that easy. That is your mission, and you feel in your heart. Trace back into the depths of your Soul, that is what you wish for. Any fears, an inactivity, stems from misguided beliefs that you will not be able to support yourself financially by doing this work as you call it or that you may not find your path, or mistakenly go down the wrong path. We could go on and on with the many beliefs and patterns human use to keep themselves asleep, un-remembering.

Never fear never falter. We support you. Continue on your path, your mission as we continue to flow with you, within you, around you. Humans are truly  Divine Love and Light, ascend, open, flow with grace and flow and joy and passion.

So I switch gears and ask about that last portal opening on the 29th, which was so powerful. And I asked what is our Earth frequency now? How was Humanity doing now? Their response is: it is a beautiful now time for Ascension. The eclipses have done their job and shook everything up. The full moon and the next portal opening pushed people through the rubble and debris the eclipse is caused into fertile new ground. This time. Until our fall equinox is a fresh new path, never walked before, into unexpected levels of joy and passion and purpose.

Yes there are very many that are still shaking their heads and confusion over the chaos that rained during the eclipse period. Those will need some extra love and light we could say, to get them moving on this fresh New Path. They’re showing me if you walked through a post tornado zone and got to the other side and saw this beautiful pristine forest with a pretty path, and you’ve never been there. Start walking down this path having no idea what you’re going to see yet it gets more and more beautiful. It opens up into a beautiful clearing in a waterfall and there are beautiful beings there that are human like us but more in their light bodies. And I realize that’s new Earth and the path through the forest gets us to New Earth. And of course they’re using forest because I love my trees. For others I’m sure it’s the ocean. (We communicate through pictures, videos, words, feelings, anything)

We got through the rough stuff and now the path is laid out before us, but it is the unknown, which scares many of us. So what will we do? Will we be paralyzed with fear or tread Faithfully down the path with excitement?

I explained to a client the other day that the difference between anxiety and excitement is two sides of the blade. So when you feel the anxiety bubbling up, which is based on fear of the unknown or feelings of lack of control our powerlessness, shift it into excitement. Tell yourself, your ego / lower self, your amygdala, that you’re excited and that you can’t wait for this change and you can’t wait to see what shows up. Create your own excitement within, flood your body with this excitement and curiosity and you will shift quickly and find yourself rolling down the path of Ascension. Remember we are ruled by the Heart not the Brain. And as we re-ascend we rule ourselves with our Multi-Dimensional mind / wisdom.

I ask what else and I start seeing the frequency, the colors coming across earth within our the grid surrounding our planet. So I work with the colors and I say hi to all my peeps and all the Starships hovering outside of our atmosphere, assisting, communicating with all those that wish to.

I then moved to checking in with Core Crystal in Gaia & the Corner Crystals, (this part was learned from Suzanne Lie), then I went to my Lemurian contact, I’ve never named “him”, who is in Middle Earth teaching humans. After they imprint their experiences on the Core Crystal and Infuse it with their frequencies they moved to the Lemurian to learn more about Ascension. I spoke with him (as I see him although he is but a representation of the Lemurian Collective operating within Gaia) and discovered that so many more humans are finding their way there and assisting in their own Ascension. I also discover the Core Crystal and Corner Crystals have grown they are so much bigger and filled with much more energy, glowing brighter. After leaving my Lemurian Collective I move into the cave of Andarans. It is a beautiful big dirt Cavern with all of the crystalline light beings that match the colors of the Andaran crystals we have been given here on Earth. There are many many humans in this Cavern and I’ve always been alone there when I visit. So I commune with the Andaran Collective, asking what’s up with all these people.

They let me know that these humans have found their way to the cave through their own frequency expansion. They show me that some humans can only sense a little bit and they know something is in the cave while others can see the colors and others can communicate with them. The collective tells me that because I am well versed in telepathy and understand the ease of communication doesn’t mean that is the only method of communication. For some, sensing color or feeling the energy brush past them is their communication. That there are many ways to communicate with other beings, with spirit, with our Universe in general. That yes telepathy is rather all-encompassing but understand that communication can be in any form and that these humans are communicating with the Andarans simply by recognizing a difference in the cave. That excites me to see such human Re-Ascension / remembering, progress.

image of some of my Andaran crystals