To find the soul, you must let go of finding the soul and simply be. Unfortunately we’ve been conditioned to not be and to place the importance of our existence in searching. Moments – curated, contrived and controlled. Re-ascending is about remembering that and re- familiarizing yourself with the state of being. This can be done with great ease and it can also be done with great effort. It’s your choice.

As the ego descends into its little deaths each time, another portal opens to True Self and the potentiality of Multi Dimensional living. Integrating, allowing and embracing makes the coasting between two worlds far more doable, cohesive and approachable.

However, as long as you remain entrenched in fear, doubt and attachment to the details of the curated world, the door remains closed to those portals And three dimensional state of frustration proliferates.

By my wonderful friend Maria.  Image by