Fall Equinox 2023I sense that many of us got quite comfortable in the Mercury Retrograde cocoon of momentum lost. I can’t tell you how many clients discussed how things were stuck or falling apart during August. Well, that energy has shifted!

We are affected not only by own our vibe, which we can control, but also by the collective consciousness (Humanity) as well as planetary frequencies. Think of the Sun and solar flares. Those electromagnetic waves affect our electric body just as they affect technology.

I have seen for decades that the Sun is our alarm clock. Before we incarnated we knew we may forget to varying degrees who we are so we programmed the Sun, individually and collectively, with “alarms” to initiate shifts. That is the multi-dimensional basis for new moons, full moons, solstices, equinoxes, eclipses, solar flares & more. So know that the intensity of any event is a quantum leap for you, an upleveling in your journey. See it as such!

With the other planetary shifts – New Moon, Venus Direct, Mercury Direct & the upcoming Fall Equinox – many of us are like a CO prairie dog, poking our head up out of our little burrow, seeing if it’s safe to come out! *Hint: it is!

Quite a few of you have expressed ongoing lack from the retrograde and to that I say, recognize, accept and embrace that we’re in a different frequency now and change that fear into forward momentum! Those days are over! The Equinox is ushering in higher frequencies, speeding up time (even more!) and creating manifestations faster than ever. Which means Awareness Is Key! Followed by dedicated positive beliefs, no matter what! You can ride the Equinox wave and embrace the new feelings & abilities to anchor into the new energies. This will prepare you for the October Eclipses that will bring in even more swift shifts and love. Yes, October will be a month of love for many of you.

It is your choice to label any situation or event or person as negative or positive. So choose positive! Practice saying “Thank You Universe” after each event and it will immediately shift your perspective and your vibe. For everything is a forward step on your journey EVEN if it looks like it’s a step back. Believe it’s a step forward and you will see why it is. Believing it’s all for you will keep you in flow. Believing your creation is right in front of you will shift your frequency so you can see it & embrace it.

I practice Delusional Happiness even when things don’t look like what I created or things get stressful. I will stand in an unwanted situation and immediately start to rattle off in my head all that I am grateful for in this situation. That shifts my vibe and once I’ve climbed back into a higher frequency I can sense my cosmic support and receive the solution for change. Remember, we’re human, we’re going to experience things we don’t want but the Soul does – they’re in it for all the feels! I consider it my job to pick myself up, dust myself off and return to my highest frequency. Or better yet, use my awareness to accept I’m in a situation I don’t desire and remain neutral, in higher frequency, until it passes. It’s not a big deal if we don’t make it one!

Archangel Aurora tells us, “Dearest ones, this is a very pivotal time for Humanity. Many choices have been made to continue this journey and it is time to choose yourself. Choose what you most desire, go deeply into your mental and emotional realms to uncover and sweep away what prevents it and embrace the new. Embrace the incoming.”

“Ask for assistance – we are always with you and happy to show you what is holding you back from your creations. But you must see what we show you to embrace it. There are many ways to sense what is being shown to you. Calm yourself, give yourself some space & freedom, ask your questions and expect an answer. For it always arrives. This game is for you, by you, so create it as you wish!”