My 7th dimensional Pleiadian self, Elontra, merged within again. So I sat and meditation in the first thing she said was:
“We see everything is beautiful and we welcome it all. (She was discussing how our range of emotions is so off-the-charts, such a big pendulum swing.)  Embrace these “new” frequencies and surface waves for they are encoded with love. Unconditional love for you, for self, for others. You will never be lonely again when you immerse yourself in these rays of love. She emphasized new because while their appearance is new to us they certainly are not new frequencies / vibrations / waves. They are eternal.”

“you will find this fall in your human time to go very quickly and have very many steps / jumps / up leveling in your personal frequency field. Go With It, embrace it, open up to it and allow it to saturate your soul with Divine Love and Light. The sooner you embrace these new bands of frequency the more quickly you shall see new Earth and possibly Dimensions Beyond. You are returning home, embrace that.”

Notice there’s a lot of embracing going on?!

She laughs and says, “that is because it is truly that easy to shift your personal frequency field. Simply by embracing a good feeling, which is a higher vibration as you so call it. Understand we do not go between higher and lower we simply recognize what feels more loving or content or exciting to us and we flow there, we embrace it, merge with it, this color, tone, frequency. We interact with it, play with it, love with in it. And then we grasp another and surf that wave. It is very much like your human surfing the oceans.”

I ask what is recommended for us, our growth, this fall. “We would ask of you to pay attention in word. Spend time in meditation frequently throughout your day. If only 2 minutes or 5 minutes simply still yourself, go Inward and pay attention. You will hear the tone or see the color or feel the frequency. Embrace the wave and surf it. There is no grasping or grabbing or chasing, this is not an action this is an acceptance, an allowing. No wave will wash over you is the same, just as your ocean. So embrace the wave and surf it, filling your human self with unconditional love and light and expansive frequencies. This will lead you to seeing more, traveling more, experiencing more inter-dimensionally. While doing so understand that you are re-coding your human DNA. You are returning photon by photon to your Light Body Self, your True Multi-Dimensional Self.”

“It is all simply a remembering and returning. You are lifting your own veils with the assistance of these frequency waves. As you embed yourself in these higher frequencies and they become your Norm, you will find yourself in new experiences both on Earth and in what you call higher dimensions. New Earth, Pleiades, other planets, other beings and collectives. Your experiences will expand as you return to Self more and more. And yes abundance comes with that, it is a natural progression, a natural consequence of the surfing.”

“As you recollect, and feel contact with, your guides, Angels, higher versions of Soul Self, again, Embrace and Allow. You are all One, and these helpers can be of great assistance on your Journey to Remembering.  just as if you were building a house you would use all the tools in your toolbox that would assist you, all these helpers and all your senses are tools of remembering, so utilize them.”

“Understand as well, it is not an action, it is not a forward momentum. It is a sit back and relax and allow. As things show up in your reality, both inner and outer, embrace them and flow with them. Surfing is a flow. You cannot force the waves, you cannot create them, you simply wait for them. and as they approach you and take you away, you surf them. That is Ascension My Beloved.”

I asked, how do we train ourselves to be rather than do? To go inward rather than Chase which is our human Norm?
She laughs and points out that it is simply a non doing. Every human is capable of stilling. Use that ability. if you’re finding it difficult to still yourself then go for a walk, go in nature, go to a museum. Staring at a beautiful piece of artwork is quite similar to staring at a tree or a lake or the ocean. Art and music bring the same beautiful frequencies as nature. Remember, you do not have to sit under a tree to feel the Elemental Kingdom or the plant kingdom or Gaia’s beautiful Humanity Assistance. You can call on that in the penthouse of a skyscraper.”

“There is no particular place, the where is within you never without. Yes you may feel better and more when you’re in nature or you’re surrounded by music or you are viewing inspiring art. That is simply a causation, a trigger, a reminder or Remembrance to send you within. We ask of you, simply remember, choose to go within. Allowing and embracing will take you within. When you are beautifully anchored within, looking inward, open your senses. See the colors, feel the electricity, tingles, vibration, hear the tones. Know you are within, you are loved, you are connected to the multi-dimensional mind.”

“Invite in contact from unconditionally loving beings if you so choose. Invite in God / Source / All That Is, invite in Gaia, invite in the energy you wish to experience. Embrace it, Journey with it. Those frequencies will further expand you, the system you’re remembering your True Self. It is all a Remembering, Returning to Self. Journey frequently my friend.”

“Let us remember that every human’s journey is different. Let us accept that this is not a race and there is no one right way. Every soul incarnated in this timeline will journey to remembering in their own special way. Let us all embrace, accept and cheer fellow humans and their journeys.”

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