We see these past few days have been quite difficult for your human self. You see now that changing your vibration suddenly or drastically does have its consequences on all your bodies. It is a wonderful situation to experience so that you may know firsthand that by choosing a lower vibration you will feel physical, emotional, mental and energetic effects. And yes we say choosing because you chose that vibration. You chose to participate in that way of thinking, believing and doing.

Can you participate in any situation and maintain your 5D self? Of course, every human can. Remember when you reach a new up-level you have effectively raised your lowest vibration.

Every being has a native frequency, a vibrational bandwidth, a natural lowest and highest vibratory level. During any experience you have the opportunity to up level, raise the ceiling if you may, thus creating a new high point of multidimensionality.

The easiest way to up level to a new highest frequency or even return to your current one, after a “fallout / trauma” is to center yourself, go deep within and find the light, your Soul Divinity.

You cannot make too great of a leap, meaning you cannot simply call on your peeps from a very low vibration and expect to bounce right back up. It is much like your walkie talkies, you are not within range. instead you will find it more effective to sit in contemplation and go within, finding the light, using gratitude, allowing your true self to emerge from within until the higher vibrations emanate throughout your human Self and Consciousness. It is then that you can securely take a meditative journey to your higher versions of self, thus raising your frequency more.

After lowering your frequency through any experience whether it be physical, emotional, mental or energetic step 1 is becoming aware that you have constricted your vibratory level. Step 2 is to go within and find your light, your True Self. Step 3 is, after anchoring in that light, to Journey yourself to a higher dimensional plane or experience, whether it be talking to your peeps or traveling to one of your favorite Starships or planets, so that you may re-anchor in your highest frequencies.

Anchoring in those frequencies in your human conscious mind will naturally invoke a frequency bandwidth up leveling. Which dictates you will not naturally lower your frequency to the point that you had in the past, just as this recent experience did not lower your vibratory level to the point you had in the past. It may feel similar but it’s simply is not. Those lowest frequencies have dissolved and no longer exist for you to jump into.

Please remember if you choose to lower your vibratory level through anger or fear or “trauma”, you pull down your entire frequency bandwidth. And up and down is a human term. frequency is simply about expansion. It is more correct to say you turn the lights on so you see more then it is to say higher and lower. You feel better or worse rather than higher or lower.

So when you choose fear rather than curiosity or non-attachment in any situation you are choosing to restrict your personal vibratory level so you will not feel those expansive frequencies you had previously reached.

Are they still there? Of course! All frequencies exist, it’s a matter of whether you can entrain with them. It is always your choice of which frequency band you inhabit.

If you spike fear or anger or trauma and your awareness dictates you have constricted your vibration then you have a choice to re-centered yourself, to go deep within and reach for your highest known vibration. Whether you use dance or art or meditation, you can always return to your highest frequency.

Consider this… Your Soul Self may have chosen the experience that elicited a burst of fear in order to lower yourself so that when you go deep to return to your last known highest frequency you will overshoot per se and up level to a new known. It is much like your human way of getting a running start.

And that fear burst that led to a new highest frequency up level could also have released cellular trauma hidden within your human structure that allowed those fears to take hold.

The more cellular memory that is transmuted the more your human self returns to your True Self, Soul self, your Original Blueprint of Divine Beingness.

you ask, why not take these up levels with ease and grace? Why have a fear or anger burst in order to erase the lodged trauma within in order to up level?

It is simply your choice, your method. If your Soul Self has co-created with Source to release that which is deeply held within your human self then it is simply time for a different experience, this the burst. It is effective therefore it is utilized.

It would be truly wonderful if all of Humanity could simply sit in quiet contemplation and release all that is held within cellular memory, thus having no impediment to reAscension.

Unfortunately the human Incarnation cycle does not operate that way. Why make the game too easy? What is the fun in that? We understand much of Humanity complains that this game is not fun but we will tell you that your higher versions of Self find your experiences and reactions to them to be very enlightening indeed. Remember we all learn from you, with you.

The real question is, now that you’ve had a fear / anger burst which lowered your vibratory level and cleared out much cellular memory, can you quickly return to a higher frequency or even up level to a new high?

Always. Use your multi-dimensional awareness to realize where you are, what you’re feeling, what you’re doing and make a conscious choice to realign those thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Take a moment to re-center yourself, go within and choose a higher vibration. You say it’s not possible, you say it’s too difficult. We tell you it is not.

You are a Divine Being, always in control of your personal vibratory level. Always. You choose to constrict your frequency and you can choose to expand it.

Could you choose to expand so fully that you remember your entire Divine Blueprint? Yes it is possible although not likely. Simply because it would be skipping too much of your chosen program.

Before incarnating you wrote this program, wishing to experience particular emotions or actions, etc. All of your higher versions of Self, Guides, Angels and Galactic bretheren etc are here to assist you in fulfilling your Incarnational program. And no one wishes to skip the good parts!

So we ask Beloved that you re-center yourself, return to your multi-dimensional awareness, return to your highest known vibratory level and operate from there.

And next time something “bad” happens and you ask why, answer yourself that it was to clear cellular trauma and to up level your frequency bandwidth.

Find the excitement in that and show gratitude to your Soul Self and Source itself for assisting you in that burst and subsequent return to a higher frequency.

Then go deep within, allowing that new higher frequency to flood your human self and anchor it within. The quicker you are about this little process the easier it will become, until clearing cellular memory is but a blip on your screen, a pebble on your path.

We are always here for you, with you, as you and we love you.