Fall 2023 EclipsesJust as we got ourselves a bit settled after the intensity and shake up of last week’s eclipse, we’re now careening to another one! Did anyone else have an all-day headache last eclipse day? It really kicked my butt, though the next day I could feel the energy was lighter and clearer.

Spirit is showing me the first eclipse brought in new puzzle pieces to our lives and this next eclipse is literally reshaping those pieces to fit in our new reality. Because, as I mentioned last time, things are shifting suddenly – and often!

2024 is going to be the year of shake ups and wake ups. For so much of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions have to uplevel for us to anchor into 5D energy. What is 5D, Fifth Dimension? Well, it’s a state of being that creates a new reality. We’re currently in the liminal space, the in between space, where the old systems and ways of being are torn down, taken off-line, yet we still believe in them, thus contributing to the old rather than moving to the new, in so many areas of life.

This is why the shake ups are going to get more intense next year. The rest of this year is giving us time to dive deep into what we want to be, have, do and create. The next step is to hold to those values and use 100% faith and trust that they are coming into being, into our reality. For they really are! But the more we waffle, the longer it takes and the more we suffer. Yes, we create our own suffering with our clinging to the old beliefs.

So what’s the answer?

Archangel Aurora¬†tells us, “Dear Ones, this next wave of transformation does not need to be difficult or painful! We are all with you, supporting you, guiding you to ease and grace! Simply make the choice to stay in flow, to roll with it as human say. If you choose to pause and look at change with an open mind and heart and commit to seeing the wisdom and guidance in it, you will keep yourself in flow and allow the change to move through you, clearing out what no longer serves while carrying you to a higher version of yourself and your life.”

“So ask questions when change arises. Ask Spirit, what opportunity exists for me in this? How can I move through this with the most ease, love and compassion and highest self-expression? What am I not seeing and what about this is in my highest good?”

“For there are many questions to ask, leading you to many signposts and answers as we are always guiding you. Simply choose to bring your awareness to the change and know that answers are contained within the event timeline and know that you will gather those answers. Use your intention to connect to your intuition!”