Darkness and LightFrom Maria, my wonderful Channeler friend:

Everyone fears darkness, but it’s in darkness from which we were born.  It’s in darkness the Universe was created.  It’s in darkness that light understands its very existence.  Darkness does not have to be relegated to the proverbs and stories of evil demonic propaganda. Darkness is how God sparked his first creation.  Creation is spawned from nothingness.  Darkness gives way to awareness, awareness gives way to a knowing and that knowing illuminates consciousness which forms light and offers breath to creation.  Darkness can offer its solace and peace.  A silence that can be saturated with possibility.  It’s the intention that transforms it to light and that reminds us of our duality and our humble beginnings.  

Embrace the darkness, be reminded of how it can offer a place to collect, understand and create.  Don’t turn away from what others have deemed as bad, lifeless or dangerous.  Find the peace in that darkness, you will then be illuminated to your truth and in that moment of revelation you will spark the light of your own creation, conscious thought, formed reality and allow it to be part of the collective where both the light and dark reside.  Where it reminds you of the importance of our connectedness, our need to thrive and fall, our need to love and be loved, our need to see and be seen, our need to help and be helped, our need to support and be supported, our need to be and let be.  It’s in the being that we find life, meaning and self-truth. 

This moment of darkness is offering us just that.  It wants you to succeed, to rise above, to be seen, to be heard and more importantly to create a new way of being with ourselves, with others, and with the Universe.  It’s a calling to human consciousness, and that universal blueprint that has brought us to this very place and time.  Allow the darkness to be that compass to the light and this new way of being.  Allow, Allow, Allow.  It’s in this allowing you will be free and find freedom in the most unexpected of places.