re-ascension-blog-5d-new-earthIt is a few days before the July 16th full moon and lunar eclipse. I have been speaking to an aspect of my Soul that resides in the stars, all night while I slept (as when I awoke for the bathroom we were communicating) and I’m still speaking to it or me this morning as I awaken. I asked why not directly to my soul, why am I speaking to the aspect in the stars and they reply, simply a different perspective. We reside in the stars; we are an aspect of your Soul that you could say floats through the Cosmos. For we are connected always within Unity Mind in all Consciousness. All forms. It’s almost like it is the bridge between my Soul and Source energy. Yes, my Soul is made of Source energy but remember: as Source fractures into a thousand points of light to know itself and experience itself there is a small point of disconnect in order to experience. If you knew you were pure Source you would never do anything other than blissfully exist. Like my Lesvarthian Self, that Collective. There is no need to experience when you know you are All That Is.

Therefore, with every Soul Spark division there is a level of disconnect in order to experience. So just as I feel the Solar Elohim on the Sun rather between Source and beings, I feel my Cosmic Spark as the collective of pure Source energy that is my Soul aspect that remains formless. It’s kind of a mind warp for 3D beings to understand this but as they show me the pictures and I feel the feelings I completely understand. Words don’t do it justice.

Cosmo (yep, I named this aspect of my Soul) explains that the July 16th lunar eclipse and full moon is yet another expansion (upleveling). We were discussing how to explain (re) Ascension and humans love going up the ladder, taking another step, reaching the top, everything is vertical with humans, and Cosmo explains that that is not so true, that it is an expansion outward like the rings of Saturn. We continue to reach outer rings as we re-ascend. I use that term with my clients that it’s like concentric rings so that people begin to understand it’s more like outward than upward. The more we expand, the more we return to our Multi-Dimensional Self with awareness of the All and the One.

So I asked okay what about Tuesday the full moon lunar eclipse? Cosmo smiles which feels like little stars raining down on me. If a formless burst of energy can smile that’s what it feels like.

 This is another great expansion opportunity for Humanity. You will find that these times of solstices, equinoxes, eclipses, they are all great shifts in magnetic resonance on your planet and by using these pulsed electromagnetic frequencies you boost yourselves. Yes pemf works on the Body Electric which is one of the bodies of a human and events like this are giant pemf sessions. They are a tool Humanity asked the Solar Elohim to release by programmed download. Yes, they are scheduled in your Humanity,s existence. This is all a very well-thought-out plan of action that takes centuries, millenia to enact. When you are pure Source energy and time does not exist, only the experience does, then you can program a very long journey of (re) Ascension by human time standards.

And yes all of these major events are programmed into your Sun and released upon agreed schedule of expansion.

So I asked what are we going to experience during this event? And of course, physically some people can feel close to nothing and some people can be knocked right out and everything in between. The level of physical emotional and mental discomfort within a programmed expansion point is entirely based on the level of resistance or flow within an individual human and their consciousness. (That’s a biggie. I really good one to remember! So stay in Flow!!)

Cosmo says Humanity will feel a giant step, for as time speeds up in the second half of your 2019 these expansion points become what humans would call much more intense. They are just greater stages of expansion, enabling one to take bigger leaps. Each time Humanity goes through one of these points and we expand, we are in what is called a higher frequency band –  we move up, like traversing up a funnel. Therefore, the next one is an even bigger jump and we will be in an even greater frequency band. So it appears to me that (re) Ascension is accomplished within expansion points and the journey is measured in exponential advancement.

Indeed, my cosmic Soul spark replies, that is how it happens. Understand that even as a Human, when you remember a little bit of something, the rest of it comes flooding back into your mind. When you are learning something and you get to the functioning point, the rest falls into place and you understand how to complete the task. It is much like that with your quantum leaps in Soul expansion, (re) Ascension.

You will find that this Tuesday will be a major one. When using the Moon to deliver the programming, the shift in magnetic resonance is far greater for your planet and Humanity.

If you have the opportunity we would suggest going to a quiet place, perhaps being in nature, where you can swim in the availability of the frequency bands. You are tempted to “process” this as bombardment of higher frequencies and we will say that is a statement complete with resistance. For those in pure Flow, it is simply a beautiful opportunity to swim beyond the current frequency limitations your bodies experience.