Kabalah tree of life DNA​So Creator tells me when you look at the crystalline core and the multinational DNA lit up within you are looking at only the part visible and somewhat contained by the physical vessel.

Once you overlay the Kabbalah tree of Life you get a more close representation of the Lightbody DNA structure. I’m feeling DNA about 12 inches above my crown chakra and there’s this pink line dialing into my crown and into my pineal and Creator says yes that is where we start bringing in the stronger connection. Remember all of this Lightbody DNA already exists. It is within and without, its’ connection simply wasn’t seen or known by the 3D personality.
So do we use this connection? Have I been using this expanded multi-dimensional DNA within the Lightbody? Yes, you have been using it because you can go into the zero point field and you have access to it. So while you haven’t seen the bigger sacred geometry structure and understood it on a more coherent level, you have still gone out, expanded and harmonized with it, at times. Your up-leveling today will bring that expanded structure into your visibility and awareness so that you may utilize it all the time.
Realize that the connection always exists. It becomes a rather stairway or guide to living in the Lightbody always because at any given moment you can tap your awareness out to the point of that sacred geometry Tree of Life and see what is lit up what isn’t, see the changes. And every time you expand your awareness out and take in the Lightbody multidimensional DNA you will automatically raise your vibration and find yourself in the Lightbody in 5D energy.
So I ask what does the multidimensional DNA look like for a seven-dimensional Pleiadian and I Am answers, it starts to move from the Tree of Life into the Flower of life and it is a beautiful part of the grid that is the Unity Consciousness. And in higher dimensions you start to see that you are a part of the whole, that you are always connected in, like a piece of puzzle, like one piece to the puzzle, and you can see the piece that you are and you can see all the rest, so it’s a very grander ability to feel the One and the All of Unity Consciousness

So I felt that pure energy and at first I thought it was my Soul Star Chakra and I Am showed me it was the multi-dimensional DNA. I saw the pink line going into my crown and pituitary and then I started seeing it magnify outward, straight out from my shoulders, from my solar plexus, from my root and from below my feet. I am familiar with the Kabbalah Tree of Life so I know that sacred geometry shape and I can see it now, although I am looking at the points of multi-dimensional DNA and there are so many. This Tree of Life just glitters.