This Equinox combined with a full moon this two-day period of yours is a major up leveling to a particular group of Lightworkers. Roughly translated many of the Lightworkers and Starseeds came down in particular groups, Soul groups, Starship groups, other collectives, if you will. And as a way of balancing the continual shift to New Earth and 5th Dimension these groups chose different Earth time periods for their up-levels, their missions, their shift-releases. Your group, and you do have a group, a collective, chose this to date-time, this NOW. And you are already feeling it. Be grateful you didn’t make plans this weekend for it will take all of your focus to inhabit this shifting energy and assimilate the new frequencies. Head to toe. Lots of deep breaths.

You have the ability to harness this energy, to streamline it, absorb it, flow with it and spread it out, expand it through Humanity in a digestible way.

Solar Elohim: Remember as you descended you had already a plan. Go down, experience, come back up. Although it is not down or up for us it is contracting and expanding your light. So we are simply assisting as we were asked by you, by flooding the Earth with the next wave of expansive frequency, of light. Those that are not cognizant of it or prepared for it will not absorb it and ride it and flow with it. Those that are, such as yourself and quite a few others, you will ride the Wave. Light Surfing.

There are different collectives within your humanity and they are at all different phases of expansion & ReAscension. In a sense, everyone is right. It is like your schooling system, find the grade that suits your knowledge base and comfort zone and expand along with that group of people. It is the same with your journey back to True Self, immerse yourself within the writings that resonate within.

What if you aren’t comfortable expanding at the rate that the rest of your Collective is? Well my dear that simply doesn’t happen. Remember your quantum physics, entrainment, the slowest of your group is buoyed up and brought along with the rest of the flow. Your groups do not change & the energy contained within the group that assists that entire Collective with expansion & ReAscension, does not change. As your parents say when you are small child, you ARE going.

Whether you call this weekend a portal opening or an energetic shift or downloads from our Sun, all of your human language phrases are describing the same event in this NOW. Expansion & ReAscension. Absorb it, ride the flow, spend time in meditation, in Journey, doing your frequency spreading as you do.

It is vitally important to absorb, assimilate these new frequency. As you do others in your Collective instinctively do and it is much like the Domino Effect.

Sitting in meditation, feeling all of this energy, picture yourself as a sponge. Filling with all this beautiful electric, colorful light. Knowing full well you can easily absorb it and handle it. It simply makes you glow more, which is a beautiful desired result. Sitting, eyes closed, smile on your face, fill yourself with these frequencies, the light, the tones. Every human is different, some hear, some feel, some know and some see, some “do” all.

Once you’ve absorbed these frequencies and you are literally bursting at the seams with beautiful light, send it out through your heart to humanity while sending it down through your feet into Gaia. Remember there are many within your Middle Earth, your Lemurians and Andarans, that are assisting always. Yes they can access those frequencies but the light is there to assist Humans and for these beings to participate Humans must share the Light with them. Free will always, My One.

Will there be many differences Tuesday after this peak time of influx completes? Some will notice it subtly, some will notice it grandly. There could be many physiological, emotional, spiritual, financial, relationship shifts within any one particular being’s life. It will be grand for some & minute for others.

Remember, this is a reAlignment. There are some on your planet that are very close to their desired timeline. There are others that need to make several great leaps to reach the timeline of their pre-programmed, chosen ReAscension. That accounts for the difference in perception of this great influx and up leveling.

Abundance: Continue to clear cellular memory of the trauma and patterns and that keep you in lower level human frequencies. Remember each member of Humanity is protected and provided for and the abundance is there. if you feel abundance is sitting in front of you just out of your reach it is your signal that there is more to clear, to transmute. For as you clear lower dimensional energies from within your molecular structure, you will find yourself closer and closer to your desired ReAscension timeline. For to ReAscension much of your molecular patterning must be released. It is simply too low vibrational for the frequencies embracing 5D & above.

Why are humans in varying stages of Re-Ascension? What if your timeline is a grand and industrious one? There are those that choose an easy ride or free ride in this Incarnation and then there are those that choose twice the amount of experiences what you often called trauma but it’s not necessarily so. Some choose 10 times the amount. It is simply what you wish to experience in this lifetime and those that are in far more intimate contact with their multidimensional selves often choose many more experiences and much more clearing for that is the nature of this game. And this is a game.

We ask of you at every point of intensity to return to knowing. Knowing that this is an opportunity for you and you are protected and provided for, you are safe and happy, you are asking for this event, these feelings, so that you may grow in love and wisdom, so that you are one step closer to returning to your full True Multi-Dimensional Self.

You asked for it and you are receiving it. Be grateful, be expected, be joyful. Look for more, expect more, expect many many changes all for the better.

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