ascension energies

It is so easy to get lost in the Human Experience, especially during difficult times. Something to remember:
I am here to experience 3D thus transcend it. I am here to remember my True Self I am here to lose myself in 3D so that I may find myself again in return to infinite knowing.
You do not have to be governed by your patterns. You can disentangle yourself and move into spirit and unity and oneness in order to live your best life.
Remember you are not your mind, you are not your body, you are pure Source energy having a veiled experience. Thus, you govern your mind & body. It is the vehicle – you don’t let the car tell you where to go (unless it’s super windy!). You choose the direction and you steer the car. So steer your mind.
There are times when my human / ego mind wants to “run away” with a perception, belief, thought and I don’t allow it. It’s similar to when my kids were small and wanted to eat or do something and I flat out refused. I told them no lovingly and offered other solutions. But I was adamant that what they wished was not going to happen. The mind is no different. Do not allow it to govern you. Use your affirmations, found or created, and tell the mind, tell the body, what is true and what you will not allow.
So when my mind wants to go off on a rant when someone is really rude or offensive I remind it, I am a being of unconditional love and this person does not get to affect my happiness. I see the divine in them and I allow them their experience and send them love and happiness, for I am happy and I will remain that way. Yes there are times I fail and times I argue with my mind, saying out loud, we’re not going there. I deserve to be happy and I am going to stay in happiness! And I find something to make me happy – even if it’s a puppy yt video break. And if I fail, I accept that and return to happy. And if my mind wants to revisit an incident over and over, each time I become aware of it (and believe me sometimes it’s 15mins of ruminating before I realize I’m doing it!!) I return to happy. For I’m creating a new pattern, realigning my memories and cellular structure every time I return to contentment, showing myself this is my natural state, until I can maintain it through an event and no longer get triggered. Try it! Create some affirmations, reign in the mind-tantrums, for you truly do have control over your mind and body.