This is indeed a very powerful weekend. As Humanity you have programmed this point long ago in your time in history. Yes there were many other events leading up to this that had to happen in order to set the stage for this but know that you have completed those events and this is exactly what you have, as a collective, orchestrated.

The intense solar waves are showering down on your planet because you are ready. As a collective, as Humanity, you are ready for this release and shift, this up leveling.

Yes there are many that have little to no idea of there true multi-dimensional self, their origins, as they are still now entrenched in their forgetfulness. And there are still many others that have been awakening very slowly and find themselves in confusion over these feelings and thoughts they are having.

And of course in the remembering phase of ReAscension there are those at every different conceivable level. From a blind intuition, a gut feeling that something’s going on and it’s good all the way up to those like yourself that see and feel the frequencies and know what to do with them and are already in contact with new Earth, galactic starships and more. There are also those that have already moved to New Earth and are helping from that frequency band.

We ask of you – and these are your directions we were given by you to give you as you awoke – to harness this light, these bands of frequency. Harness them, immerse yourself in them, surrender to them, fill yourself with all the color and the tone and the vibration. Fill yourself until you are blinded, deafened, immersed so fully that nothing else exists other than this light.

Harness the light, be the light, be nothing else. From that point of losing yourself, bring the nothingness, you will begin to feel yourself anew as you come back into your Earth body structure.

Notice that your human self is now more of a Lightbody with much more connection to both Humanity as well as to New Earth, Gaia as current Earth and all the galaxies and universes and galactic’ beings within.

For today is the Day of the Phoenix, fire and rebirth.

Allow the fire of pure Divine Light dissolve all that is you. Surrender to it, immerse yourself in it, faith and trust in the nothingness. For you will be reborn a higher version of self. This is ReAscension. The remembering of your true self level by level, layer by layer. For today is a giant leap in personal and Collective Evolution – a Return to True Self.

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