Anchoring a new FrequencyDo not ask why for that is the nature of fear. Instead, rely on your inherent unlimited faith and trust in the Universe and pure Source energy. For that will lead you, propel you to your chosen reality.

We are in the new frequency band which Humanity created through the intensity of October’s solar actions. You are in an expansive frequency band of which you have not yet experienced in your Humanity on current Earth. Enjoy it, explore it, for it holds much faster energy of creation. 

Use your awareness to focus within and note the changes in your bodies: physical, mental, emotional and energetic. Bathe these changes and these new bodies in pure Source energy, in Divine Light, in higher frequency, to anchor them in. And then ask yourself, what do I truly want? What is it within my reach? And we will tell you, everything is within your reach!

Let the energy of creation, service of others and service to self flow through your crown, through your third eye, through your heart to your fingertips. The ability to change lives is within each and every human, for when you expand your personal vibration you are literally showing others the way.

And the way is far easier in this frequency band, it is far more attainable, far faster. So if you have tried before we ask you, try again. Try always! Never stop trying, because in your attempts you will reach the space within your Soul Spark where your True Self resides and you will realize it is not trying, it is allowing, expressing, co-creating. There is no push, there is only a joy. Expression that cannot be held back.

When you have found yourself very angry and you lashed out or you spoke out it was because you could no longer hold it back. Yes that was an anger, that was an expression of fear, but you know how it feels to express when you can no longer hold it back. Now we ask you turn that around. Fill yourself with the energy of joy and love and compassion until you can no longer hold back and must express it. You can express it in words or colors or feelings or actions, it does not matter. Smile at another, sit in meditation and feel a connection to Oneness, assist another on the street. It does not matter the way, it matters only that you are expressing the pure love from within. That you are sharing your expanded vibration.

You can’t reach it you say? It’s not that strong that you can emanated outwards? You are still feeling heavy with fear or regret or shame (or any other emotion)? Then we ask you, turn inward or turn to nature. There are those within Humanity that can go inward and find their Oneness or if you so choose, find a guided visual meditation on your YouTube and follow along on the journey. If you are not in a vibratory state to guide yourself down the path of joy then find a video or audio and allow another Divine human to guide you, to walk with you. If neither resonate then step into nature. Whether it be a patch of grass or an entire forest, a small pond or an entire ocean, it does not matter. Connect with Earth, with Gaia’s energy, with the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine, the Seed of Creation. Connect and release and embrace until you find yourself flying, expressing, emanating. We say again, it is far easier in this new band of frequency.

Remember, nothing is new, it is simply remembered and reconnected with. This is your point of (re) Ascension. You are the Divine, you have been here before, so to speak. For this is not new to you, it is simply remembering more of your natural state, your True Self. You are this, you are the One and you are the All, for you are pure Source energy. Continue to enjoy your periods of expansion, upleveling. Swim in the new frequency, flow with your new creations and continue to remember.