remembering past livesHow are you feeling after the intensity of the Eclipse? I find it very interesting to experience deeply transformational eclipse energies while being in the hibernating, cocoon energy of Mercury retrograde. Quite the push – pull energy. Or move forward – hide energy! I’m looking forward to next weekend when Mercury goes direct and we can finally start taking action on everything we brought to the surface with these two recent eclipses.

Remember, the Universe delivers what we are, not what we want. We have been going inward and realigning our frequency to match our dreams – that was January and February and the momentum of that started showing up in March. So now April’s energies are telling us, okay you realigned, and you’re gonna be good if we disintegrate the old and make room for the arrival of what you created, right? The answer is YES! Open your arms and welcome the new. Make it easier for the old to release.